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Best Binoculars for Birding

Whether like Jack Black and Steve Martin you're trying for a Big Year or you're teaching your little scouts, and brownies about birds and the outdoors there's a single piece of equipment that is required; a good pair of binoculars. There are so many choices out there and so many different types and brands. Your choice really needs to be based on your own needs but there is no reason you can't get a little help in the best choices for your first or thirty first pair or binoculars.

Here is a list of the Best Binoculars for Birding

Listed here are some of the best bird watching binoculars on the market today starting and finishing these are all quality products, and will serve you well so ask yourself what you need take a look and your on your own.

Cost always being a factor, lets list them by the dollars and cents.

1 - Barska - Colorado 7-21 x 40

>>>View Barska - Colorado 7-21x40 Binoculars here<<<

The Barska - Colorado 7-21 x 40 with a 7x adjustable magnification, 40mm diameter objective lenses and reverse Porro prisms. These binoculars offer good quality and easy use with great cost value running between $20 - $40 depending on where you shop. They also attach well to the available smartphone accessories allowing you to capture images strait out of the lenses. These are fair weather binoculars and will serve you well if your looking for a low cost fun pair of binoculars.

2 - U.S. Army 8 x 21 Compact Binoculars

>>>View U.S. Army 8 x 21 Compact Binoculars here<<<

Next comes the U.S. Army 8 x 21 compact binoculars, these little beauties are great for long hikes and full day excursions. They are light weight and easy to carry, offering quality optics with 8 x optical zoom, 7.5 degree field of view, and BaK9 Porro prisms that allow sharp visuals even in low light conditions. They also have the advantageous price point of $20 - $50 depending on where you shop, and a water resistant shell to cope with some varied weather conditions. These look cool and will easily fit into a pocket or backpack with minimal space and maximum delivery.

3 - Firefield FF12020 Binoculars

>>>View Firefield FF12020 10x42 Binoculars here<<<

The Firefield FF12020 Binoculars are a good addition to this list. They have the power of the 10 x optical zoom, BaK4 Porro prisms, fully multicoated optics, and a rubberized armour that provides water and light impact resistance. They are a light weight durable pair of binoculars with a great zoom and overall range on them. The Firefields come with a good neck strap and a hard cover carry case they are a bit large for the majority of the major Smartphone attachments but there is 1 or 2 out there if you really like the idea of catching images.

​4 - Nikon ACULON A211 8x42 Binoculars

>>>View Nikon ACULON A211 8x42 Binoculars here<<<

The Nikon ACULON A211 8x42 binoculars come next on the list with great value and good optics. With their 8 x optical zoom, BaK4 Porro prisms, aspherical multicoated lenses, and 420' at 1000 yard field of view they are a good midrange binocular. They are the first on the list with a tripod mount, they also have rubber armour construction to allow for some impact resistance, and the added feature of eco glass for the environmentally conscious. With a decent price point of $75 - $100 depending of course on your shop of choice they are not the best Nikons on the list but they are a great pair for the average watcher. These binoculars also hook up quite easily to the available smartphone attachments so you can capture images or videos with your phone. You get screw on lens caps with these puppies to help keep them safe and sound during those long trips and the Nikon also comes with a padded neck strap which is always good for long carries.

5 - Generic 20x50 High-Powered Night Vision Binoculars

>>>View Generic 20x50 High-Powered Night Vision Binoculars here<<<

Though at present seemingly only available on Amazon the generic 20x50 High-Powered night vision binoculars currently imported from china are totally worth a mention. they have a great 20x50 zoom, a standard hard rubber exterior for easy gripping, waterproofing, and shock resistance. Oh and don't forget about the great owl seekers wonderful feature of night vision which is fantastic on these generic binoculars. They come with hook ups for a neck strap but don't include one in the package though they do have eye pieces that screw on and attach so you don't lose them not bad for such a low price point.

6 - Barska Colorado 10-30 x 60

>>>View Barska Colorado 10-30x60 Binoculars here<<<

The Barska Colorado 10-30 x 60 are a nice pair of binoculars they have good optics with BaK 7 Porro prisms, fully coated optics, 10x zoom, 195' at 10x and 96' at 30x for 1000 yards. They sit at a good price point of around $45 - $75 and for that price they deliver a quality beyond the price tag. The Barska 10-30 x 60's are rubber armoured and reinforced to allow for good durability and reliability. Like many others on the list they also attach nicely to the smartphone attachments currently available. These have a great canvas shoulder strap with them, and a hard canvas carry case that comes with the purchase.

7 - Celestron Skymaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars

>>>View Celestron Skymaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars here<<<

Celestron Skymaster Giant 15x70 binoculars have made more then one list of best for bird watching and its not hard to see why. With a tripod adapter, 15x70 optical zoom, multicoated optics, Bak 4 Porro prisms, that wonderful rubber armour coating, and those 70mm objective lens. You get a mighty pair of binoculars for $110 - $150 price range that includes snap on lens caps and a hard plastic carrying case.

8 - Barska AH11410 Point and View 8x32 Digital Camera Binoculars

>>>View Barska AH11410 Point & View 8x32 Digital Camera Binoculars here<<<

This ones really got some attractive features the Barska AH11410 point and view 8x32 digital camera binoculars. These have a fairly average set of optics with a smaller 8x8 zoom, and Porro II prisms, with some fairly standard coatings. The built in digital camera is where it gets good though because you have both short video and snapshot options built directly into the camera. With the cool features this beauty has a decent price point at $150 - $200 with a limited warranty so shop well and save a few bucks. These also include a soft carrying case with attachments for belt loops though be warned they are a bit heavy so you will definitely need to tighten that belt, but they also include a center hold neck strap that will work a little better for long trips.

9 - Pentax SD 10x42 Full Size Binoculars

>>>View Pentax SD 10x42 Full Size Binoculars here<<<

Pentax SD 10x42 Full size binoculars are a great mid range travel pair of binoculars. They have the 10x zoom, roof prisms, a rigid body plastic construction, with multi-layer coating. These are great all weather binoculars they are durable and compact and connect easily to all the available Smartphone attachments out there these days. Priced at a fairly reasonable $250 - $300 range they are a good buy. The neck strap that comes in the case has a large padded neck or shoulder slider, and good lens covers that screw on.

10 - Sitemark Solitude XD Binoculars

>>>View Sitemark Solitude 10x42 XD Binoculars here<<<

The Sitemark Solitude XD binoculars are a classic pair great for the casual bird watcher. The rubber armour with great grips is also completely waterproof and weatherproof, with BaK 4 roof prisms, and the XD glass material which reduces glare and ambient light. The trade off on the great weather proofing is no zoom which can be a downside especially at this price point of $400 to $450. These bad boys have a hard carrying case with belt loops that come along but no shoulder strap hooks.

11 - Nikon 7577 Monarch 5 10x42

>>>View Nikon 7577 Monarch 5 10x42 Binoculars here<<<

The Nikon 7577 Monarch 5 10x42 these are some great binoculars and have a great value for the money. They have Porro II prisms, a well balance 10x42 zoom, 6.3 degree real world field of view, dielectric and phase-correction prism coatings, tripod mounts, and a high grade rubber armour. These babies are waterproof to 2mm, and fit the available smartphone attachments, and they sit firmly on just about every bird watchers top 10 list for between $220 - $450 depending on your shop choice. Included is a decent canvas carry case and screw on lens caps along with a fully padded shoulder straps.

12 - Celestron Nature DX 71334 Binoculars

>>>View Celestron Nature DX 71334 Binoculars here<<<

Now for the Celestron Nature DX 71334 Binoculars they have a good 8x56 optic zoom a strong rubberized coating for waterproofing and fog-proofing, Porro II prisms, and 6.1 degree angular field of view. It also fits the smartphone accessories of the day and offers a nice tripod mount and carrying case. With a price point between $150 - $200 its a decent midrange pair of binoculars with good weather resistance and decent optics. With pop on lens caps and a heavy duty canvas shoulder strap these babies should be great for your trip to the woods.

13 - Kowa 8x25 BD Bird Watching Binoculars

>>>View Kowa 8x25 BD Bird Watching Binoculars here<<<

The Kowa 8x25 BD bird watching binoculars say it all there in the title they are light weight, durable, and have great optics for any bird watcher. With their 8 x 25 optic zoom, high density rubber exterior for waterproofing and shock resistance, and highly reflective aluminum coating all contribute to the superior optics and highly usable overall profile. Sitting in the $300 - $400 price point they are a great pair of binoculars for every birdwatchers trail pack. These compact wonders do have neck strap hook ups but do not include a strap in the box, They do have a soft canvas carrying case though.

14 - Celestron Granite 10 x 50 Waterproof Binoculars

>>>View Celestron Granite 10x50 Waterproof Binoculars here<<<

The Celestron Granite 10 x 50 Waterproof binoculars are a great little bit of watching tech. These are completely waterproof, and fog-proof with decent 10x50 zoom, triple coated BaK 4 prisms, tripod adaptable design, and 297' at 1000 yards viewing. Priced in the $400 - $500 range these waterproof beauties are great for the avidly outdoorsy types who expect to encounter some bad weather. These waterproofs have a great shoulder strap padded all the way around for comfortable carrying and a hard plastic storage container included in the box.

15 - Yukon Edge GS 2.7x50 Night Vision Binoculars

>>>View Yukon Edge GS 2.7x50 Night Vision Binoculars here<<<

The Yukon Edge GS 2.7x50 night vision binoculars are a wonderful piece of equipment They have a fairly low magnification but they have spectacular night vision capabilities, and their have great weatherproofing. Touting the triple coated lenses, and the BaK 4 prisms, with the hard plastic exterior for shock resistance and good grip its a pretty good piece of hardware. The price on this one is a little on the high side at $650 - $725 range but you really pay for the excellent night vision on these bad boys. Found on these bad boys is a high quality neck strap with good metal attachments so a drop wont break them, and snap on lens covers for travel protection.

16 - QANLIIY W3 8x56 HD Night Vision Binoculars Waterproof Telescope

>>>View QANLIIY W3 8x56 HD Night Vision Binoculars here<<<

QANLIIY W3 8x56 HD Night vision binoculars waterproof telescope, wow that's a title, but worth the time to say. These little doozies and their 8x56 zoom, triple coated lenses, nitrogen filled telescopic, and high definition image enhancing tech all contribute to these stylish beauties appeal. The fact that they are completely waterproof, and fog proofed with a hard rubber exterior is just cake. Coming in at $625 -$700 these are at the high end of the scale but are worth what you pay for the special features you get. These come with a solid plastic storage case snap on lens covers, and a solid canvas strap for carrying enjoy those nights in the brambles sure you wont lose your binoculars.

17 - Celestron Echelon 10 x 70 Binoculars

>>>View Celestron Echelon 10x70 Binoculars here<<<

Here's the Celestron Echelon 10 x 70 Binoculars are a great high end set of binoculars they have fantastic zoom capabilities, top of the line Porro II prisms, the excellently wide view range these are fine binoculars. They are top end bird finders for a top end price ranging between $700 - $900 at your local retail outlets. Included in the box is a great solid piece cloth strap, and a hard canvas storage case with its own strap included.

18 - Canon 18x50 IS All Weather Stabilized Binoculars

>>>View Canon 18x50 IS All Weather Stabilized Binoculars here<<<

Of course no list would be complete without the grand poomba of binoculars the Godfather of bird watching the Canon 18x50 IS all weather stabilized binoculars. These are an amazing amalgamation of style technology, and optics with the 18x50 zoom, a varied angle prism, with duel transparent plates, super spectra coating, advanced image stabilizers, and eco glass, oh yeah and the night vision features aren't bad either. Waterproof, shock resistant, and with built in sensors to help with stabilization, a tripod mount, and eye cushions for comfort and light blockage. They also include a plethora of accessories in the form of lens covers, double shoulder strap, and rubberized carrying case for protection. In this case you truly get what you pay for with a price point of $1250 - $1600 this is one of the most expensive pairs of binoculars out there but it is also at the top end of quality.


There are more then a few types of binoculars out there of varied shapes sizes and qualities the ones listed here are simply speaking the best all around for a mix of price and quality. In the case of binoculars like anything else which you choose is a matter or need and taste and included in this list is a solid mix of both. No matter what your watching level if your a starter, a hiker, or enjoy long days by the tripod searching for that elusive avian friend who you know you've heard but haven't seen there is a pair for you on this list. So no matter if your hunting for sparrows or spoon-billed sandpipers have fun and see clearly.

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