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5.11 Men’s A.T.A.C. SHIELD 8″ Side Zip Review

5.11 Men's A.T.A.C. SHIELD 8" Side Zip gloat an interesting Shock Mitigation System that gives most extreme soundness, speed and solace. In the wake of stepping in these boots, you will understand that there was something expanding the solace level. If you are anticipating stroll for long separations, climbed stairwells keep running in landscape land,there are the perfect boots you are looking for.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

These boots gives lightweight feel, solace and simple expulsion. These are the molar three benefits you will discover in 5.11 boots when you wear them. Notwithstanding that the boots have different elements that make them interesting contrasted and different brands. For one, they have a superior Sympatex 25-micron waterproof layer that is breathable and blood-borne pathogen-safe. With such element you are agreeable to wear the boot in wet climate and you sock will in any case be kept dry. The boots additionally have antibacterial and dampness wicking linings, both great things to have considering the amount we're presented to water and microorganisms.

What settle on it better decision.

They are made to give prevalent security in unforgiving situations, the ATAC® 8" Shield Boot conveys unparalleled solace, assurance, and strategic utility in a perfect, proficient profile. A rough upper gives breathable solidness, and the CSA/ASTM-certified wellbeing toe and cut safe padded sole offer dependable security. Including a waterproof, breathable coating and blood borne pathogen-safe development, these amazing boots keep your feet dry, cool, and sheltered, paying little respect to the situation. The Omega Symbol demonstrates that the sole gives imperviousness to electric stun. Security shoes with ESR soles are tried to withstand 18,000 Volts and are required in any industry where specialists may come into contact with live electrical channels. Extra components incorporate our Shock Mitigation System® and an oil-and slip-safe outsole for improved pace and footing. Most extreme insurance in a lightweight, agreeable, dependable boot. Essentially the best.


  • Color: Black
  • Synthetic sole
  • ​CSA/ASTM certified security toe
  • ​Side zip usefulness with YKK Zipper equipment, stay tied frankfurter bands
  • ​5.11 Shock Mitigation System padded insole, slip and oil safe outsole with non-metallic shank
  • ​Antibacterial and dampness wicking lining with open cell froth padding
  • ​Full grain cowhide development
  • ​Covert strategic pocket
  • ​Cushioned insole
  • ​Hypertext enduring board
  • ​Puncture-safe padded sole board
  • ​Semi-inflexible heel and toe fortification
  • ​Moisture-wicking lining
  • ​Waterproof, breathable, and BBP-safe
  • ​Full-grain calfskin
  • ​Sausage bands
  • Odor Control innovation that hinders the development of scent bringing about microorganisms

Other astounding realities that you will like about these boot is their rough development, footing and calm outsole. These boots are also exceptionally polishable.

Personally, I encountered these boots and discover them astounding; I would keep wearing these boots as long after I had kept in touch with this survey. The one bit of uniform, hardware and/or gear that I make utilization of the most is my boots. I wear them each shift, all through a large portion of the day. Having such a lightweight, agreeable boot on my foot has had a significant effect. I see somewhat more spring in my progression. My feet are no more exhausted when I remove my boots toward the day's end. Something else I like about the boot: the side zip that permits you to get in and out rapidly while keeping up the front trim that keeps them reliably tight.

5.11 Men's A.T.A.C. SHIELD 8" Side Zip Features


  • Definitely waterproof. Never had an apprehension or case of breaks.
  • ​Generally agreeable fit-the boot has significant cushioning. The insole was agreeable and I didn't feel the need to get another insole while wearing fundamental boot socks.
  • ​Heavy-obligation YKK zipper that exclusive tenderly bends.
  • ​You can undoubtedly traverse a metal finder without setting off cautions.
  • Stitching and the stuck sole did not separate more than 3 years of utilization. Velcro on zipper pull silencer additionally stayed completely utilitarian.


  • Cheap calfskin! Indeed, even after a few thick layers of shine, don't consider looking over against a strong surface! These boots scratch and gouge simple. Thin calfskin. If you require a cleaned boot that you likewise need to wear-this is not your boot.
  • There is no difference fit as a fiddle between the wide size and the normal size boot. E.g. from the base and the main, a 13W (width E) is the same as a 13R (width D). I called 5.11 and they affirmed. The main difference in the "wide" shoe is less cushioning in the toe box-this makes the boot less agreeable in wide widths. When I arrange a wide width, I hope to get a different structure variable for individuals with feet that are really a different shape. The size 13W had more space than the 12W, yet my outside toes are STILL confined. I'm not going to hazard it by keeping these boots.

These boots makes predominant items that improve the wellbeing, precision, pace and execution of law requirement, military and firefighting experts and offers these items under the enlisted trademarks, 5.11 Men's A.T.A.C. SHIELD 8" Side Zip. Based on an establishment of solidness, quality and worth, These boots comes out on top in conveying practically creative rigging, from head to toe.


These boot offers rough unwavering quality, trendy softened cowhide development, and various components that give predominant execution over an extensive variety of uses. Side zip section permits speedy on and off, minimizing planning time and taking out the need to tie or unfasten your bands. Tan calfskin outers are both agreeable and ergonomic, while the nylon upper offers strength and breathability that exceeds expectations in intense workplaces. The dampness wicking lining and broad double thickness froth padding offer backing and solace, the oil-safe outsole guarantees footing and strength, and a shrouded side pocket gives included utility. The 5.11 ATAC design consolidates our trademark 5.11 Shock Mitigation System® to amplify pressure and bounce back, expanding your pace, stamina, and footing over any surface

One of the best components on this boot is it's capacity to handle the empasize focuses on the back of the lower leg when twisting and on the lower leg/top of the foot while flexing. These are generally ranges that require soften up and softening however the 5.11 ATAC outline has represented these two empasize focuses. A small component that has an awesome effect in solace.

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