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Best Airsoft Revolver

It can sometime be pretty difficult to choose the best airsoft revolver on the market today-and with so many brands and models out there it makes matters even more complicated. I do trust quality products and this reason why I highly recommend Airsoft Revolver TSD Sports 4-inch. It’s versatile in nature, made of the best materials, and quite durable. It is one of those revolvers that will not take you eternity trying to figure out how to use. Further, it can be used by both seasoned and new gamers alike.

Here is a list of the Best Airsoft Revolver

Important Factors to Consider

There are quite a number of factors that make this revolver ideal for both the seasoned gamer and the novice. These include but not limited to the following;

Performance and easy to load

A great airsoft revolver is one that does not compromise on issues of performance. This one is not only easy to load, but actually easy to use at any given time. The BB bullet is easily loadable but you should ensure that it is completely put in the cartridge. It doesn’t take rocket science kind of knowledge to get this right. Thereafter, you push the latch forward and see to it that you turn out the cylinder. If you’re done loading the 6 you can then return the cylinder into its rightful position.

Easy Unload Process

It is important to note that with this revolver unload procedure is as simple as counting 123. What you need to do is pull out the cylinder after a round of firing, and then use recommended extractor rod to remove the revolvers cartridge. As such, it becomes easier for you to load and unload at the same time. If you are playing any game, it is likely that you’ll have an upper hand against your opponents.

Adjustability of the crane stock

The easy it is to adjustable crane stock, the better it is for you. In this case, the revolver delivers exceptionally, enhancing comfort levels. As a matter of fact, this is one thing that makes it stand head and shoulder high against those revolvers that fall in the same range. The fact that you can as well adjust the rear sight is always a plus for users. Positioning and angling will never pose to be a problem at all.

Rate of fire

If you want a great revolver, then see to it that the rate of fire is a top priority. This revolver offers a steady rate ensuring that you are able to fire in any direction without a problem at all. It doesn’t compromise on this particular quality. This is why you should make it a top choice, especially are into shooting games.

Of course, Flashlight holder is always a reliable accessory worth noting at all times. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be used as the only factor if you want high-end revolvers.

Type of Ammunition cartridge

Always choose metal types over the plastics, as it has been proven they tend to hold better. Removable rear site; this is a must-consider if you are thinking of using a good number of accessories at the same enjoy high utility value. Front site design; It’s definite that you should choose a design that best meet your unique needs. The best thing is that with expert help, reading reviews, and a little bit of research, you will definitely get a revolver that works for you.

Recommended Product- TSD Sports 4-inch

I fell in love with TSD Sports 4-inch Revolver from the word go. This is not only a reliable revolver, but one that is made of high quality materials.

High performance is guaranteed in one way of another-especially, when the revolver is utilized as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The following are some of the features that make it an ideal choice for both new and seasoned users alike;

  • Six cylinders with high quality 0.12gm six mm BBS; As a matter of fact, I found out that this makes it easier for you to shoot without necessarily worrying about target conditions. Additionally, it is much safer when the safety latch is pushed a little bit back. As such, the hammer can’t be pressed back; nevertheless, cylinder and trigger can be pushed back. This of course makes it pretty simple to stay safe when having the revolver in your hand.
  • ​Fixed hop; if you are thinking of accuracy, look no further. The one thing I realized is that the revolver offer you the best possible accuracy capabilities to shoot up to 200ft/sec. And for this reason, I enjoyed exercising on target shots that were not more than the specified distance.
  • ​It requires no batteries; It goes without saying this is a plus for those who don’t want to spend time with the rechargeable types. Additionally, it helped me use the gun for as long as I needed it. No time wasting!
  • ​Loads like a real gun; there is nothing better than choosing the TSD sports 4-inch because it makes you feel like you’re holding the real gun in your hands at all times. It kind of makes you macho in some way, and makes shooting such an enjoyable experience. It can’t get better than Adjustable Windage & Elevation, as you are able to change angles in order to get the best shot possible. The feel is also quite comfortable compared to the others that fall in the same range. Its compact feel is what really makes it pretty simple to use.
  • ​The hammer cocks back with ease feature that makes this revolver stand head and shoulder high. It’s for this reason that I found it easy to achieve cylinder rotation. In other words, double action’ is always guaranteed with each trigger-pull when in functioning mode.
  • ​Mag Release Lever is another feature I really liked about the gun as it enables you to lock the revolver in a much safe position while using it. While the light weight in nature of the revolver make it is easy to carry around and use at the same time. You don’t need to have an athlete figure to use this revolver. In fact, I bought one for my niece and he really loved it.
  • The cocking is single action and so no hassle here; especially if you understand the basics of using these kinds of revolvers. It is a similar to model S&W and-the highly versatile Ruger SP 101. I know from experience that with great features comes high utility value.


  1. ​It is a great gun with .12 BBS and you can actually get the most out of it if you understand target shooting and revolver basics.
  2. ​It is near perfect in distances that range between 20ft-30ft. However, if you are into CBQ then definitely you will need to be a little bit professional if you are using this type of revolver.
  3. ​It can be used in training where the target is not so far away from your position.
  4. ​The revolver offers a great opportunity for those who cherish fast loading while in the field. You do not need to remove shells, but remove the BBS directly. It makes reloading fast and simple as counting 123.
  5. ​You can as well superglue the shells in the very cylinder if you so wish and make reloading abreeze. Overall, you will not compromise the functionality of this revolver if you do so.
  6. ​The trigger feels pretty solid and so if love target shooting this target is your best bet.
  7. ​This gun is silent when operating and you will never at any given time have issues with it when running-expect no rattles.
  8. It’s a stealth weapon as the cylinder will not be advanced when you are trying to uncock it.


  1. Some users have complained the red tip falls off fast; luckily mine did not fall the first few days of use but it did fall later.
  2. Its accuracy can sometime be compromised depending on how you are using it at any particular point in time.

TSD Sports 4-Inch Airsoft Revolver Video Review

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It is equally important to note that when buying this revolver you will not dent you bank account. It is affordable and comparatively better than most, if not all that fall in the same range. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a revolver and so this one was a good bargain.

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