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Best Army Jungle Boots

Although a jungle boot has become more of a fashion statement or a choice of many men and women who do not necessarily require its functions, a combat boot is still very intricately designed and its history travels back many years. Designed particularly for jungle warfare in areas that are wet, hot and humid (basically tropical areas) a jungle boot’s purpose is to substitute for the normal leather boot in areas where it would be almost impossible to wear them due to natural conditions. Not only are army jungle boots water resistant, heavier and much more comfortable to wear in tropical regions, army jungle boots have outlets in the instep and usually a canvas upper which helps in draining the moisture and ventilation.

Best Army Jungle Boots available on Amazon

Here is a list of the Best Army Jungle Boots

Top 5 Best Army Jungle Boots

Over time, army jungle boots have become more and more fashionable. Being a part of the latest trends, the combat boots have evolved in the style and functions going from something you need to something you actually want. With the demand for combat boots constantly increasing, countless companies have produced special combat boots series with different styles to suit every person’s style (because let’s be honest, a good pair of combat boots can make almost any outfit look cool). Here are my top five picks for the best combat boots available out there today;

 1.  Rocky C4T Tactical Boot

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

Main features: Rocky is one of the most famous authorized makers of military boots. With their high quality standards, the C4T Tactical Boots are no exception. The boots are made with a combination of leather and fabric the boots come with an amazingly soft rubber sole. Despite the fabric, the boots are extremely water resistant and durable. The boots come in three colors, sage, sage green and desert tan perfect for any military uniform.

My experience: This boot is just the kind of shoe that not only serves the purpose but also gives immense comfort. With its super comfortable height, sleek style, stylish colors and the fact that it is very easy to slip into, these boots by rocky are definitely at a high level of comfort and durability.

Rocky C4T Tactical Boot Video Review

 2.  Stansport Jungle Boots

Rating: 3.3 / 5.0

Main Features: Stansport is famous worldwide for its outdoor equipment and athletic gear and has produced some of the best army jungle boots till now. The Stansport Boots are famous for putting quality above everything including style although the boots are very stylish as well. These boots come in two very stylish colors, black and dirty green.

My experience: Now almost all combat boots are designed to fulfil all the requirement of army jungle boots but these boots by Stansport go a step ahead to help you feel perfectly comfortable in a wet and humid environment, even a real warzone. The boots are made of full-grain leather and the upper is made of tough, durable and breathable nylon. Whether you’re going hiking or going exploring through a jungle, these boots with very efficient drainage ports are the perfect choice for every man.

 3.  Original S.W.A.T. Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

Main features: The metro air 9 inch side zip tactical boot is slightly different than the other S.W.A.T. boots especially because of its side zip design. Although the zip is made of metal wearing these boots one can easily pass through metal detectors causing no extra nuisance. The shoes have a very strong and good grip and take the shape of the feet once worn. In addition to its stylish black color the boots have a slip resistant outer sole which makes it ideal for military and normal day to day use.

My experience: for me personally what makes this pair of boots better than other similar boots by S.W.A.T. is the side zip design. Extremely easy to wear and to walk around in, the boots provide immense comfort and are very durable bound to last a long time.

 4.  Rothco 8'' GI Type Jungle Boot

Rating: 3.3 / 5.0

Main features: Rothco is a company famous worldwide for its military equipment and supplies. This wholesale distributor produces a large variety of equipment and provides everything that is a part of the military apparel. One thing that you can be sure of with Rothco is the quality and durability of the boots. The boot is made of a strong synthetic leather with a canvas and nylon upper making it completely waterproof. The black leather panama’ sole and its tight grip lets the wearer walk around very easily and traverse all kinds of land whether you’re hiking or you’re in a warzone. In addition to being available at stores, the boots are available online on amazon as well.

My experience: the boots seemingly look not comfortable at all, especially because of the weight of the boots once you hold it in your hands. In actuality however, the boots completely gel onto the feet and you actually feel like the sole is a part of your foot. Despite the comfort, I personally felt like this was the kind of pair that one can’t wear for a long time without feeling some kind of strain on the calves because of the sole.

Rothco Jungle Boot Video Review

 5.  Original S.W.A.T. Classic 9” Coyote Tactical Boots

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Main features: The general features of an army jungle boot can be found in almost every combat boot created by a good company. However, the original S.W.A.T boots are on a completely other level. Made of leather and fabric these boots are water and abrasion resistant. Due to the material, the boots are immune to wear and tear and are very long lasting.

My experience: You can very easily fit your foot into the boots and I found the boots very easy to walk around in. despite the heavy weight of the boots, the grip on the foot is so strong that one does not feel any kind of weight while wearing the shoes. These army jungle boots are not only very professional and useful but are also extremely stylish.

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