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5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack Review

5.11 Tactical has long manufactured some of the highest quality military backpacks available to everyday consumers. Though they are often pricier than their competitors, every 5.11 Tactical product is constructed with painstaking attention to detail. Simply put, their use of the best components, materials, and manufacturing techniques means that their gear is worth every single penny you pay for it. That is why we went ahead and did our research to provide you with our 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack Review. 

The Rush 24 backpack is no exception. By far the company’s bestselling tactical bag, the all-purpose assault pack makes a near-perfect everyday carry bag. It is also the ideal size for day hikes, rucking, 24-hour missions, and more.

Of course, thousands of positive reviews from people all around the globe doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the perfect everyday pack for you. That’s why we’ve broken down the specifics of the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack below. Our in-depth review, when weighed against your own personal needs and preferences, will be a big help when deciding whether or not the Rush 24 is the best option for you.

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Rush 24 Backpack Uses

One of the most popular uses of the Rush 24 is as an everyday carry bag. Indeed, the “24” in the name Rush 24 denotes that 5.11 Tactical designed the backpack to be the perfect fit for 24-hour missions. It has just enough room for all the equipment, gear, and provisions you need for 24 hard hours in the field.

Naturally, a tactical pack like the Rush 24 is built to last. It’s built to stand up to the toughest conditions possible. At the same time, many people use the backpack casually, without a tactical bent. Indeed, the Rush 24’s extensive interior organization options make it a great choice for work or play. For instance, the backpack fits most airline carry-on requirements (with a little thought into packing) and is becoming a popular laptop/tablet bag as well.

Top Features

One of the most noticeable things about the Rush 24 is the sheer number of features it has. Yet it’s feature-packed design does nothing to sacrifice its performance, quality, or overall durability. In fact, it enhances them.

What exactly do we mean by this? All too often feature-packed tactical assault packs seem to lack something in the way of performance and durability. It might be that more thought goes into the features than the overall construction. Or it might just be that more features generally mean more individual components that can break.

Anyway, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack is one hell of a pack that also happens to have quite a lot of great features. Best of all, they stand up to the wear and tear of the field. A few key points to know about the Rush 24 backpack include:

      Constructed from durable 1050-denier nylon with PUx2 water-repellant                    coating

      Large (20” height by 12.5” length by 8” deep) main storage compartment

     • Two dual-zipping side pockets

      Hydration pocket

     Three mesh admin compartments

      Zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket

      Stuff-it pocket

      Self-repairing YKK zippers used throughout

      Glove-friendly pull tabs for easy access

      Yoke shoulder strap system contoured for shoulders

     Sternum strap with adjustable height

     • Two external compression straps

      Dual drainage grommets

     • Wrap-around MOLLE webbing platform

Here is a video of 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack for more information and review

Main Compartment

5.11 TACTICAL RUSH 24 compartments

The main compartment is by far one of the most important individual features of any tactical bag. It needs to be large enough to fit enough gear for the intended mission length. It also needs to strong and supportive. A quality main compartment should be easy to sort through as well. You should be able to open it up and easily grab what you need without much digging around.

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack accomplishes all of this and much more. At 20” tall by 12.5” wide by 8” deep, the Rush 24 is a sizeable 24-hour mission pack by anyone’s standards. Unfortunately, and this is one of the only areas where the backpack falls short, it is a heavy bag, even when empty. It’s roughly double the weight of your average rucksack of the same size.

Yet the pack’s heavier than normal weight translates into increased toughness, stability, and durability. Once again, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Take a look inside the main compartment and you will see a large, roomy main space along with three interior mesh organizer pockets. These offer the perfect place to stash small items and accessories you don’t want to lose track of. The main compartment also features an integrated stuff pocket with a built-in pull cord. It’s a good spot for things like keys, batteries, and more.

Another feature of the Rush 24’s main compartment worth noting are the dual drainage grommets. This is a feature you generally only find on high-end packs. The grommets are designed to let moisture and water flow through if they somehow find their way into your bag. However, this is another area best left to personal preference. Some swear by drainage grommets while others say they just allow water, dirt, and bugs to enter the pack when it’s set down.

Additional Compartments/Side Pouches

Though a feature-heavy pack, the Rush 24 isn’t overloaded with pockets, compartments, and pouches like many military packs are. Indeed, 5.11 Tactical hit the nail on the head with this one. Their Rush 24 backpack features the perfect number of pockets, not too many and not too little.

At the top of the pack’s exterior are two small pockets dubbed “book end pockets” by 5.11 Tactical. These offer a safe place to store small, everyday extras like spare change, a lighter, and other things in that vein. Inside of these two pockets are a number of additional pockets. Small in design, these fleece-lined, zippered pockets are perfect for stashing loose items.

Another additional outer pocket that has to be mentioned is the zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket. This is located on the back of the pack, just beyond the top grab handle. If you wear glasses, or often wear sunglasses, this is the perfect place to keep them snug and well protected when you’re on the go.

Two flat, zippered pockets adorn each side of the Rush 24. These are a great place to stash things like documents and maps that you might need to bring with you. Finally, the front and both sides of the pack come with a MOLLE web platform. This makes it easy to attach additional equipment and pouches depending on your needs.

Shoulder Straps

An absolute tank of a backpack like the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 would be nothing without a strong, comfortable set of shoulder straps. Luckily, the pack doesn’t fall short in this category.

The shoulder straps are constructed with DuraFlex hardware and dual-density closed-cell foam. They are fully adjustable and nicely cushioned. You’ll be A-Okay, comfort wise, on long treks with the Rush 24 slung across your back.

Rush 24 Durability

Let’s get right down to it: the Rush 24 is an incredibly durable tactical backpack. It will stand up to any and all abuse you throw at it. Drag it along the ground, drop it from heights, and use it for years on end. It will stand up to the abuse. Seriously though, you’re the exception to the rule if even a stich comes loose after years of heavy use.

Comparable Packs from Other Brands

There are a lot of other packs out there that are in the same category as the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack. Most of these, like the Rush 24, are designed to be used for 24-hour missions including hiking, rucking, camping, and emergency situations.

Companies such as Tactical Tailor, Wild Things, Ares Amor, T3, Blackhawk, and Condor all offer packs that are comparable to the Rush 24. Even 5.11 Tactical offers a number of other bags that fit in a similar category.

Simply put, it all boils down to personal preference. That is why it is always a good idea to take your time, look at multiple packs, and read our reviews to find the tactical pack that best suits your individual needs and preferences.

Overall Impression of the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

So what’s the verdict? Is the Rush 24 the pack for you? If you’re looking for a 24-hour bag that also easily doubles as a daily use bag, then the Rush 24 is a great choice for you.

If you want something slighter larger or slightly smaller that still has many of the same features, 5.11 Tactical offers a number of different models in their Rush line of assault packs. These include the smaller Rush 12 and the titanic Rush 72. They’re both options worth considering.

Few assault packs are as technical or as durable as the Rush 24. Though it is far heavier than most, this additional weight tends to pay off, especially if you want your next backpack to be a long-term investment. Whether you want a pack for trips to the office, for overnight camping trips, or as part of your get home setup, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack is as good a choice as any other. It’s at the top of its class as far as 24-hour packs go.

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