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Best Air Rifle Scopes for the Money

Buying the best air rifle scopes for the money can be a real challenge. It is almost a gamble till you get the scope on your rifle. One of the best ways to buy these is by checking the reviews of the scopes online. People that have already used them will give you a good idea about the functions of the scope.

>>>View UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope, Mil-dot here<<<

What makes for a good scope?

A good scope is a combination of a number of things. I panicked the moment I realized that I had hundreds of options to pick from for my .22 rifle. Every good hunter however knows that you have to know your gun and feel the bullet drop before you go for a scope. It is at this point that you will know what to go for. A scope must be a good combination of weight, ease of mounting, clarity of view, durability and zooming ability. The picture view clarity will be determined by the type on lenses, level of magnification and how many clicks the scope will allow at the distance you require. The rings and mounting ability will also determine what works for your rifle. Cheap most of the time will be expensive. Expensive may also not be impressive. There are scopes within good price margins that will work as well as expensive scopes. Avoid clicking away at any scope without having spent some time online. Trying the scope out from someone else will boost your confidence.

The UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope, Mil-dot, Airgun Rings, Adj@35 Yds is a scope that will, however, give you a peace of mind while ordering. Most rifles will come with scopes that are not impressive to say the least. It is for this reason that many buy custom scopes to improve the results and hunting experience. The hunting season comes with more than just the hunt. The man with the best tools wins. It is for this reason that you need the best scope in the market. The most expensive are not always the best. There are many cheaper scopes that provide better results compared to the expensive ones in the market. The UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope seems to easily fall within this category.

>>>View UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope, Mil-dot here<<<

The sight picture

One of the things I found most interesting with this scope is the sight picture. The sight picture is nothing short of clear. This is perhaps one of the most important features of a scope. A clear sight picture supports accuracy by miles. A 4x magnification may not be in the proportions 'wowing’ the buyer but is in the standards of most scopes. There are scopes that will do 6X with bigger objective lenses.

Improved accuracy

The scope comes with a 32mm angled objective lens. This is ideal providing just enough light for close and distant shots.

The main objective of the lens is to limit or increase the amount of light into the scope. Brighter light allows for further distance shots while little light is ideal for closer shots. You need to be able to do both well enough. I learned this after buying a huge lens scope and missed a deer at close range while busy marking up for another a good distance away. I decided to deal with the closer one and missed thanks to the huge magnification I had set. A 4x magnification combined way a 32mm objective lens will work for most hunts making it an ideal combination.

Scope features

The 1’ tube is ideal and comes with most scopes. The China made scope tubes are slightly bigger. The tube is usually a tube inside the scope used for the purpose of diffracting lighting. Tightening this to lesser than this will damage the scope. This is ideal.

The scope also comes with ¼ MOA. The 100yrd quarter click value is ideal for making more accurate shots. This is one of the reasons the scope provides a great sight picture. The accuracy that comes with the slight clicks even at long distances allows for impressive shots.

The scope is made of a sapphire coating allowing for good light transmission. This comes however with most high-quality scopes.

The scope has a 35 yards parallax setting. This comes already set at purchase. Most people, however, find it necessary to tune theirs after delivery. The turrets are also finger adjustable.

Some of the features that support the accuracy of the rifle include the 32’ field of view at more than 100 yds, an 8mm exit pupil allowing you to make great shots even in the dark, 13.1oz and 3/8’ medium profile rings.

The scope also comes with a hex screw, hex wrench, a cleaning cloth and manual. All the specs are ideal when it comes to using the scope. The first time sure will not have a hard time installing the scope on the rifle after shipment.

The scope is also sturdy with true strength. This makes it a handy tool to use. Scopes can be delicate if not well handled. A strong scope increases the value of the rifle. The strength is also supported by a shock, rain and fog feature. It is a fact that hunting conditions can get a little rough. Hunting with The UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope doesn’t minimize the advantage of hunting in challenging weather. The scope is completely sealed and filled with nitrogen.

The Mil-dot Range Estimating Reticle allows for accurate and comfortable shots. The scope provides a real advantage for older hunters providing features that make a larger exit pupil easy to use. The front is angled keeping direct sunlight away from the lens allowing good shots in direct sunlight.

Customer reviews

I personally loved the clarity of picture that the scope presented. It was more than enough for me considering my budget. Most users have applauded the clear sight view of the scope adding that it is ideal for most users. Aging users have a lot of challenges enjoying the sport thanks to unfriendly scopes. The UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope has helped in this providing enough features fact that the scope comes set for business seems to be to make the older hunter comfortable.

The pricing has also been applauded compared to slopes provide the same specs. It is worth the money thanks to the ease of use. The UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope has also become a favorite thanks to its strength and the way it fits on the rifle. There have not been many complaints on the scope which can only mean that it is working for most.

UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope Video Review


I feel that this scope is a win thanks to the picture quality. It competes well with more expensive scopes. The biggest pro is the value of clarity and accuracy it provides. The pricing is right for most people making it an ideal scope for most rifle and cross users.


Most of the cons listed for this scope only come with malfunctions. This could probably be due to shipping or manufacture. Some complained that the caps won't stay shut while others claim that the mounting did not work properly. I personally did not encounter this. It may not be the best ever in the market but is probably the best for the price offered online.


The UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope is definitely one of my best scopes for the price it comes with. It is also a reliable tool for small and large game hunting. There are more options in the market some of which have been used and tested by my hunting buddies.

The UTG 4x 32 TS Full-size mid dot scope, the Winchester and the UTG 1 inch are equal rivals to say the least. These are great options if you are looking to savor the market for more scopes.


The UTG 4X32 1" Hunter Scope is a definite winner when it comes to hunting. The fact that you get the attributes of great scopes at a good price is an added advantage.

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