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5.11 Skyweight Tactical Boot Review

5.11-Skyweight-Tactical-BootThe Skyweight is a tactical boot offered by 5.11 Tactical, and comes in two variations – the standard Skyweight, and the Side-Zip Skyweight.

Choosing between the two is largely personal preference, but the side-zip design helps make these boots far more practical for regular wear. They allow you to skip the lacing and tying step, and simply insert your foot and raise the side zipper to put them on quickly and easily.

For the side-zip design, they have locking lace guides to help hold the laces in place so they don’t pop out when the boot is unzipped. As nice as this feature is, it can add extra bulk for the user who isn’t interested in this specific feature. So, if that function isn’t important to you, you can save some bulk by going with the standard edition.

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Key Features of the 5.11 Skyweight Boot

Several aspects of this boot help set it apart from competing models, as well as the other tactical boots offered by 5.11 Tactical. The most noteworthy features include:

  • Rugged construction consisting of suede and nylon materials
  • Heavy stitched craftsmanship for durability
  • Full length sole with enhanced width for a stronger grip
  • Arched sole with heel brake and rope hardware for work performance
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Lightweight construction and extra padding for enhanced comfort

These features echo 5.11 Tactical’s vision for this boot – a lightweight, durable, functional boot for performance in both manual labor and tactical applications.

Video Overview of the 5.11 Skyweight

To get a better idea of what this boot is all about, check out this video for an up-close and personal look at this boot design:

Reviewing the Performance of the 5.11 Skyweight

At the end of the day, how do all of these features perform when they all work together? Here’s a breakdown of each aspect of boot performance and how the 5.11 Skyweight stacks up:


These boots are based on military design, so they incorporate features that helps make them suitable for long term wear on demanding jobs. Between the padded sole and lightweight design, they provide a comfortable experience throughout the day.

Just remember these are made of suede leather, so they will feel best after an appropriate break-in period. Wear them around the house a few times before hitting the job for the first time, and they will provide a pleasant experience.

Aesthetic Design

These boots scream “tactical”, or at least “military” on some level. The tan colors and the rugged design, combined with signature military-style lacing, leave little to be desired in terms of tactical aesthetics. The standard Skyweight comes in one color, “coyote” (a light tan), so you don’t get a say in color selection.

The side-zip Skyweights, however, can be had in black as well. These look less like a military boot, and may be more desirable for law enforcement or civilian use.

Compliance with Regulation

If you’re looking for an Army compliant boot, these aren’t the ones for you. While they provide a high level of tactical performance, their suede construction is not compliant with AR 670-1, so you won’t be able to wear them with ACU’s.

Pricing of the 5.11 Skyweight

Regardless of if you’re interested in the standard or side-zip version of the Skyweight, you can pick up a pair for around $139, which is a fair price for a quality pair of tactical boots.

Pick up a pair at Chief Supply to ensure you get the best price on these boots, currently $104.99.

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