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Belleville NWU Smooth Boot 630ST Review – Berry Compliant

Even though I served in the Army, I’ve always enjoyed reviewing gear from other branches. At first glance, the equipment used by the different branches is always similar to Army gear. On closer inspection, however, there are often some interesting differences.

Every role in the Armed Forces is built on the solid foundation of a reliable boot. Not just any boot, but a strong, durable boot that protects while allowing for mobility. Typically, that’s where the similarities end. For instance, while Army life has its fair share of potential dangers, serving in the Navy or the Air Forces usually involves more exposure to machines, chemicals, and environmental hazards.

The Belleville NWU Smooth Booth 630 ST is a popular industrial boot used in both the Navy and the Air Force. Let’s dive in and take a deeper look!

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Key Features of the 630 ST

The 630 ST is also called the Hot Weather Air Force Maintainer boot. Maintainers are personnel who work around oil, fuel and machines. Three key features make this boot well-suited for such a dangerous environment:

1. Unlike most other boots in the U.S. Armed Forces, the 630 ST is made with grain-out leather instead of suede. Suede actually absorbs oils and is hard to clean. The grain-out leather is “wipe and wear,” meaning grease, oil, fuel, and other gunk can be easily wiped off the boot. I’ve seen this in action several times, and it really does work as well as promised.

2. The toe of the boot is outfitted with MearMax overlays. MearMax is a strong, damage-resistant material. By covering the front of the boot, the user can easily drop to toe-down positions without damaging the boot (or his foot). This MearMax overlay also covers the boot with a protective ring.

3. The Vibram outsole is extremely slip resistant. This is the most slip-resistant outsole Vibram makes, and ensures steady footing in water, oil, and other slick substances.

Specifications of the 630 ST:

        Eight inches tall;

        Made of full grain cowhide with a nylon fabric upper;

        Vanguard sole construction; and

        Removable polyurethane insole.

These boots can be used in maintenance, flight and combat. They’re blue/gray and have a simple, classic look. They’re also as comfortable as a running shoe. When I wore them, I had great mobility. The lugs provide plenty of traction. I also tested the boots through water and motor oil – the grip was always great. These boots will keep you upright and stable even in messy, dangerous conditions.

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Certifications and Compliances

        NWU compliant;

        U.S. Air Force Certified (No. 25 MON 5-10-11);

         Berry Compliant;

        Steel toe is ASTM F2312-11 and F2413-11 certified; and

        Certified safe for electrical hazardous environments.


The Belleville Boot Company has been making boots since World War I. Located across the Mississippi in St. Louis, Missouri, Belleville started with simple, classic footwear. They are committed to improvement and today they use the latest technology and materials to create safe, strong boots for a variety of dangerous situations. They produce over a million boots a year and are a trusted partner of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Men’s Belleville boots do not run true size. According to the manufacturer, they run about one half to one full size larger than your normal shoe size. Hot weather boots, such as the 630 ST, are usually about one size larger than your true size. Belleville also says these sizing issues only apply to men’s boots, and women can use their true size.


At $150-170 for the pair, these boots are pretty expensive, at least when compared to most Army boots. However, these boots are built for hazardous maintenance environments and protect in ways Army boots cannot. The 630 ST is useful because it’s easy to clean; it’s necessary because of all the features that help prevent injuries.


Sometimes the most dangerous environments are the ones a bit back from the frontlines. Without the brave men and women who service the planes, vehicles and other machines of the U.S Armed Forces, our military wouldn’t be the powerhouse our country depends on. The Belleville NWU smooth boot 630 ST is comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain. But most importantly, it helps keep our military’s Maintainers safe – safe from fires, electrical shock, falls, and other environmental hazards. These are very high quality boots which have been intelligently designed. If you work in a hazardous environment, I highly suggest the 630 ST.