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Belleville 620 ONE XERO Ultra Light Assault Review

The Belleville 620 ONE XERO USAF Ultra-Light Assault Boot answers the mail for an ultra-light, Air Force boot weighing less than 20 ounces. These amazing boot are made in the USA. The 620 is the perfect boot for overwhelming athletic activities. This boot highlights great breathability with double ventilation zones on each side of the foot and an unlined upper for the most extreme in wind stream to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

It highlights a cowhide softened and nylon fabric for lightweight and unrivaled quality and a recently created polyurethane padded sole with the low density of lighter EVA uppers yet with the counter pressure properties polyurethane is acclaimed for. This boot is approved for wear with the Airman Battle Uniform.

Belleville boots are about to 1 full size bigger in fit than your ordinary shoe size contingent upon the kind of boot you pick (hot climate versus waterproof/protected). Much of the time, we have discovered our hot climate boots keep running around 1 size bigger than your typical shoe size; be that as it may, boots containing a GORE-TEX® bootie may require just size smaller than your ordinary size for a legitimate fit.

Features of Belleville ONE XERO 620 Ultra Light Assault-HEIGHTS: 8 Inches (Standard Military Height)

  • UPPER: Flesh-out Suede Leather and Nylon Fabric
  • ​MIDSOLE: Cushioned Polyurethane
  • ​OUTSOLE: Exclusive Vibram INCISOR
  • ​INSOLE: Polyurethane Removable Insert
  • ​UL235 ULTRA-LITE Polyurethane Midsole
  • ​Medial and Lateral Dual Ventilation Zones
  • ​Weighs Approximately 20 ounces
  • ​Athletic strobel-fasten development for upgraded execution
  • ​Lateral and average double ventilation zones
  • Made in USA and Berry Compliant

Belleville 620 ONE XERO Ultra Light Assault Boot are planned with the possibility that lightweight is a component as well as a prerequisite, the 620 is one of the lightest Berry Compliant boots in the business sector. This mission prepared boot is based on an athletic strobel-join construction and elements the restrictive VIBRAM Incisor outsole.

Stay cool while you move in these Belleville 620 ONE XERO Ultra Light Assault boot.

These Belleville boots let you stay in the diversion without getting overheated. The most noticeably worst feeling on the planet is the point at which your feet get excessively hot. Intended for athletic activities and high-force physical action, these boots features air vents on both sides to permit air to move through and keep your dawgs cool.

The Athletic Strobel join construction of these shoes conveys an adaptable fit that gives you a chance to move swiftly. In addition, these One Xero boots are lightweight, as well, at just 20 ounces for every half match to enable you move fast. Ultra-lite polyurethane padded soles keep you moving while they remove sway stress, so you can stay comfortable throughout the day. As it were, the harder you work, the harder these will work for you.

The insoles of these Belleville 620 ONE XERO Ultra Light Assault Boot are padded polyurethane, and they're removable, so they're anything but difficult to clean. Made-in-the-USA, these cool and comfortable ventilated military boots meet Berry military directions for Air Force footwear. So you can stay in the activity without any difficults.

Vibram incisor outsoles, select to Belleville, give you additional grasp on the ground to keep you relentless through the most exceptional activity when you wear this present men's footwear. You don't have room schedule-wise to back off, and you don't have sufficient energy to chill. These Belleville Men's 620 One Xero Green Brown Air Force Combat Boots keep you moving while they keep you cool.

For work force who need an ultra-light battle boot, made in America, the Belleville ONE XERO 620 Ultra Light Assault is the boot for you. This boot is the main battle boot made in America to be classified as ultra-light.

When you get yourself sent to more remote working situations with various and testing territory, you will truly come to welcome the sharp spikes on this Belleville ONE XERO 620 Ultra Light Assault. Look at the photograph and zoom into see with your own eyes. These spikes give remarkable delve in grasp and footing so you can cross any sort of uneven landscape. This would be particularly helpful for strategic helicopter or air transport teams landing and working in somber situations. Besides, a selective Vibram incisor outsole on this boot conveys incredible slip resistance. The ONE XERO additionally has a 90-degree heel break to permit your feet to move all the more normally and nylon webbing overlays to secure against lower leg wounds.

The padded soles on this Belleville ONE XERO 620 Ultra Light Assault additionally give eminent dependability and backing, having been developed with cutting edge urethane innovation. This sort of fortified development is led utilizing a low thickness kind of material. The outcome is that it will never pack, smooth or lose its capacity to give padding, dissimilar to boots made with EVA padded soles.

The uppers on these Belleville attack boots are made of full grain tissue out cowhide, which is amazingly tough and durable. The additional nylon boards on the upper give additional breathability.

Advantages of Belleville 620 ONE XERO Ultra Light Assault

  • 8" control tallness
  • ​Polyurethane padded sole for additional stun ingestion and insurance.
  • ​Ventilation zones in average and parallel zones convey exceptional breathability.
  • ​Robust sewing technique known as strobel-sewing adds to durable wear and lessens the requirement for continuous repairs.
  • ​Flesh-out softened cowhide and nylon uppers are extreme, solid, and strong and oppose scraped spots.
  • ​Outsoles with teeth-like incisors are developed with restrictive Vibram innovation to give unrivaled hold.
  • ​Polyurethane additions are removable, which keep boots new and good to go at all times.
  • They are light, not massive around the lower legs, have great sole hardness to give backing to long treks and have the appropriate measure of inward padding for long days on hard ground.


The Belleville ONE XERO 620 Ultra Light Assault is a lightweight, intense boot. Worked with athletic strobel-fasten development, these boots give improved footing the select Vibram Incisor outsole, permitting you to achieve your most elevated amount of execution. Parallel and average double ventilation zones build wind stream and permit your feet to inhale, perfect for working in hot atmospheres. The upper is made with cattle hide calfskin and nylon fabric that holds its shape after consistent use. The UL235 Ultra-Lite polyurethane padded sole conveys padded solace, so you can concentrate on the current workload. Just 20 ounces for every pair, these boots are worked to perform without measuring you down.

For a lightweight boot with least weight and greatest insurance execution, pick Belleville 620 ONE XERO Ultra Light Assault. Request yours today!

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