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Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boot Review


Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boot Review: caters to active outdoor goers and professionals who spend significant time on their feet. Whether you are in the armed forces, or service sectors, or work with law enforcement or a security agency, you’ll find that these boots are just what you need. They are the ideal combination of sneakers and combat footwear, and are great for wearing for leisure activities such as hiking, paintball, or hunting. The boot fits well and is flexible for varying terrain use.

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Disclaimer: Although these boots are tactical and very lightweight, they are NOT AR 670-1 Compliant. 

If you are not buying boots for army compliancy, continue reading our review of this fine boot. ​We have done all the heavy duty research for you. 


The Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots have a smart, well-constructed look that goes very well with any kind of pants or outfit you have on. You could wear them with jeans or with your combat or any other uniform.

They’ll cover your ankle well standing at 7 inches. 

As you can see from the pictures i've uploaded for you above; you can choose from three colors: universal black, the desert sand, and the camouflage timber.

Under Armour Valsetz Fit and Size

The boots are not made from rigid materials, so you don’t need to break them in before wearing on long shifts.

Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots come true to size from our experience and research.

You’ll see that boots have carbon fiber ribbing on the sides. These help to hold your feet in place and together with the sturdy materials that make up the boot; they’ll provide you with the best possible comfort.

I have gone trekking in mountainous terrain in them and they gave my feet the grip and support they needed without ever becoming loose.


The upper part of these boots is constructed out of water-resistant mesh. You won’t have to deal with moisture and sweaty feet, and if the weather is warm, you can dry them completely by airing them out for a couple of hours.


The sole includes all the signature components of Under Armour such as the ArmourBound® that gives your feet excellent cushioning and is also responsive, and the ArmourLastic® that is placed at the heel and forefoot.

Both these sections of your foot take the maximum impact when you’re running or landing on your feet.

The Ortholite® sockliner is shaped to take the form of the feet and anchors them firmly into the boots while the EVA midsole is absolutely weightless and adds to the cushioning with its perfect contours.

The boots also have an ArmourGuide® that gives your feet the stability you need when you need to run right after making a landing.

The outer sole is crafted out of rubber and designed to give you better traction on surface.

Under Armour Valsetz Durability

The mesh is fitted in just the right areas that take a lot of wear such as the top of the foot and the ankle area.

The toes are covered with an added layer of rubber that not only protects you from painful stubs, but also protects the boots from wearing out in that area.


The Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots have a combined weight of just 15.5 oz., which is great.

If you’re going to be carrying heavy loads such as tactical gear or say, a heavy backpack when hiking, you need boots that will remain light on your feet. Try them for your gymming routine and you’ll see how comfortable they are.


The shanks on the upper section of the boots work well to lock the laces in place once they’ve been tied firmly.

They’ll ensure that you can tie the laces up quickly and whatever activity you may choose, these laces never seem to get untied.

Lastly, the loop on the upper back of the shoe makes slipping them on and off very quick and easy. Pretty standard stuff. 


I have friends that have used the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots on duty in Afghanistan and they swear by their performance and wearability.

Especially since these boots can keep the wearer’s feet cool even in warm  temperature. 

I’ve used for paintball games also and they give me great grip and maneuverability. And though, my feet did get sore from all that activity, I didn’t have a single blister anywhere. I was a bit concerned about rocks being lodged in the treads when I went hiking in them. But, that issue never arose.

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Here's a video of the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boot for more information and review.


You’ll find that after wearing the boots for a while, they seem to take the shape of your feet so I guess, in a way, they’re adjustable.

I also love that they are highly flexible. Bend the boot in your hands and it folds easily and that means that it moves with your feet when you walk, both at the upper foot and ankle level.

The mesh works very well to keep out moisture, dust and sand so you can comfortably walk around in sandy or dusty terrain without them getting into the boot.

If you’ve always worn added arch supports, you won’t need them with these boots and they’ll protect your knees well. Best of all, they’re soundless so you won’t be squeaking when you walk around. And, since the insole is removable, if you need to, you can easily clean or replace them.


The Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots will serve you well, but you’ll need to take a little care of them. If you use them for long hours regularly, you might notice that the insole is wearing down. You just have to replace them with a new set.

If you lead a very athletic lifestyle, consider getting the appropriate insoles when you buy them. Try to wear the right kind of moisture wicking socks with them to help keep your feet dry. Do keep in mind that the mesh fabric is water resistant but not waterproof. Any little advantage to help you survive is fine by my book. 

To fix this issue, I applied some silicon based Snow seal and rubbed the boots down thoroughly. Next, I used a clean towel for some added polishing and let the boots stand a while. That helped keep out water better.

Considering the sneaker-like structure of these boots, they are not very well suited to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Place them in a hot area and the plastic sole seems to harden, losing its traction totally. You might also notice that with frequent wear, the sole separates from the top leather while the rest of the boots look as good as new. Not ideal but you'll have to use some quality glue to reattach it. 

Customer Review

I cannot stress enough on the great customer service Under Armour gives you. One of my buddies bought these boots and the soles started to come apart within a couple of months. He only had to contact UA and they replaced the boots without any issues. 

I do have a few suggestions though. I would like the laces to be a little longer and if they could include a zipper with the wide sizes, that could make a great pair of boots even better.


In conclusion, I recommend the Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boots. It's a solid offering from UA and they try to give good value for money. They’re flexible and give you just the right amount of support for foot arch.

Any way, I have a pair in desert sand and I plan to get me a pair of the  black options next.

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