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5.11 Rush 24 vs. Maxpedition Falcon II

Two options of tactical backpacks for either busy lives with the constant need of keeping close everything we need throughout the day, or sporty, adventurous people who must carry specialized equipment to go on with their adventures. Doesn’t really matters which of these you are, here’s why you need to know if you are thinking of get yourself a tactical backpack but can’t still decide which one suits you best.

5.11 Rush 24

General Overview

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This is one of the 5.11 Tactical best-sellers due to its huge storage capacity and the extreme quality and duration in a wide variety of extreme conditions. Named after the promise of store everything you need for a 24-hour adventure that is very well accomplished. Its size is very comfortable considering that it was designed to support up to 200 pounds of stuff inside, ordered with its multi-sized compartments and inside bags that will let you keep all your things organized and what is most important always, easy to find.

If the 37 litters capacity and the great amount of inner bags are not enough its equipped all around with MOLLE SlickStick that allows you to add more pouches to the exterior of the bag and increase the total capacity. It’s worth to mention that all the extra pouches are sold apart.

Its available in 6 different colors, with fair prices that go from $94 to $134 on Amazon where can be shipped to all of USA.


In the exterior it has a hard back that gives support and protects both the backpack and the owner when carrying heavy, hard objects like tools or even the laptop. As said before it has a wrap-around MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® System that lets the addition of pouches and other accessories compatible with the system. Both the arm straps and the top handler are built to carry up to 200 pounds, although some consumer had note that under certain circumstances and manufacturing defects both can start to break apart, but these have been special cases.

The main body of the backpack can be completely opened to save or take off more comfortably the objects inside. It has enough compartments to storage small objects, large objects and also has a special compartment for keeping safe the sunglasses, a special side-pocket for bottles of water and a hydration pocket of 2 litters capacity.

As said before, the hand holder can carry up to 200 pounds, adding to the resistance, the entire backpack is made of 1050D nylon with a water-repellent coating that ensures the maximum endurance to all kinds of treatment. The available colors and models are Black, Double Tap, Flat Dark Earth, MultiCam, Sandstone and TAC OD, all of them constantly available in Amazon and 5.11 Tactical main webpage.


According to Amazon, the average weight of the Rush 24 is 1 pound, but this may vary since it was measured with some protection for the shipping. The total measure of the bag is 20” height, 12.5” large and 10” width, with a total capacity of 37 litters. It’s important recall that the width can be changed with the compression straps when it’s not completely full. This means that in here you can carry your whole office or home, including a 17” laptop without a problem.

It is possible to organize every item with its three mesh compartments and the multitude of pockets and divisions in the main storage area, the front and side pockets. It has adjustable height, compression and shoulder straps to make it comfortable depending on your own preferences.

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack Video Review

Consumer Reviews

The Rush 24 has almost a perfect score among users. They all are happy with the backpack and amazed with the extreme resistance to all situations and how easy is to organize every item in one of its multiple pockets.

There are also some complaints about the size –too big- and the zippers that sometimes can’t be used one-handed, and some other nagging about certain quality issues that are the less. Something to think about is avoid ask for it directly on their website, Amazon has better delivers.


  • Huge multiple storage, with outside and inner pockets that can be extended thanks to the MOLLE SlickStick System.
  • ​Adjustable straps to ensure comfort and good adjustment.
  • ​Clamshell opening for better access to items.
  • ​Self-repairing YKK zippers.
  • ​Hydration pocket of 2 litters capacity.
  • ​Separated space for water, sunglasses and other delicate items.
  • ​Hard back cover that protects objects and user.
  • ​High quality materials for more resistance to use and weather.
  • Variety of colors.


  • Occasional manufacturing defects in the sewing.
  • ​Unappropriated and uncomfortable size for short people, it’s worth the mention that this can be fixed sometimes thanks to the adjustable straps.
  • ​The excess of space can make you carry lot more than what you need.
  • It is a resistant, capable backpack with a world of possibilities for organizing and keeping everything safe, although it has some issues with little aspects like the size or the lack of even more pockets it’s affordable, good looking and very useful.

Maxpedition Falcon II

Specially made for camping or hiking the Falcon II seems to be the rock star of the EDC bags for a lot of people, including adventurers, travelers and militaries.

General Overview

Let say it straight, it’s not good looking but it is in fact, very functional. The Falcon II stands out for its great capacity to carry a lot of stuff equivalent to the necessary equipment for a three-day camp, without an effort. It has a lot of external and internal pockets that allows to keep everything in hand, but very well organized.

The Falcon II is set for adventure with a MOLLE webbing in all sides of the bag, it’s compatible with ALICE gear and has a Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) for weight distribution. With all of that it’s also made for resistance with only high quality materials like 1050-D nylon and Teflon covering.


With more than 16 internal and external pockets, the Falcon II offers accommodation to all the items you can imagine. Its size is very comfortable for carrying it for long periods and it’s made for long trips, so it has straps that help attach the backpack to your body and ensure it stays put.

The Maxpedition Falcon II is water-proof thanks to its Teflon fabric protector that also makes it easy to maintain, it’s made with 1050-D nylon to ensure durability, and it has also a high-grade padding material for shock protection.

It has three separated compartments for water with a tube port at the top, very useful when biking or hiking, something that other bags of its kind doesn't have, such as military-grade materials. Falcon II has a multitude of suggested accessories to customize the bag to your very personal needs.


The measures of the Maxpedition Falcon II are 18” height, 9” large and 10” width. It’s worth to know that the width is adjustable with the two pairs of compression straps at both sides. Continuing with straps, it has a wide variety of them to properly attach the backpack to the body, this to give a better weight distribution and more comfort at moving.

It has an average weight of three pounds due to the multiple straps and locks, like the Button-Lock on the front for more security of the belongings, which can reach a total equivalent to 23-25 litters of weight. Its available in 8 different colors and combinations of them: Black, Foliage Green, Khaki, Khaki/Foliage Green, OD Green, Fire/EMS Red, Royal Blue/Foliage Green or Safety Yellow. Its up to you picking the color you like, or the one you need for your activities.

The full bag is finished with a triple coat of polyurethane and one more od DuPont Teflon to make it really, really water proof, and easy to clean. Just rub a wet cloth and the dirt goes away.

The price goes from $133 on Amazon with free shipping, to $173 in Maxpedition site.

Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack Video Review

Consumer Reviews

It’s the favorite of people that for one or other reason has to spent much time outdoors, whether they are hiking, camping or military, all agree this is the best of bags they’ve ever tried. Some even state that after more than ten years of seeking, the Falcon II was the answer to their problems.

The big issue around all the praises is the fact that for some situations is too small and it was necessary to buy some complimentary pouches, that are always useful. Another statement is that the backpack is just too heavy for some activities, for the relation between size and capacity almost always makes it worth.


  • Great space for variety of equipment, including camping items.
  • ​Multiple internal and external pockets to keep everything organized.
  • ​Lots of straps to adjusts the backpack to the perfect fit.
  • ​Built for adventure and sports, equipped with the tube port and the three compartments for water.
  • ​Super resistant.
  • ​YKK self-repaired two- way zippers.
  • ​Stress points double-stitched for more durability.
  • ​Variety of colors for all situations and needs.
  • ​Huge range of accessories to customize it.
  • ​Easy to clean.
  • Allows weight distribution for more comfort.


  • Lack of space for some purposes.
  • Too heavy for the size, due to the high quality materials.


If you are just looking for a resistant backpack for work and just occasional travels or getaways, the Rush 24 is the one for you, but if you are a professional athlete, incurable adventurer or you are in the army, clearly the Falcon II has more to offer. Anyway, both are resistant, made with high quality materials and there is not much different in their costs, so the one you pick will resist the hard life you may give them.

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