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Best Binocular Harnesses

Binocular harnesses are a wearable attach built to grasp your binoculars while you are not using it. They are more suitable than transporting the binocular by hand, or else storage them into your bag, wherever you’ll need to take out them over every time you requisite to usage them. There are numerous diverse options that you could choose from founded on your binocular and the action you would be doing.

Here is a list of the Best Binocular Harnesses

What is Binocular Harness?

Binocular harnesses decrease the stress and burden on your neckline that you will get while transporting the binoculars rotund your neck by the binocular bands. But by binocular harness, weight and force of the binocular is dispersed evenly cross ways your whole body, decreasing the burden of transport binoculars.

While the usual binocular bands are fine for small periods of time, finally the stress the straps apply on your neck will be far more not comfy than if you used binocular harness. This would take the burden of binocular off from your neck. For this reason binocular harness are better than strap.

Binocular harnesses are particularly useful during actions where your binoculars need better support plus defense than whatever is delivered by the usual binocular straps. Certain instances would be climbing plus hunting. A harness would provide far more power than straps, making certain your binoculars are securely held in place even if you are running, keeping swaying to a least. Creating the binocular harnesses both safer, plus more comfy than binocular bands.

Not all binocular harnesses are made equal. Certain are more comfy than the others, as well as that’s precisely what we are seeking. Like backpacks, excellence of the shoulder bands and the method they are constructed must minimize the force sensed by your physique. Preferably, it must be sturdy sufficient to support the mass of binocular.

Excessive for Hunting plus Birding

When you requisite to obtain to your binoculars rapidly, fumbling about with backpack or else binocular strap is less than perfect. This is particularly annoying throughout hunting or birding while timing is significant. So being incapable to simply use your binoculars would be extremely annoying.

Numerous times, when you have finally recovered your binocular from bag pack, it would be late. It is the foremost reasons for possessing binocular harnesses, to create it rapid and simple to acquire to your binoculars while you’re out hunting or else birding. Consequently you not ever have to blunder with your binocular trying to acquire them out of bag pack.

Kinds of Binocular Harnesses

There are an amount of diverse styles and kinds of binocular harness which you could buy, which might typically be divided into a few diverse groups: Full Size, Low Profile, Basic, as well as Dual Harness.

Harness Style

Binocular harnesses are usually divided in four groups: Full Size, Low Profile, Basic, plus Dual Harness. Underneath you could find a detailed depiction of each harness kind, in addition to their prospective uses.

Full Size

Full-size is the most extensively used, and most widespread binocular harnesses style. These typically include full sized bags to provide your binocular as much guard as likely without being awkward. These are excessive for both shooting and birding, in addition to general use.


Basic binocular harnesses would employ a simple scheme that uses clips plus bonds for your binocular. Harnesses similar these are fairly a bit inexpensive than other styles, however they’re far less tough, and won’t defend your binoculars in addition to a higher-end harness would. But it’s still far more suitable than a band or else just storage the binocular in bag pack.

Low Profile

Low profile harness would give you alike enactment to basic harness, however with upgraded, more comfy straps, and more protection features to defend your binocular. These are excessive for somebody who wants a first-class harness, however doesn’t have the cash to buy full size or else dual harness model.

Dual Harness

A dual harness scheme would give you the usefulness of two harnesses revolved into a single set. Allowing you to transport your binoculars, in addition to a camera, or else even an additional pair of binocular. Or any other apparatus. A dual harness scheme will permit you to securely carry two stuffs at the same time. Which is excessive for birding, wherever you might need both binoculars plus a camera.

Attachment Methods

There are two main attachment approaches for binocular harness, which could greatly affect the dependability and accessibility of the harness. Underneath you could find a thorough description plus commendation concerning the two attachment approaches: Quick Release, plus Snap-On.

Quick Release

Among the two attachment approaches, quick release is definitely the more suitable of the 2. This uses an easy buckle-like add-on that permitting for rapid release plus fastening. However, it could be prone to slight amounts of unintentional release. So whereas it might be more suitable than Snap-On, this is not as reliable.


The Snap-On attachment technique, whereas less suitable than quick release technique, is more dependable and secure. It uses a sequence of metal ring which are added to neckline band anchor of your binoculars. However, the metallic ring are recognized to occasionally rub against the polish on the couple of binoculars.

Greatest Binocular Harness for Hunting

Binoculars are actual popular amongst hunters, they permit them to look animal and objects effortlessly from a distance. Though it could be a discomfort to take out your binoculars of your shooting pack each time you requisite to usage them, it is wherever the requisite for a worthy binocular harness derives in. Here are couple of finest binocular harness for hunting.

1 - Vortex Optics Binocular Harness

Vortex Optics would be an excessive purchase as you are seeking something attired, simple and reasonable. It is pretty much just the elementary and it’s built to be compacted, making it just correct for hunters. In terms of power, it is great sufficient to support greatest binoculars (though I would commend selecting better ones if your binoculars are actually big and weighty).

>>>View Vortex Optics Binocular Harness here<<<

It is not actually as tough as I would like it to be as there are clienteles complaining that the plastic grasp broke whereas holding their binocular (unusual case).

It’s not actually that comfy to use since the straps are not built to decrease the pressure felt on your shoulder. Though it is much better than normal straps, you would still feel several weight on your backbone using Vortex Optics. Also, I individually like the design in which Vortex Optics is constructed. It is stylish and sharp, giving you the cool sensation wearing it.

2 - S4Gear LockDownX Harness

S4Gear LockDownX uses wide, padded bands and a full-size elegance. Providing a steady and relaxed place to retain your binocular. X-shaped bands spread the heaviness of the binoculars crossways your body, along with the straps, along with the back pane, are both prepared from breathable cloth, creating the harness more comfy, and dropping sweat.

>>>View S4Gear LockDownX Harness here<<<

The Lock DownX furthermore comprises a binocular bag with conformable pads to retain your binocular as well as alike shock cables which you could fasten to binocular for tension-free glassing plus bounce elimination.

This model is shaped to support little binoculars only. Anything with span greater than 7.5 inches would not fit into the bag casing. In my view, your binocular must be 6.5 inches as well as below if you are to acquire this harness otherwise it might be a slight too tight.

Obviously, if your binocular fits the suggested size, then S4 Gear Lock Down may be right for you. This product is prepared to be actually tough and long-term. There is completely no problem in supporting weighty binoculars.

It is much more of simpler model without lots of additional feature. The bag is just used to store the binocular while you are not using. Though S4 Gear Lock Down furthermore uses magnetic closing, it does not cover the entire bag totally. There are still air spaces whereby raindrops might really get in. The bands are padded with cushion given that comfy experience using them. The stress is significantly reduced until a level wherever you do not even sense like you are transporting something on your rear.

S4Gear LockDownX Harness Video Review

3 - Badlands Mag Bino Harness

Badlands Mag case as well as harness is the best select as you are seeking a case fit for expert hunting plus hunting escorts. The harnesses are tough and dependable, plus weighs merely one plus half pounds, by a completely enclosed case big sufficient to fitting up to two hundred cubic inch. Like numerous other superior harnesses, the Bad land Mag is full-size harness as well as features breathable cloth to decrease body heat.

>>>View Badlands Mag Bino Case Harness here<<<

The incorporated case is constructed to handle all 8×32 pair of binoculars, in addition to most 10×42 pairs, plus the harness comprises hydration bladder combined into the back center back pad. General, it is an outstanding binocular harness, flawless for any outdoors man.

First of all, it is actually contented to use as the bands are being padded with cushion (it appears that Badlands product are actual well made). The cushions efficiently decrease the pressure exerted by the binocular on your shoulder. Because of the detail that you are keeping the binocular in your bag, it is obvious that this product is tremendously sturdy and it is definitely the safest choice to go with. Furthermore, it offers additional defense to the binoculars as compared to usual binocular harness.

One actually cool thing around Badlands Bino X Case is that the bag usages magnetic closure. There is no requisite to zip plus unzip the carrier to use the binocular. It creates keeping binoculars in bag so suitable and fun. I bet you would really like this feature.

Also, it is pretty much extra than just a harness. In the carrier, there is an instinctive lens cleaner thus you can clean the lens while it’s essential. In addition, there are numerous slots where you could add partitions to the bag, however you have to acquire Badlands product to do that.

Badlands Mag Bino Case Harness Video Review

Finest Binocular Harness for Birding

Binocular are the most significant apparatuses in a bird watcher’s arsenal, permitting them to acquire a close sight of the birdies without troubling them. However birds could be quick, and frequently move, making it tremendously awkward if you need to take out your binoculars of your carrier every time you requisite to use them. Fortunately, binocular harnesses eliminate the awkwardness. Below you could find the finest binocular harness for birding.

1 - Binocular Harness Celestron 93577

Celestron 93577 is a contented, superior lower-profile binocular harness flawless for birding. Excessive for longer walks wherever you requisite your hands free, however still desire your binocular to be accessible at a moment’s notice, without having continuous stress on your neck.

>>>View Binocular Harness Celestron 93577 here<<<

The small back plate decreases sweat, and creates the harness more compacted, and whereas not padded, the bands are thick sufficient to meaningfully reduce stress and allocate the mass of binocular. Harness furthermore uses quick release scheme for additional convenience. General Celestron 93577 is a superior, low-profile harness, faultless for birding.

2 - OP USA Bino (Elastic)

The flexible model of OP/TECH is a faultless fitting for any outdoor man in search of a simple and dependable binocular harness that could self-adjust to create transporting your binocular more comfy and suitable. The harness uses a loop attachment technique for added dependability.

>>>View OP USA Bino Harness (Elastic) here<<<

The harness is accessible in both webbing plus elastic model, however the flexible model is usually supposed to be improved, because of it allowing you grip the binocular closer to you while not in use, in addition to being capable to stretch to permit you to transport the binocular to get to the level of your eyes with easiness.


Harness is faultless apparatus for any outdoor man, whether they are a predator, a birdie watcher, or else anything in-between. They permit you to securely wear your binocular without deal with the protracted burden a neck band provides you and creates your binocular available than they would be if you merely stowed these in your bag pack. This could be one of the best devices we have in the market.

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