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Best AA EDC Led Flashlight

So, you decided to carry a flashlight after considering your needs since you slobber over other people’s EDCs. Then, you decide to go shopping around and browse everyday carry Led flashlight and abruptly blasted with hundreds of different kinds and brands. To help you find the best AA EDC LED flashlight so you can travel anywhere without worries of running out of batteries, follow through with my review.

Here is a list of the Best AA EDC Led Flashlight

Streamlight 88033 – ProTac Flashlight Review

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

Streamlight 88033 – ProTac LED Flashlight provides great illumination to any room you literally enter. It has Ten-Tap programming making it and user friendly. It adjusts the right amount of light depending on the need of the situation.

It runs using two AA batteries that can last until 36 hours. The size is as slim as a marker that makes it very handy. You don’t need to think of how to make it close and secure because it comes with a firm pocket clip. This durable illumination tool conforms to IPX7 waterproof standards.

To achieve your thorough going gratification, as a consumer you need to know all the needed information before purchasing this item.

Why do is a quality EDC flashlight important?

If you are out in the wild for any reason, you need to know that light is the top commodity. Once the sun is out, the wild can be extremely dark and daunting place to be. Unfortunately, not all AA flashlights online and at your local big box stores offer the same quality. Your Streamlight 8803 is a quality tactical flashlight required to bring on your outdoor activities. Arming yourself with this AA flashlight is the best idea.


  • Global Community directives are derived.
  • ​Patented for unique identification
  • Includes anti-roll, detachable clip, AA batteries and nylon holster

Bright LED Innovation

Highlighting C4 innovation’s maximum brightness, the Streamlight 88033 ProTac LED flashlight is shock-resistant. Maximum light output is provided throughout battery life. Thanks to its solid-state power.

It offers three different modes of illumination, the high/strobe/low, high only and high/low, which give anywhere from 11 to 155 lumens of bright white light. The run time is 2, 36 and 4 from high to strobe respectively.

Long Lasting

Streamlight has a very successful habit of producing a technology that can last a period to satisfy the consumers and offers a great value for the money. With the amazing features of this LED flashlight, it is built to last.

Company Background

Streamlight has a good track record since 1973. Because they are a hands-on company, they have been making consumers all over the world happy with their products for more than 40 years. The company’s owners and employers practice what they preach. They also use the products the manufacture so they experience the wonder and understand the needs and wants of people. The realistic experience opens new ideas and therefore Streamlight keep innovating things. This sets them apart from other companies.

“If I remember correctly, I bought a Stylus® around 1999 and have carried it on my tool belt every working day since then. Seventeen years of service before it finally gave out and quit. Not bad at all, gentlemen. You guys make a really good product and I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you.”

-- Gabe Gill from Ruston, LA

The customer’s testimonial above only proves how great Streamlight’s product and services are.

Streamlight 88033 – ProTac Flashlight Video Review

Customer Reviews

As of this writing, there are a total of 5,563 customer reviews about Streamlight 88033 ProTac LED flashlight. Top customer reviews elicit satisfaction as it produces the best light at a groundbreaking price. Customers also claimed that this flashlight is already the winner.

As an avid fan of Streamlight; initially, I just tried to purchase the product on the thought that it is made by the oldest names in the flashlight. As expected, results are promising. I rave about the beam length and the quality of the unit I purchased. I am very satisfied with how easy it is to find, easy to and affordable.


  • Lightweight. It is convenient to use, 6.14 inches in length and weighs 3.4 ounces with batteries.
  • Strong features. This flashlight is durable and is built to last.
  • High Quality Material. It makes this the best choice out in the market.
  • Shock resistant. It is made of tempered glass lens to resist impact. Waterproof. With a body made from anodized aluminum, you can carry the flashlight with you underwater as far as a meter and for as long as 30 minutes
  • Ten Tap Programming. Reprogramming the light from the standard default option is possible.


There are always two sides of a coin, so we will also give setbacks of this flashlight.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. Streamlight has a limited warranty on defective parts. But if you go to the Streamlight repair facility, it will be fast and easy to have your defective parts get fixed.
  • Needs extra batteries when on travel. Because this flashlight deliver 1100 lumens which is relatively super bright, long rides may require additional batteries. But it’s just the battery. For sure, you always have extra ones.

It is obvious that the Pros overshadows the Cons just because it has been said the best AA EDC LED flashlight in the market.

There may be jargons and newly heard technical terms in this review. To guide you translating the numbers of flashlight technology and even get familiar with all other terms about illumination, specs and beam and for future reference as well, visit this site

In buying flashlights consider the following.

  • Size. The size doesn’t actually affect the illumination of your flashlight. But you need to think on what situation you will use this product. Lighter ones are easy to carry while larger ones are easier to find during the dark.
  • Light Production. Familiarize yourself with the scale of lumens. Depending on the tasks where you will use your flashlights. For more dramatic lights like outdoor activities, consider those with brighter power.
  • Materials. If you will just your flashlights indoor or simple tasks, then plastic materials will do. Aluminum-made flashlights are more durable to use.

Below You Can Find My 4 Other Top Options

AA batteries are easy to find, quick to install and very convenient to use. This is very friendly to use in all outdoor activities because finding and stocking them is very accessible. Any of the choices I made above deserves your consideration depending on the uses you have in mind. But the top pick for me remains to be the Streamlight 88033 – Protac Flashlight.

I am very particular with its lumen output and its ability to run AA batteries. Consider the features, the quality and the value of your money when deciding to purchase an item. Having the Streamlight flashlight will let you survive various situations outdoor. You will not just be a satisfied customer but you can create happy memories camping with your loved ones as well.

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