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Best Backpacking Tent under 300

Pressing a choice tent is one of the best approaches to build solace, security, and satisfaction on backcountry trips. However, when you're in the business sector for another tent, you'll rapidly find that there are A LOT of alternatives out there. Attempting to locate the best tent to fit your needs can undoubtedly get to be overpowering.

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Here is a list of the Best Backpacking Tent under 300

That is the reason I set up together this rundown of the best backpacking tent under 300 available. I've examined many backpacking tents to restricted them down to the absolute best of the best. I've intensely calculated attributes like weight, cost, inside space, and climate assurance into my decisions.

I trust this post helps you find that best backpacking tent under 300 to keep you warm, dry, and ensured in the outside for a long time to come. Appreciate!

1. Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 looks great with its stealthy dark and green shading. It has a considerable measure of components, agreeable decency, and a low price tag, however it is not the an extremely lightweight tent for carrying on your back.

The Morrison 2 is one of our simplest tents to set up. It has a straightforward, shading coded, two post plan with two expert snares at the top. It is anything but difficult to get the tent all secured with its two end fellow lines and vestibule entryways. We wish the Morrison 2 had a couple of more person focuses and additional person line for more climate resistance. We like the line agents on the current lines, they make it simple to fix things down.

Mountainsmith made a special effort to make the Morrison 2 to a great degree bearable. It is one of the more roomy tents at 92"x56", that is the same width as the Half Dome 2 Plus and only a couple inches shorter. It has an agreeable two-entryway plan, with entryways that hurdle off totally for an outside feel and additional perspectives. The entryways additionally give you the choice of additional glow and less ventilation with a nylon board that can be flashed up. Our analyzers thought the vestibule entryways didn't dash up sufficiently high, which implied they hung down beneath the highest point of the internal entryway openings making it harder to get in and out. The vestibule is additionally on the little side, and it is difficult to fit an extensive pack in it.

With the majority of its incredible elements, it retails for just $180, making it an extraordinary arrangement. With the low price label comes a few impediments, including low quality stakes, posts, and fabrics. This tent has a ton of elements, yet a significant number of them make additional weight, for example, the twofold zip entryways with lattice and nylon boards that zip the distance off. The greater part of the Morrison's components make this an awesome tent for auto outdoors, paddling trips, and intermittent short backpacking trips.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent Video Review

2. Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent

This is a one individual style tent, and it fits one individual serenely. You can store your gear inside the tent keeping your hardware dry and safe with next to no to no bother.

The inside of the tent will be kept extremely cool because of the plenty of lattice accessible for good ventilation. This tent is additionally totally waterproof, just exceptionally solid tempests cause wetness inside the tent. It's fundamental yet splendid.


One of the immense thing about Lynx1 is that it has additional capacity accessible in a vestibule that relatively few tents of this size and price bring to the table.

The fly and floor creases are specifically planned with a plant fitting so every time you unload the tent it has that, "quite recently leave the pack" feel. It's safe, unfaltering and ultra solid.


  • Lightweight, tough, great in a wide range of climate.
  • ​Additional vestibule storage room which most tents of this size don't offer.
  • ​Solid configuration, fundamental edge.
  • Won't be thumped down effortlessly in breezy conditions.


  • Exceptionally fundamental outline, its stripped down.
  • ​On the littler side, you won't have the capacity to fit two individuals easily in this model.
  • Albeit lightweight it is still substantial contrasted with others available.

If you are purchasing your initial tent and it will be utilized by you along. Purchase Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1-individual tent. It is fundamental, it has all that you would require. It functions admirably, it is not garish and above all else it takes care of business. This tent keeps you sheltered and dry and does not attempt to be something it isn't, it's just rough and we adore it!

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent Video Review

3. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2

The tent setup is simple. It utilizes two posts for the tent and one edge shaft for the fly. It takes around 5 minutes for one individual. Shockingly, the shafts are fiberglass (yet I accept there is a model that Alps makes with aluminum posts). The shafts append to the tent through post cuts. The fundamental shaft cut on the highest point of the tent is just sufficiently enormous to join to one post rather than two which permits the whichever post that is not used to flounder to the side until alternate clasps are secured.


The tent is prominent (approximately 4' high at the middle) however is genuinely steady. I have not utilized it as a part of any high wind circumstances but rather have utilized it on the highest point of mountains in typical circumstances with no issues. The fly interfaces with the tent by means of clasps that can then be secured tight. Additionally, the fly has fellow ropes on every corner.

Climate Resistance:

The fly is urethane covered and repulses water awesome. The tent itself is not covered. The fly totally covers the two sides and gives an overhang over every entryway. The floor is manufacturing plant fixed and keeps dampness out.


  • Simplicity of setup
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Open
  • Two entryways


  • Zipper plan
  • Fiberglass shafts

At the cost, this two-man tent is a decent esteem. It is anything but difficult to set up, generally lightweight and sufficiently extensive for two individuals with some apparatus. I would purchase it once more.

4. Wenzel Current Two Person Hiking Tent

This little 2-man tent is awesome for starting to cutting edge climbers. The lightweight and minimized outline of this tent is perfect for climbing, biking, mountaineering, backpacking and numerous more outside exercises. Wenzel truly went well beyond the standard outside tent elements by joining new propelled perspectives, for example, the Weather Armor Fabric.

Wenzel Current Hikers Tent Features:

  • Climate Armor Fabric gives climate and waterproof abilities. It is impervious to UV radiation and permits most extreme toughness. Shading won't blur!
  • ​Sonic Sealed Floors are welded and not sewed to kill basic pathways for water to enter.
  • ​Protection Tough Seams give a twofold fasten technique with lap-feld creases that empower a solid shingle impact against water.
  • ​All strings, zippers, and webbing are treated with the Weather Armor prevalent water repellency applications.
  • ​The lower segment of the Hikers Tent dividers highlights a Rain Shingle outline empowering a water-shed impact.
  • Transbreeze implies this tent components network entryways, windows, vents, and rooftops for greatest air flow and cross breeze when needed.

Tent Specs:

  • Base: 4' x 3.1' x 6.8'
  • ​Focus Height: 48"
  • ​Range: 21.8 sq. ft.
  • Rests: 2


The Wenzel Current Hikers Tent accompanies tent stakes and a tent stockpiling duffel pack. Like all Wenzel gear, this tent accompanies a 10 year guarantee. Wenzel has been known for assembling stunning open air tents for all reasons, for example, outdoors, climbing, backpacking and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The Current Hikers Tent is the most recent and most inventive configuration in the domain of climbing tents.

5. Slumberjack 2 Person Trail Tent

The Slumberjack 2 Person Trail Tent is incredible for backpacking, angling trips, or bushcraft. It offers bearable space, ventilation, and waterproof assurance at a sensible price. It has a reasonable stuffed weight and low mass outline. The edge post geometry improves living space inside the tent. This 2-man tent gloats 33.3 square feet of floor zone with an open 8.2-square-foot external vestibule for dry rigging stockpiling.


  • Shading coded cut development
  • ​Network divider boards for ideal ventilation
  • ​Inward capacity pockets to keep essentials convenient
  • ​Waterproof, taped appears
  • ​Quiet zipper pulls
  • ​Edge post geometry for most extreme inside space
  • ​Full-scope downpour fly for a dry overnight affair
  • ​Brisk and simple side-discharge clasp ten-fly association
  • ​Pressed Weight: 6 pounds, 5 ounces
  • ​Least Weight: 5 pounds, 13 ounces
  • ​Collected measurements: 84 x 52 x 41 inches
  • ​Floor Area: 33.3 square feet
  • ​Vestibule Area: 8.2 square feet
  • Pressed Dimensions: 6 x 20 inches (width x length)

The Slumberjack 2 Person Trail tent is anything but difficult to set up. There is a decent measure of space to fit two campers easily. There is adequate head room when you sit up inside the tent. The expansive passageway along the more drawn out side makes it advantageous to travel every which way. The main issue is that this tent is really all around planned by a trusted organization.

At the point when set up legitimately, the consolidated water beads will remain focused rainfly or move down to the ground along the rainfly fabric. Every one of the creases are tape fixed which keep you dry. Simple and fast to set up, stays dry and is reasonable.


To finalize, if you're hoping to minimize the expense of a backpacking tent, yet despite everything you need something solid for assurance in the backcountry, observe the tents recorded previously. These tents are really great and they're worked with less expensive quality materials. So if you're in it for the whole deal, it may bode well to move up to one of my higher quality suggestions recorded previously. All things considered, these financial plan purchases still have a great deal of good things going for them and they give a moderate alternative to price-cognizant hikers.

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