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Belleville Tactical Research TR103 MiniMil 100R

The Belleville Tactical Research TR103 MiniMil 100R is a unique minimalist boot which features five millimeter "drop" in-between the forefoot and the heel. The boot is specifically designed to suit a warrior athlete who is training currently in a minimalistic footwear for athletic. The quick-drying boot is unlined, light in weight( each pair weighs less than 2lbs) and is highly breathable.

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

100 denier cordura nylon and grain-out leather is used to make the upper part of the boot. It has a compression EVA midsole which is molded and a molded EVA insole which is a single density. The long-wearing outsole is a little bit rugged. It is made of slip-resistance rubber and VIBRAM "Tarsus" oil.

Belleville company has bee producing combat boots for a long time and currently, it is the largest supplier of boots to the Uncle Sam defense department. When they had to design new tactical combat boots, they put into consideration everything that you may need including stability, reliability and traction. The boots are more comfortable providing sure footing and a greatly improved feel on the ground.


  • The product has a height of 8 inches. This is a standard military height.
  • ​The upper part of the boot is made of 100 denier cordura nylon and 100% cattle-hide leather.
  • ​The midsole is 2 millimeters ad is die-cut to disperse shock.
  • ​The outsole is made of a slip resistance rubber and an exclusive VIBRAM oil.
  • ​The insole is a single density and made of molded EVA.
  • ​It has a 5 millimeter "drop" between the forefront and the heel.
  • ​The upper part is unlined and highly breathable.
  • ​To enhance the durability of the boots, it has double and triple stitched seams.
  • ​It has pull-on loop for convenience.
  • ​It has padded Achilles to provide support.
  • The boot is compliant with AR670-1.


  • It is very lightweight for a boot. it just feels like putting on slippers.
  • ​It has a low heel drop for a minimalist who is in much need of a wonderful pair of boots.
  • ​It is breathable and has a large space to accommodate the user's toes.
  • ​It is very comfortable for all the daily operations such as working, hiking or running.
  • It is durable due to the high quality of materials used to make it.


  • The upper leather may pinch in the toe box when wearing it for the first time. However, this can be prevented by finagling.
  • When it is stitched around the ankle, it may act as an abrassive hence using it for the entire day may rubb the back of the ankles making it extremely uncomfortable. There is a solution for this, some felt can be sewn around the ankle to act as a padding over the stitching.


The price of this Tactical Research TR103 ranges from $133.64 to $159.79 (Check the price at ). There is special offer for this product at Amazon. You can save big on the Ope-Box and Pre-Owned by buying Belleville Tactical Research TR103 MiniMil 100R from the Amazon Warehouse Deals and you can save 57% off the list price. The item is eligible for the 30-day return policy on Amazon or free shipping.

Belleville Tactical Research Video Review


1. Runs Small and Gives Hot Spot.

I usually wear a regular size 13 comfortably but when I ordered the same size from Amazon, my toes could still be crammed up at the front when walking but was just fine while standing. It runs a little smaller so it is advisable to go for 1/2 size larger to the size you wear. The boots have frigging hot spots which makes them uncomfortable. Flexing and crushing them around these hot spots before wearing them again helped to solve this problem. Their soles are long-lasting, there are no tears and stays attached to the boot. The leather holds up.

2. It is Highly Recommended.

These minimalist boots are lightweight enough that I cannot feel encumbered by them. They are strong enough to protect the toes from any kind of injury. Boot sealant can be applied on the boots to make them waterproof in case of rain or snow. This can also make them last long with few repairs.

3. They are my Favorite Boots.

I ordered a pair of these green boots from Amazon.The green model looks stiffer than tan to me but the difference is not too much. They may be a bit difficult to wear them especially at the ankle but you will love them when they get used to your feet.

4. They are Awesome.

I put on size 11-1/2, I purchased Belleville TR103 size 12 but these were too small for me so I returned them and was given size 13. These were awesome to me because my toes were not crammed at the front. Their sole is flexible yet strong enough to provide maximum protection from the rough ground. The heel cup may be stiff on the achilles tendons. This made me feel uncomfortable since it is made of a number of layers of leather. This can be prevented by wearing tough wool socks for boots. They have a 5" mm heel drop, this factor may be an inconvenience to some users who opt for a zero-drop.

5. MiniMil Boots Have Painful Heel Cups.

I purchased this product because they are unique in the market and had all the properties I was looking for in boots. All features are perfect except for the heel cup. The heel cup is made of an extremely stiff material. It intersects with a soft, nylon material that is pliable, around the achilles tendon are. Any movement causes causes discomfort around this area.

6. The Boots Are Decent.

The boots are highly flexible and are lightweight compared to all the boots I have ever worn. Their waterproof feature has helped keep out water eve when they are submerged. The heel cup kept exerting pressure on my bones around the heel. This caused severe soreness that sometimes forced me to swap their use. After I was used to them, this problem has gradually decreased.


The RT103 MiniMil boots are the best choice because of their exceptionally good features. Their durability ad flexibility makes them worth the price. The issue with the heel cup can be avoided by wearing thick wool socks to reduce the discomfort caused. Their waterproof feature makes them convenient during the rains or snow. This is the product you wouldn't want to miss.

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