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Best Airsoft Gun Ever

Airsoft guns are great sources of entertainment for everyone, not just for adults but also for children. But choosing the right gun could be a hassle, simply because there’s a lot to choose from. It is important to consider the price and the quality, and usually, these traits are inversely proportional with each other. This is why proper research should be made before finding the right gun. After trying out several models, I can confidently say that I have found the best airsoft gun ever, and that’s what I am reviewing today.

Here is a list of the Best Airsoft Gun Ever

Crosman Stinger R37 Spring Powered Tactical Airsoft Rifle

The Crosman Stinger R37 Spring Powered Tactical Airsoft Rifle is an affordable, single-shot BB gun perfect for target practice and long hours of backyard entertainment. If I want to blow off steam and shoot stationary targets without the racket from firing an actual gun, this is the airsoft gun that I turn to. 

Airsoft enthusiasts and even casual consumers rave about the power and robust construction of this gun, despite the very affordable price. It may be manually reloaded, but it is still easy to go through its 400-BB pellet capacity because of the entertainment it delivers.

For me, the Crosman Stinger R37 Airsoft Rifle is the best airsoft gun ever because it delivers hours of fun at a very affordable cost.

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Size and Construction

The Crosman Stinger R37 Airsoft Rifle is solid 4.4 pounds of hard plastic and metal. On the outside, this airsoft gun is plastic all around. There is a model with clear body so the inner parts are a bit visible to the user. This way, no one will mistake it for an actual gun, even if it is almost as big as an actual rifle. Look past the plastic exterior and this gun looks amazing, and can be a bit intimidating.

It feels a bit hefty for something that looks and feels plastic, because the inside is made mostly of metal. This way, it won’t easily wear out even for a single shot, manually reloaded airsoft gun. The metal innards would hardly wear out, even if it goes through countless pellets in just one sitting. It has an adjustable and removable stock, as well as a removable aiming optic. Truth be told, I’m not really confident when it comes to “removable” plastic parts because they tend to loosen up quite easily. But after a few days fiddling with the Crosman Stinger R37 Airsoft Rifle, I am amazed that adjust and removing said parts have not diminished their solid, robust feel.

Shooting Power

One of the amazing characteristics of the Crosman Stinger R37 Airsoft Rifle is its shooting power. It shoots pellets upwards of 30 feet per second (fps) and is capable of shooting down empty cans, and puncturing PET bottles. I kid you not; I’ve reenacted quite a few action movie scenes because of how capable this airsoft gun is. And since this is a single shot, manually reloaded rifle, this is perfect for sniping targets even from a distance. There’s little to no recoil, so lining up a shot consistently is easy, with or without the aiming optic. I’ve joined a couple of war games with my friends using the Crosman Stinger R37, and I can say that I didn’t feel inferior, even against automatic airsoft rifles.

Magazine Capacity

For me, one of the most admirable points of the Crosman Stinger R37 Airsoft Rifle is its ammo capacity. This 4-pound rifle can accommodate approximately 400 6mm plastic BBs. For a manually-reloaded airsoft gun, this is more than enough to last a shooting game, especially if you are sniping. But if it is just freely shooting targets in the backyard, I could go through all the pellets without even noticing it. It is fun to shoot high powered airsoft guns, and the Stinger R37 is no exception. The next time I spend some time in my backyard with this rifle, I’d definitely stock up on BB pellets, even if the gun already holds 400.

Extras and other notable features

The Crosman Stinger R37 Airsoft Rifle features a Quad Rail system wherein the user can mount accessories, which are, sadly, sold separately. Given that this rifle is at the cheaper end of the spectrum, I can just spend a bit for a laser sight or a high powered scope. The point is there are a lot of customization options to choose from, vastly improving the airsoft rifle shooting experience. There are also some extras already included in the purchase, including a removable forearm support grip, which can be position at the bottom or at the sides. The adjustable shoulder stock is not necessarily an extra, but the adjustability adds a certain feel of customizability, allowing you to personalize your airsoft shooting experience.

Customer Reviews

If we’re considering what the customers are saying, the Crosman Stinger R37 Spring Powered Tactical Airsoft Rifle could easily be considered the best airsoft gun ever, with 4.3 stars out of five, from 19 reviewers. Most of them acknowledge that for the prize, it is easily a great gun, even if it is a single shot, manually loaded rifle. For that price point, the Stinger R37 is a great gift option for many. The satisfaction of their recipients, mostly kids, account for why it is highly rated.

Crosman Stinger R37 Airsoft Rifle Video Review


At just $33.75, the Crosman Stinger R37 Spring Powered Tactical Airsoft Rifle is one of the cheapest rifle options in It costs just as much as an airsoft pistol, so choosing between them is a no-brainer.

For parents who want to impart the love for airsoft guns to their children, the Stinger R37 is heaven-sent. It is perfect gift item for kids aged 10 and above, because it is not too heavy at just 4.4 lbs. The all-plastic construction, orange tip, and see-through body (for the clear version) ensure that it won’t be mistaken for an actual gun.

This is an affordable option, but it packs a good amount of power. This airsoft rifle can fire BBs at 30 fps, so empty cans and plastic bottles won’t stand a chance, even at a great distance.


Reviewers point out that it can be a bit inaccurate, even with the power it boasts. From my experience, this is true with lighter BB pellets. Using 0.2-gram BBs creates a more accurate shot as compared to 0.12, which tends to go all over the place.

The overall plastic feel could be considered a negative to some. Personally, I just got used to using it that’s why I didn’t mind if the whole exterior is hard plastic. But I would definitely love the feel of metal, even if it is just for some select parts of the airsoft rifle.

And lastly, the Stinger R37 is not an automatic, so you need to manually pull back the spring each time after shooting.

Still, it can be considered the best airsoft gun ever depending on the usage, because it can hold its own against other airsoft guns in terms of power, capacity, construction, and most of all, price.

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