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ACU Uniform Regulations

The Pride Behind a Well-Tailored Uniform

As a soldier a uniform is more then just fabric that covers your skin; a uniform is a visual image of pride. A uniform states that you represent something that you believe in and with that in mind it’s all the more reason to make sure you are keeping up with your ACU uniform regulations.

If you are going to be your best then you need to look your best. The ACU regulations/uniform was officially launched in the year 2004. It’s meant to show unity among fellow soldiers, and additionally it helps maintain the military public image.

Take the time to consider the following key points and keep yourself standing proud and representing your country in as sharp a manner possible.

The more comprehensive details about ACU uniform regulations can be found here.

The Key to Maintaining ACU Uniform Regulations

The ACU has a well-maintained, detailed version of regulations that can be found in the link above, but not everyone is looking for such detail. For those that are looking to discover the key factors to the ACU uniform regulations then continue reading and you can discover the key information that is ‘need to know’.

ACU Trousers

Trousers under the ACU regulations are maintained in position by a belt made of nylon and additionally also has an insertion point for kneepads. Regulation standards require that the pants be properly secured by tucking them into the boots or secured via drawstring at the bottom of the trousers. The pants should never go past the third eyelet of the boot.

ACU Jacket

The normal rank insignia has a measurement of 2” in height and 1” ¾ inches wide. The proper location for the insignia is centralized between the loop-face pad of the ACU jacket and the front hook. The camouflage pattern must match the background of their nametag and U.S. Army tapes.

Additionally, the sleeves of the ACU jacket must always be worn down they are never to be rolled up. The U.S. flag will always be tagged onto the right shoulder pocket. The ACU jacket should never be longer then the top of the cargo pocket or higher then the bottom side pocket.

ACU Undershirt

According to ACU uniform regulations a cotton, tan shirt must be worn beneath the coat and properly tucked into the pants at all times. Under special circumstances based around deployment areas the t-shirt may be a foliage green color instead. Additionally, black t-shirts are also a common issue for soldiers enrolled in areas such as:

      Special forces

      Ranger school





      And Sapper

ACU Headgear

ACU Headgear has a little bit more of variety entailed to it. The options among the ACU headgear are:

      Advanced combat helmet- This is a cap for those going on patrol.

      A boonie hat

      A fleece cap- This is for the colder climates.

Additionally, berets may be worn in a variety of colors that represent being a member of Special Forces, Paratroopers, or Rangers. Special Forces are represented by green, Paratroopers are maroon, and Rangers are tan. The micro fleece cap is limited in use on account of it often interfering with the device that allows night vision.

ACU Combat Boots

ACU regulations for combat boots are fairly universal and it should be mentioned that they must meet the conditions of AR 670-1 compliance. They are expected to be made of tan cattle hide leather composed of a plain toe and tan rubber outsoles. The proper lacing for the boots are diagonal and any additional extension of the lace is to be neatly tucked away either into the area where the pants are tucked in or wrapped securely around the top of the boot. A few restrictions from the ACU uniform regulations regarding footwear are:

      No zipper tacks either sewn or laced.

      No cleats that have metallic gripping.

      No side tabs.

There is also the regulation of wearing moisture wicking socks. In the event terrain is tougher or weather conditions are significantly colder there are Mountain Combat Boot’s as well as Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots.

Here is a list of authorized combat boots that are AR 670-1 compliant. 

Here's a video of Propper ACU Army Combat Uniform

In Closing

As mentioned above, the ACU Uniform Regulations are about more than simply looking sharp, they are about telegraphing the message of unity. As brothers in arms we view one another with pride, and together we stand in unity and show the world our pride in what we represent.

These regulations enforce us to keep an image, but it’s an image that makes us stand proud.

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