AR 670-1 Compliant, Nike Leather Special Field Boot To Hit Shelves September 20th

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In the not so distant future, a Command Sergeant Major (CSM) approaches a Staff Sergeant (SSG), outside of the PX… “Hey low-speed, are those Nike Special Field Boots Authorized under DA Pam 670-1,” asked Command Sergeant Always Do Right.

“Well Sergeant Major, I’m glad you took a moment to enquire about my new boots. Actually they are authorized. See Nike decided to listen to their customers, and now manufacture the boots with Flesh-Side Out Cattlehide leather. They stopped using that synthetic stuff a few months ago,” said SSG Rebel.

Knowing that he’s defeated, the CSM walks away with a nod…

OK, enough of the story telling and let’s get to the point. Nike recently announced the release of a new, DA Pam 670-1 compliant version of the popular Special Field Boot. The Nike SFB Leather will come in desert tan, and be fully compliant with DA Pam 670-1. The boots will be have an all (flesh side-out cattle hide) leather upper, and mesh free materials.

The Nike Leather SFB will be available online and in stores September 20th.

Here’s a complete description from US Patriot’s Website:


These tan leather Nike SFB Special Field Boots ARE AR 670-1 Compliant for wear by the Army. Leather. Non-mesh. Free shipping.

These tan-colored Nike Special Field Boots are specially designed and AR670-1 Compliant for wear by Army personnel who need outstanding gear for whatever their mission entails.

Be it ruck marches, drill, target practice, hiking or crawling through the mud, your tasks will be easier and more operationally-effective.

The versatility and exceptional performance of these cattlehide leather, non-mesh boots will also help you achieve mission success without any annoying distractions.