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Analytical Mechanics 7th Edition Review

The accessible, pragmatic and direct approach of the analytical mechanics 7th edition is a book which has been revised thoroughly for both clarity and vision. As a result, individuals have grasped the challenging concepts in the introductory mechanics. After reading the book, I realized that it is a complete exposition of the fundamental classical mechanics. This has proven that it is an enduring and introductory text for a course which deals with mechanics course. Through the used of worked examples, it will increase the problem-solving skills as the textual discussions aid the student in understanding of the theoretical materials through the use of specific cases.

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0

The details of the book

  • It is hardcover book of 544 pages
  • ​The publisher is brook Cole, 7th edition (19th march 2004)
  • ​It is an English language book
  • ​Its dimensions are: 25.6x2.6x15.1
  • ​The weight of the book is 907g
  • Ranked among the top 100 books in

The book’s table of contents

  1. The fundamental concepts (vectors)
  2. ​Rectilinear motion of a particle (Newton’s mechanics)
  3. ​The oscillations
  4. ​Three dimension’s general motion of a particle
  5. ​Non-inertial reference system
  6. ​Central and gravitational forces
  7. ​The particle’s dynamic systems
  8. ​The mechanics of rigid bodies (planar M)
  9. ​The three-dimension motion of rigid bodies
  10. The lag-ranging mechanics

Appendices: general answers to problems of odd numbers, selected references, and index.

Brief description of the book

Basically, the book covers a minimum of upper division course in classical mechanics. Hence, there is no much difference in comparison with other standard textbooks applicable for this level. Generally, this is a pretty standard book with a wide coverage on oscillation systems, Newton’s laws, dynamics and rigid bodies.

The customers review about the product

Since I bought the book, it has been useful to me as it provides an understanding of the fundamental level with both clear and rigid explanations. However, it lacks the mathematical formulas for an advanced level of study. As compared to other books which are too cryptic and contains nothing but equations that leave the student helpless, the book is a combination of both equations and explanations. As mentioned above, I have been using the book for almost two semesters and I have realized that it is worth its price. The manuscript explains the ideas and theories along with the guidance through the mathematics which makes them work. Apart from using the text, other clients have also been using the product and they also have something to say:

One of the clients who have been using the book said that he was schooling for three semesters, yet the differential equations and linear algebra was a challenge to him. In fact, he had difficulty in interpreting the equations. When he bought the book, he found no difficulty in interpreting the text. This is because almost all the derivations are not very easy to follow.

According to the reviews of another client, the book as reasonable worked examples. Hence, recommending it to be used by different people since it is a problem-solving text with full solutions of the problems. It is also important to know that you can only capture mathematical concepts by utilizing the 7th edition book as it contains fully completed worked examples which can enable you to have a skill of thought in the process.

On the other hand, a lecturer has been using the book to teach for more than six years. She found out that this is a classical dynamics book which is very good for students who have a low mathematical background. The lecturer came across the book through a colleague who has been using it. When she began teaching the students with the book, the students were able to fully understand the concepts. In fact, the course runs smoothly. Also, the lecturer discovered that most of the education departments worldwide have been using the book. The best section of the book is very easy explanations of the various examples illustrated. Nevertheless, the list of problems in every chapter can be understood with ease. Therefore, the coursework is suitable for undergraduate students who are pursuing a career related to Analytical Mechanics.

At the beginning of every chapter, there are interesting commentaries. As a result, it gives a nice perspective which is a clear indication that it has a detailed explanation. Consequently, its derivation gives much interpretation and explanation of the formulas which can enable you to understand the illustration of the equations and theorems.

The pros:

As mentioned above, the problems in the book are not only interesting but doable. Consequently, it is very easy to use the text as it provides simple problems which are very helpful to a student with difficulty. Therefore, you need to get prepared to solve the ordinary differential equations (ODES) as it has expanded functions and works in a variety of coordinated systems. Out of the ten or more book, the text is rated to be at 80th percentile.

The cons:

One of the limitations of the book is that it is costly. Its price is a bit expensive. Fortunately, it gives a full explanation of the mathematical concepts. Therefore, it greatly assists you and your child when you buy it.

The deals and discounts

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The above is a detailed analysis of the Analytical Mechanics 7th Edition book. From the illustration, it can be highlighted that the book is ideal for mathematics. One of the examples is the mathematical equations which can be solved with ease. From my own experience, I have been using the textbook and it has been very useful to me. If am to describe the text, I would say that it has an excellent overview. With very good supportive explanation, you need to go for the book as it is very vital.