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Best Bowie Knife: 5 Effective and Durable Knives

Every day we use knives for different functions. This essential tool is core to every household for different functions. In my home I use knives from inside kitchen to the garden.

Here's a list of Best Bowie Knife

Criteria for Choosing My Best Bowie Knife 

When choosing my best bowie knife, I consider the following:


How heavy is the knife and will my knife's weight allow for ease of functionality.


Will my knife withstand strain when in use. What duration does my knife take for it to wear and tear.


Will my knife be able to function in heavy duty or is it for light duty work.


Is the design for my knife in a structure that will ensure convenience when I am using it.

Top 5 Best Bowie Knives: 5 Effective and Durable Knives



The overall length of the knife is 39 inch which means it is a big knife, cannot be carried in pockets. This bowie knife weighs 1.7 pounds. This knife has a sharp cutting edge in its blade.

I find the blade fairly strong, it is made of stainless steel. At the base of the blade is a firm handle with a belt sheath made of polyester. Also, right at the base is a sturdy staglon handle made of nickel silver. 

I find the knife very useful for carving and chopping large items. I found the price to be cost friendly, below $30 yet it is effective.

However, the knife has a weak blade. The blade is too brittle and breaks easily when used on tasks such as cutting small garden branches; therefore, not durable. The plastic handle design with rivets makes the knife uncomfortable to hold.

Uncle Henry 181UH Bowie Knife Video Review


Winchester 22-41206 Large Bowie Knife

This knife has a fixed stainless steel blade 8.75 inches long. This full tang knife weighs 1.4 pounds. The blade's design is surgically fixed into a groove wood. This knife has a brass cross sheath that makes the wooden base sturdier in holding and keeping the blade in position.

It is price friendly at $23, which was the lowest price for knives. I find the knife very useful in cutting twigs and for kitchen use because it has a very sharp blade. It is a big knife and great for those who are keeping collections of large knives.

On the converse, the blade of this knife is a quarter inch thick, therefore very brittle compared to other knives. It cannot be used to cut through large chunks of broad timber.

A notable disadvantage is that the wooden handle is not durable and chips away. It is not comfortable to hold in your arm when working for long hours due to the handle awkwardly not structurally having its blade fit.

Winchester 22-41206 Large Bowie Knife Video Review


Schrade SCHF45 Leroy

This knife is 16.5inch in overall length and it weighs 1lb 7.6 ounces. This knife's blade is made of titanium. High carbon coats the titanium blade enforcing the sturdiness of this knife. The design of the knife is very pleasing as it is full tang thus, pleasing to hold, it also features a TPE handle.

This knife has a plastic sheath which secures the blade. The knife's blade design is unique making it very strong to complement the material constituents of the blade. It can be used to do heavy duty work such as splitting logs.

Again, this knife's handle is comfortable to use. It fits well in the palms and its shape allows for a firm grip that is non-slip when my palms hold the knife. It is durable and lasts for very many years with the blade not undergoing rapid wear and tear.

To add on, when I leave this knife unused for a period of time, the blade of the knife does not oxidize. The cons of using this knife are it is heavy in weight. Has a not so wide belt loop found in the knife sheath.

There is no balance between the scale and tang, it is uneven in structure. The blade of the knife is not razor sharp and may require some sharpening before using in cutting.


REG 215 - Handmade Damascus Steel

This is a steel knife handmade in Damascus which makes it unique and stunning. This knife is 14.00 inches long and has an amazing design where it is etched beautifully. It has a thick blade made of authentic alloys steel forming a beautiful pattern which makes it sturdy.

This knife weighs 1.2 pounds and has a handle made from the exotic marandi wood. It is a knife that arrives when sharp and is ready for use. Moreover, it has great aesthetic value; it is beautiful in appearance.

Importantly, the leather sheath of the knife is hand made making it minimalist and firm. It is not heavy in weight and therefore easy to use. The cons are that this knife's wooden handle is not smooth, it is coarse in the palm making it uncomfortable to handle.

Also, the blade's alignment is not to a perfect straight, mine was a bit bent on one side. It rusts easily and needs regular maintenance by oiling it regularly, it is therefore not durable.


Down Under DUKCD-BRK

This knife is 16 inches long and it has a blade 6mm in thickness. It weighs 3 pounds and is balanced from blade to handle. This knife has a sturdiness in its structure. I find that it is durable in that it does not break easily attributed to this knife's blade was treated using dual heat when it was being manufactured.

It requires minimum maintenance and is not prone to rust even after long periods when not in use. Additionally this knife maintains its color for so many years. However, its cons are it has a weak sheath which may prompt you to do a replacement.

Further, this knife's sheath has no rivets and is made up entirely of leather. Again, the leather sheath is heavy, it is not an ideal knife for those who want to move around with it.

When purchased the knife is not sharp, it has to be sharpened after purchase for it to be able to function. Another disappointment with this knife is that it is not a full tang bowie knife.

Down Under DUKCD-BRK Bowie Knife Video Review


My best bowie knife is one that will function effectively and is durable. Look at the above bowie knives and choose your favorite according to your liking.