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Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

When buying fishing rods, there are a number of things to take into account. For many people it is just a simple sport, and a fishing rod is a stick with a thread ending in a hook. However any keen fisher will know that it’s more complex than you think.

Here is a list of the Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

During my long years of fishing experience I have come to the conclusion that the better knowledge you have about fishing rods, the more are your chances of successful fishing.What are the most important factors to consider and why?

There are a few simple, but often ignored facts that should be considered when choosing a fishing rod.

1 - The type of the fishing

First of all, it’s important to make sure the type of fishing before going for any rod. It really matters whether you want a fishing rod for a recreational fishing with your kids, or it has a commercial aim. I mean the activity of fishing has a more important destination for you.

Thus, first of all make sure your aim of fishing, and then ask for the relevant fishing rod.

2 - The power of a fishing rod

Another factor that is of great importance is the power of a fishing rod. For instance, you can choose ultra-light fishing rod for recreational fishing, as it’s suitable for catching baitfish. For similar cases I would suggest you to buy Master Roddy Lite Spin Combo. I have used it for family fishing man times and there is nothing more convenient than it. Its price is affordable (about $25) and it has a quality rod. The length of the rod is 4 feet and it is consisted of two pieces. This rod is unique by its ultra-light weight and universal design.

For more serious activities you can go for the fishing rod with medium power. Fiblink® Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Medium is a wise choice for this case. I use it for two years and my rate out of 5 stars is 4.8. It’s convenient for any pocket (about $20) and has a lot of advantages. This fishing rod has a controversial peculiarities, it is light and sensitive, but meanwhile strong. This lightweight rod is made of aluminum oxide guides and has a solid cork handle for a tough grip. It is more comfortable for commercial fishing. The uniqueness of this rod lies in its sensitive, but strong characteristics.

Accordingly, it is clear that heavy rods are more comfortable for fishing in deep seas or surf fishing. For similar cases I have Entsport 3-Piece Spinning Rod. It is a dream for any fisher. It has a rod protective bag and it very comfortable when going for fishing in seas. Moreover, it has added graphite for better sensitivity. Thanks to it the rod increases pulling power and maximizes the weight and strength reduction. It is unique by its travel design, enhanced reel seat with Soft Touch and strong, yet super sensitive peculiarity.

3 - The type of the fishing rod

That is where everything becomes more complicated, as there is such a wide variety of rods in the market. There are spinning rods, trolling rods, fly rods, surf rods, sea rods, spin and bait casting rods, carbon fiber rods and so on.I would advise you to be concentrated on choosing the right type of fishing rod. I needed one for bass fishing and found the best for me.

When looking for the best baitcasting rod and reel I stopped my choice on Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo and here is why. First of all, it has quite a low price (approx. $50) which meets the requirements of my pocket and it is easy to operate as it is too light that even a beginner can use it.

Thanks to its professional performance and style, it has an excellent value. The glass-made reels filled with nylon body and equipped with 2-3 ball bearings make the combo the toughest and the best in the market. One of the characteristic features of this combo is that the spinning reel is the first specifically designed for Ugly Stik and it looks perfect.

Generally this sort of combos feature Ugly Tech construction, i.e. they have a new blank through reel seat design creating a strong and sensitive rod with the best balance thanks to combined fiberglass and graphite. The rod has a modern and meanwhile modest look due to the matte black finish with emphasized silver and red accents. They also have an Ugly Stik logo, which gives a feel of having the rod all its own.It should be mentioned that the combo is operated with Hybrid Tech Grips which provide excellent grip and convenient handling. They could not think of something much better than this one.


  • Rod construction (1 piece)
  • ​Adaptable magnetic cast control
  • ​Ultra light spinning combo (4/8")
  • ​Aluminum ported spool
  • ​4 lb. mono cap
  • ​5:2:1 Ratio
  • ​Black finish with silver and red accents
  • ​Pinion gears and brass drive and
  • ​4 anti-reverse bearings
  • Hybrid Tech Grips


Thanks to its light and modern design this Ugly Stik is easy to operate due to the adjustable cast control and will considerably increase the amount of fish you ever caught. This spinning combo comes in various sizes according to your preferences and needs.

  • 84.00 L x 1.00 W x 1.00 H


  1. Firstly, it is easy casting. I can regulate the cast control according to my needs and requirements.
  2. ​It is amazingly light and even a woman can make use of it without damaging her knuckles.
  3. ​It is sturdy and here is where I understand that fishing is my hobby.
  4. ​It has a good grip and makes me forget about the previous combos I have tried.
  5. ​It has flat black rod finish, capable reducing the rod flash and preventing fish spook.
  6. ​The Ugly Stik has modest rod graphics and I like it more than anything else.
  7. It is eye-catching that the reel is adaptable and I can retrieve it to left or right.


  1. The only problem is the reel. The bail whacked my knuckles when I held it bare-handed. You had better take gloves or maybe my knuckles were too fragile.
  2. ​The reel support arm needs 1/4"-1/2" more length so that it could keep your knuckles out of the whack path. Otherwise, you have small hands or you should keep in mind to hold the reel between the middle finger and forefinger.
  3. Another issue is again related to the reel. When I cast the rod, turning the crank handle didn’t flip the bail consistently.

I had to make a second effort greater and stronger. Nevertheless, I think it was a good deal, as buying a whole sipping combo by the price of just a rod it perfect for my pocket. In case you can allow more than you had better look for other options.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo Video Review

Customer reviews

I just read a few reviews about this combo and delightfully noticed that the majority of people find the reel perform great and they consider it quite smooth. Well, perhaps I had better find the answer within myself and not blame the combo for whacking my knuckles.

After my purchase I enjoy the excellent marriage of performance and style; ultra light spinning combo with black finish accented with red and sliver patterns. I couldn’t even dream about better purchase.

It’s already two months I go for fishing and every detail works perfectly. I have caught about 300-400 fish and most of them salmons. It is a scene how my combo struggles against salmons and it goes without saying that the victory is ours.Thanks to its innovative features my combo has become my personal favorite one. It is able to handle bigger game fish than I have ever caught.

The graphite combined with fiberglass keep the balance and I can cast easily and accurately. Furthermore, the magnetic cast control reduces the backlash slowing the spool’s rate of spine.


To sum up, I should state that Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo is convenient for your pocket, in case you have decided to save some money for other equipments. Moreover, it has a modest, yet modern design and you can boast among your fishermen friends without hesitation. This Ugly Stik is extremely light and it’s easy carry on walk even for kilometers.

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