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Bates AR670-1 Compliant Cobra 8 Inch Hot Weather Boots

Bates has been producing high-quality boots for the U.S. Military for over 130 years. With the constant change in demands of the US Military, Bates has still continued to craft their footwear products not just to meet the Military standards but to exceed in quality as well.

Here is a list of the Best AR 670-1 Compliant Boots

What to Look For in Hot Weather Boots

Hot weather is known to decrease optimum performance and create adverse effects on the efficiency of men working out in the field. While it is impossible to control the humidity and temperature in the field, using proper gear will help minimize its adverse impact. Hot weather combat boots, in particular, should be breathable, comfortable and lightweight as it is important to keep feet dry and fungus-free in hot, humid weather. There are a few essential features to look for in hot weather boots. The boots must be:


Heavy boots will easily add weight and fatigue during hot weather, especially when soldiers them for long periods of time under the sun.

Air Circulation

Hot weather boots must offer excellent air flow and circulation as it allows the air to move freely through the boots to keep moisture out. This is crucial as the boot must keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Comfortable Soles

The sole of the boots must be as comfortable as it is heat-resistant in order to keep the external heat from being transmitted to the feet – preventing any means on discomfort to the user.

Anti-Microbial Shield

The anti-microbial shield is used to prevent any build-up of fungus and bacteria in the shows as this is crucial for the endurance of any soldier to maintain hygienic and feet.

What does AR 670-1 Compliant mean?

The long-awaited AR 670-1 compliant isn’t exactly a new regulation, but they are not enforcing the standards. Previously, soldiers were allowed to wear military boots with synthetic uppers to reduce weight strain and increase breathability. The regulation now requires that boots must be styled with all-leather without zippers as well as meet these given standards:

  • Boots must b 8-10 inches in height
  • ​Must have a plain toe style
  • ​Made of tan cattle-hide leather
  • ​Polyurethane and rubber sole to match the colour of the upper
  • No mesh material or fabric

Due to these recent restrictions, major footwear brands are now updating their boot style in order to accommodate the new rules. By purchasing unauthorized boots that is not AR 670-1 compliant, this action may even cause you to be sent home to change them.


The Bates Cobra AR 670-1 Compliant Cobra Boots are specifically built to meet the latest updated military specifications with the US Armed Forces. The Cobra military boot was created for stability, endurance and multi-terrain traction.

Top-Quality Cow Hide Leather

The Bates Cobra Hot Weather Boot is made out of abrasion resistant flesh-out cattle hide leather for ultimate toughness and durability to protect the user during harsh, extreme weather. This is highly recommended to provide support and comfort to the feet as users commend the clever design of the boots.

Top-quality craftsmanship

The boots have excellent craftsmanship with triple seams that gets rid of the need for frequent repairs. The upper is designed with an abrasion-resistant leather and nylon fabric. The boots are also offer a multi-terrain slip resistant rubber outsole for high protection against varied terrains and environments for multipurpose and substantial use when out in the field.

8” Height

The 8-inch height gives maximum support and protection to not only the foot but the ankles as well during challenging terrains and long marches.


From rocky terrains to urban floods, the Bates Cobra boots can withstand heavy workloads and bad treatment. The Bates anti-fatigue Endurance Performance System gives the user the ultimate durability with the comfort that you want. It has an all-rubber outsole to provide solid protection and freedom of movement.


The Bates Cobra Tactical boots are not waterproof at all, though there are drainage holes to allow water to escape when it seeps in during uncontrollable situations.


The padded collar and breathable lining provides additional comfort. Medial and Lateral Perforated Leather were also designed into the boot for additional breathability and comfort. The outsole and midsole are removable to fit your needs and comfortability. It offers a two-piece insole that is made of dual density EVA and open-cell memory foam for ultimate comfort. The combination foot padding lessens the overall fatigue in the joints, feet, and legs – making it comfortable to wear all day long.

AR 670-1 Compliant

As a necessity to the newly updates rule and regulations of military footwear, the Bates Cobra is AR 670-1 compliant as it is built to meet specifications as authorized by the commander.

Best Environment for Use

These boots are recommended for any soldier in the Armed forces that is looking for solid, durable tactical boots. Users say the Bates Cobra is capable of performing flawlessly when out in the field.


The Bates Cobra boots provide amazing ankle support that fits well with high-quality socks. These boots work well for a flat foot but can easily be adjusted for those with high aches. Just add another insert do not provide enough support for the foot’s arch. The Bates Cobra military boots include 2 inserts, which allows it to be more customizable to fit. The sizes available for the Cobra boots range from 4.0 – 15.0 with a width choice of regular for extra wide.


We like that how versatile the coyote coloured boots is. This tropical boot has great perpherations for an increased breathability that is needed, especially during the extreme hot weather. We also like how the outsole is completely all- rubber. Another feature to point out is that the Bates Cobra hot weather boots are more cushioned when compared to the Bates Cobra Jungle boots. The price of the boot is moderately priced at an average $150.


Due to the lack of user reviews as these boots are fairly new, there’s not much we can say negatively about these boots as they have surely checked every feature we would like to see in combat boots. The style and design is decent enough to wear off the field as well as the breathability of the boots that will keep your feet well ventilated when in use.

Overall Conclusion

With the new launch of 6 new boots that are built to meet specifications, the style and design are constructed with coyote cattle hide leather along with individual features to meet the wide range of customer demands. All Bates produced boots and products are made in the USA.

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