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Best Black Shoes for Police Officers

Finding the best police footgear may be a complicated task, especially considering that every officer has different needs, and also different dress codes, but, beyond that, every one of us looks for the same qualities in our footgear:

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Here is a list of the Best Black Shoes for Police Officers

Qualities you should look for in a footgear:

1. Durability for longer lasting shoes. Police officers use their shoes daily and durable

Shoes will slow down the effects of wear and tear.

2. A firm grip that can adapt to every surface breathability.

3. Comfort.

4. Lightweight shoes are always best as it reduces strain on the feet and legs and keeps

Fresher for longer.

5. Protection - For officers who are on their feet most of the day and sometimes endure tricky situations over different terrains, shoes that offer protection to the feet are very important. Their feet are an integral part of their work duty and just like their weapons, they need to have their feet in tip top shape.

Let’s start with our all-around choice, or as all-around as you can get when it comes to police footgear:

The Magnum Men's Viper Low Duty Shoe

A fine choice that can be used in several duty situations and combines the resistance and durability of a tactical shoe, with the comfort that the best athletic shoes can provide

The shoes offers some addition features to ensure your feet are being taken care of:

  • Moisture-wicking lining.
  • ​A padded collar to avoid soreness and discomfort.
  • ​Compression molded midsoles for excellent support.
  • ​Grooved rubber in the outsole that are non-slip.

The best thing about them is that they aren’t for police officers only. Many other professionals use them daily such as EMT professionals , firemen, mailmen, and others that love the marriage of durability, flexibility, breathability, and comfort that these shoes can offer.


  • Sole made of rubber for durablility and non-slip features.
  • ​Comfortable straight out of the box will little time needed to break them in.
  • ​Composite shank for lightweight, airport safe support.
  • ​Outsole resistant to oil and slips.
  • ​Padded collar and moisture-wicking lining.
  • The shoes may not be water resistant but the definitely withstand water saturation well.


  • They can develop squeaks in a short time.
  • ​They can develop random sole separation issues.
  • Wear and tear on the inside part of the sole and the heel can become noticeable after about six months. This obviously depends from person to person as some people are lighter on shoes than others and walk differently to others.

If you are not totally sold on these shoes then try out another fantastic shoe.

The Rocky Men's Alpha Force Oxford Work Boot

Visually similar, and in the same price range, but come with some improvements like water resistance, and some negatives like the fact that they may not fit as well as the Magnum’s, which may lead to blisters. The Rocky Men’s Alpha Force Oxford Work Boot does also tend to get very hot under extreme conditions in asphalt and tarmac.

Now let’s go with a more formal kind of shoe, One that I’d gladly recommend to all the suits out there, or even to the foot patrol officers, or the ones in places where a good image really matters such as courts, airports, or tourist attractions.

The Rothco Uniform Oxford/Work Sole

A perfect combination of formal, durable, and lightweight footwear designed to protect and support your feet and get you through your shift in a stylish way. An excellent choice for those who need to use them with a formal uniform or when having to suit up on a daily basis.

A favorite with police officers, army recruiters, TSA officers, and even firemen who use them with their dress uniform in parades and other on other special occasions.


  • The perfect mixture of durablity and style and offer a fantastic mirror shine.
  • ​They are lightweight.
  • ​They are exceptionally well built.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • Sizes tend to be bigger than normal, I had to change mine when I ordered them.
  • They may burn in hot weather and with soft socks.

If all of the above are not your cup of tea you can try out Rothco shoe.

The Bates Men's High Gloss Uniform Work Shoe

Pros and Benefits

  • These shoes offer greater comfort than the previous dress shoes.
  • They look top class and formal.


  • These shoes wield a much heftier price tag than the previous dress shoes.

The soles and heels may suffer some disintegrating issues if you store them for long periods of time without using them.

Now it’s time to go tactical.

The Maelstrom® PATROL 6'' Black Tactical Duty Work Boots with Zipper

Made of a combination of polishable leather and nylon and include great features.

  • A padded collar and tongue.
  • ​Breathable moisture-wicking lining.
  • ​Removable high performance shock-absorbent cushioning inside.
  • ​Oil resistant.
  • ​Made with a cemented construction to make sure they are durable.
  • A 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Used by tactical force member, MP’s and National Guard Officers.


  • Built with quality materials and you get a premium feel when you wear them.
  • They are very breathable and the zipper is very helpful when you’re in a hurry to take them off or put them on.


  • They tend to be smaller than advertised.
  • ​If you don’t wear the proper kind of socks, you’re going to suffer from some blisters.
  • They can fail under very slippery conditions.

If you think the Patrol model may not be for you the Tac Force Model might be just what you are looking for.

The Tac Force Model


  • An upgrade from the Patrol model for the same price.
  • ​Great traction in slippery conditions.
  • Maelstrom appeared to correct the sizing issue with this model.


  • Durable soles but that unfortunately does not apply to the rest of the shoe.
  • People with wider feet may not wear them comfortably.

The Magnum Men's Sport Mid Plus Training Shoe

A very interesting hybrid choice because they really combine the protection and durability of a tactical boot, with the lightness, the support, and the flexibility of a pair of sneakers.Suitable for day to day patrolling especially during harsh weather, and in situations when you are required to run quickly and at a sustainable pace.

The preferred choice of prison guards, bank security officers, and logistic and cash management workers.


  • Speed lacing system.
  • ​Full grain leather that makes them a good choice if you get one of those summer storms.
  • Oil resistant outsole.


  • Not as durable as expected.
  • ​Particularly hard to break in.
  • Sizing issues.

The BLACKHAWK! Men's Ultralight Leather Tactical Boot

This boot combines all the benefits of a full blown tactical boot, with the flexibility and the comfort of a pair of sneakers, and they offer amazing comfort.

So there you have it! Whether you are looking for the best black police boots or best black law enforcement boots  (however way you want to phrase it!), we laid out our research for you.

We believe that when it comes to your feet, taking extra care for optimal fit and size is key. Your feet are like gold and need to be treasured. Tired feet are tired legs, body and everything in-between. Take care of your digits.

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