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5 Best Steel Toe Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

If your job requires you to work demanding shifts in an unsafe environment for long hours on a daily and without a safe enough boot to protect your feet, chances are that you will develop a most uncomfortable condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis occurs as a result of the straining of a ligament that is meant to provide support to the arch of your foot. As you may have heard, it causes severe pains on your heel and can make your job a lot harder than it probably already is.

Caterpillar Mens Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Here's a list of Best Steel Toe Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, it is important to find the right footwear that will provide ample support for your foot. Plantar fasciitis has the potential to seriously affect your ability to work properly and may even worsen to the point where you're unable to work at all. In order to prevent the unwanted situation of working through the pain barrier, you will need to get a proper steel toe work boot. Apart from easing the effects of plantar fasciitis, wearing the right work boots can also help correct many of the symptoms of the condition.

This article is meant to walk you through 5 of the best work boots that will help manage plantar fasciitis without affecting the quality of your work.

Top 5 Best Steel Toe Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Timberland PRO Men's Hyperion Waterproof XL ST Work Boot

Timberland PRO Mens Hyperion Waterproof XL ST Work Boot

Timberland has been well known for producing strong comfortable boots over the years and this waterproofed XL ST work boot is just another example of the quality of their products. I am particularly impressed with the boot's ability to dispel odors considering the fact that it is made with leather. With that in mind, it is clear that the boot is perfect for daily use. Another interesting feature of the Hyperion waterproof work boot is its Dual-Density Dynamic Anti-Fatigue technology created by Timberland. This technology provides cones that absorb shock, compressing and rebounding in order to provide ample support while walking.


  • Offers toe caps that provides alloy safety.
  • Comfortable fitting for wide toes
  • Dynamic Anti-Fatigue technology for maximum support.
  • Waterproof leather
  • 30-day guarantee of comfort by Timberland.


  • Narrow toe cap

Timberland PRO Men's Hyperion Video Review

2. Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot

Wolverine Mens W02421 Raider Boot

For centuries, Wolverine has been a trusted name brand in the production of boots for Americans and the world at large. Putting much focus on style without compromising on its quality. This work boot's durability is enhanced with the embedded contour wet Wolverine technology to help merge flexibility with durability. Another impressive technology that is available on this boot is the Multishox comfort system that is individually customized to react to the peculiar movement of the feet. The insole is fully cushioned to reduce any pain that may be felt while standing on surfaces made with concrete. Overall, this boot is solid for work in rugged environments and adequate for managing plantar fasciitis.


  • Outsole that provides resistance against oil and slip.
  • Highly durable and considerably reduces pain
  • Upper build consist of a full-grain leather.


  • Could get a little Squeaky
  • Absence of a steel toe cap
  • No insulation to protect against harsh conditions.

Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot Video Review

3. Wolverine Men’s W02072 Athletic Mid Boot

Wolverine Mens W02072 Athletic Mid Boot

Wolverine makes another entry on my list of top 5 work boots and there really can't be many surprises as to why. Remember how I mentioned earlier that the right work boot can help deal with some of the symptoms of plantar fasciitis? Well, this boot was specially built to provide such medical assistance as well as the kind of durability that works perfectly for long hour shifts. With the boot being 90% leather, the upper mesh is a welcomed addition as it helps to prevent odor irrespective of the duration of use. With a heel and toe box that is wide enough to seamlessly ease your feet in, you can be sure that you're well supported and safe from the discomfort of plantar fasciitis.


  • Outsole is resistant against slip
  • The cushion footbed can be easily removed
  • Steel toe provides safety for your foot
  • Upper mesh that prevents against unpleasant odor


  • The insoles are a bit shallow.

4. Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Mens Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's work boot is another big name that is highly trusted in the industry. This boot makes it into my top 5 list for being perfect in dealing with plantar fasciitis and heel issues by providing smooth support for arch and heels. If your heels are killing you and preventing you from working in full capacity, trying out this work boot will surely enhance your balance and reduce if not completely dispel the pain on your heel. This boot is hundred percent leather and as you will expect from a high-end work boot, completely waterproof. The embedded insulation technology helps to keep your feet dry notwithstanding the conditions. With an outsole that is slip resistant and the addition of a rubber and steel toe, this boot will work perfectly for protection against electrical hazards.


  • Nylon mesh gives the boot breathability and increases comfort
  • Efficient arch and heel support
  • Adequate for various work situations
  • Toe protection from its steel toe


  • Waterproof may not be adequate for long hour shifts

Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Boots Video Review

5. Timberland PRO Men's Rigmaster Steel-Toe 8" Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland PRO Mens Rigmaster SteelToe 8 Waterproof Work Boot

Completing my list of top 5 work boots that works perfectly for people struggling with plantar fasciitis is another entry from the renowned Timberland collections. If you're big on style, this boot should definitely tickle your fancy with its sleek design. But it is not just a fancy work boot. Made with pure leather that provides anti-fatigue Cons and the really impressive shock diffusion capabilities, you're sure to find this boot highly adequate for protecting and providing support for your feet. Completely resistant against slips and waterproof, you can depend on the Timberland PRO Men's Waterproof Work Boot when you need to work really long shifts. Another nice addition is the customary 30-day Timberland comfort guarantee that allows you to get your money back if the boot is unable to provide you with the much-needed support.


  • Full waterproofed leather
  • High shaft offering ample stability
  • Steel toe and other attractive safety features
  • 30 day Timberland guarantee


  • Not much arch support.

Timberland PRO Men's Rigmaster Steel-Toe Video Review

The Verdict

There you have it! Five of the very best steel work boots that will provide great support in order to ensure your productivity is not affected by plantar fasciitis. While there are other good options out there, the above 5 is guaranteed to give you the best support with the most stylish designs on the market.