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Best Airsoft Gun under 200

Airsoft games are growing in terms of popularity due to the fact that they are the most exciting pastime activities among young gun-enthusiasts. It is an active game that keeps every participant’s adrenaline pumping throughout the battle. Most best Airsoft-Gun under 200 USD resambles the modern real-world guns used by the sophisticated military. However, they use small 6 mm round plastic pellets, which travels at much less speed as compare to the real-world bullets since they are not mean to harm people. These pellets sometimes hurt and may even leave small bruises. Airsoft Gun games are mainly played in military style to simulate actual battles.

Here is a list of the Best Airsoft Gun under 200

Most best Airsoft Gun originates from Japan where civilians are not allowed by law to acquire any real military-styled weapons. The Airsoft Guns were invented for this reason and are now considered of the leading war game-sports in the world. They are very realistic and less expensive. Although some the guns are relatively expensive, affordable best airsoft-gun under 200 are available in the market. This article discusses top five Airsoft Guns under 200 U.S. dollars that are well design and durable. Here are the best affordable Airsoft Rifles available in the market:

1. JG M4 S-System RIS Pre-Upgraded Airsoft Rifle

I was looking for something durable, accurate and hard hitting and I learned that this gun was among the amazing rifles with high durability and fire power. It was a wise choice because it really improved my performance.

It has a tremendous fire power and excellent accuracy. It is really loaded with some extra functionality and can be adjusted easily as per the users' needs, which makes the game more convenient and enjoyable.

While this gun seems to operate at a lower speed while in full auto, the speed was still good for me. Above all, it allows customization as it includes a metal adjustable front and rear flip-up sights and can be folded easily while not in use. I highly recommend this model for those looking for accuracy and high fire power. It is by far the best airsoft-gun under 200 available at the market.

JG M4 S-System Airsoft Rifle Video Review

2. Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun

As a fully mature and energetic guy, I needed something real and heavy like the normal gun for backup. A friend recommended this gun for me and I later learn that it is really a great model greatest backup with an incredible fire rate of 426 fps and a high effective distance of more than 200 feet.

I highly recommend this model for mature and energetic players and I will not recommend it for you if your are too shoot.

Although it is not a real rifle, it includes a metal gearbox and life-size length and is real weighted gun as I had opted for.

Its hand grip is fixed to the rest of the body with screws, and I have to tighten them sometimes as they loosen. However, the hand grip construction is firm. Thompson 1928 can fire up to 1000 rounds per minute, and make your opponent feel your presence with this gun. This could be the best airsoft-gun under 200, especially if you are a mature player.

Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun Video Review

3. Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

I like Ak47 and I needed something cool at affordable price that include trails where I can add flashlights, foregrips, lasers among other things.

Although it is somehow heavy, I still recommend this model for both starters and established airsoft, especially those seeking experience of a real-life AK47.

While affordable, this model offer an excellent performance that matched slightly higher-priced guns.

I guess Kalashnikov AK47 Electric-Powered Airsoft Rifle was designed for military training. In fact, I recommend this model for those preparing for a real battle; especially those intending to use a real AK47 in future battles. I have experience with this model and I know that it is a great model for a really-tough spots and I recommend it for anyone who is considering getting into a challenging sport.

Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Airsoft Rifle Video Review

4. 445 FPS JG Full Metal Gearbox M4 S-System CUSTOM AEG "GUNNER"

I wanted to improve by performance in the game and I was looking accuracy, hard hitting and something more powerful within a tight budget and that is how I learned about this is great best airsoft-gun under 200.

It includes tremendous precision and excellent firepower shooting at a real shooting rate of 450 rounds per second. I think it is the most sophisticated rifles in the market firing at a speed of 450 feet per second.

It gives a lot of advantages as it comes with adjustable rear sights and stock. I can customize and upgraded it with almost anything I may need. It looks great especially with an included grenade launcher and the attached scope. I highly recommend this fantastic rifle for a great battle. Although it is available at much lower prices, it functionality matches most expensive ones.

5. Lancer Tactical LT-12T

Lancer Tactical LT-12T

Lancer Tactical LT-12T

Rating: 4/5

I got this scalable Airsoft electric gun as a birthday present but I later learned that it pretty gun that resemble a real gun. Although this model is available at economical prices, it matches more expensive guns and I decided to include in the list of best airsoft-guns under than 200. It is a scalable Airsoft electric gun with a solid nylon ABS body. It can be used as a primary or back-up in the game. It features a shooting velocity of 380 feet per-second and comes with a 68-round magazine and is also compatible with a 300-round magazine that can be purchased separately. Its durability is assured by the upper rail, brass inner barrel and metallic gear box.

I have personally used this model and prefer it for most battle as I really like the rate at which this model fires the pellets. If you need a great primary or backup weapon to use while shooting at close range, this is an good weapon for your case.


Remember to wear protective gear such as masks and goggles while using these rifles, to avoid injuries. Most of the rifles fire the pellets at a very high rate, which can easily injure your eyes. It is, therefore, important to wear at least the most important protective gear, which as goggles and mask. Some players may have to wear a padded clothing that prevents them from pellet sting.They are really powerful guns but still available at economical prices. All the top 5 best Airsoft- Gun under 200 USD are available at Amazon.

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