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Best Brooks Running Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis Review

Planter Fasciitis is a common dilemma for all the running buffs. If you are a regular runner; you might be well aware of the pain and suffering that comes through the inflammation of the planter fascia ligament. I am a regular Runner myself and it is very difficult for me to get through the day without running at least 3 miles. Therefore, I have reviewed some of the best running shoes to prevent planter fasciitis based on my personal experience of using them all through these years.

Here is a list of the Best Brooks Running Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis


Brooks Running Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis


Brooks Adrenaline GTS14

Brooks Addiction 11

Brooks Beast 16

Brooks Ghost 9

Brooks Ravenna 8

Top 5 Best Brooks Running Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis

 1.  Brooks Adrenaline GTS14

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

This Brooks Running shoe is as soft as a marshmallow and light as a feather. I had them in silver and electric blue combination. It has a synthetic rubber sole and the shaft measures almost 2 and a half inch at the arch which I believe is the reason why it provides great cushioning and support to my feet.

While using these shoes I never for once had to experience any kind of pain in my feet; let alone getting planter fasciitis. The advanced cushioning technology and adaptable design adjusts the position of feet with each strike on the ground so you never have to worry about losing your balance.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS14 Video Review


  • Eco-friendly and bio-degradable
  • ​Very comfortable to wear
  • Fit perfectly


  • Comparatively less durable than other Brooks’ shoes. I had mine for 1 year 8 months before I had to replace them.

If you are looking for light, easy to wear, comfortable shoes; then these shoes would be a best fit for you.

 2.  Brooks Addiction 11

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

The best feature of this shoe is the breathable mesh design. It is light and easy to wear plus it does not let your feet sweat that for me is a blessing. Given the fact that I am one of those who have sweaty feet, it was difficult for me to stick to any of the running shoes for long time.

Sweat always made my feet slippery and uncomfortable in my shoes. The element liners in these shoes quickly absorb all the sweat and keep my feet cool and dry.

Brooks Addiction 11 Video Review


  • Internal support saddle provides anchorage for the feet
  • ​The padded Collar and tongue Prevent injuries
  • Feels great to wear and overall support is fantastic


  • Color options are not adequate
  • The difference between the previous version (Brooks addiction 10) and this one is not much.

The shoe provides good support to the feet and you can run freely without having to worry about planter fasciitis.

 3.  Brooks Beast 16

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

The best feature of this shoe is the supportive shank like unit for the mid sole. It provides rigidity to the feet. Like most of the Brooks’ shoes; these are comfortable and feel soft when you wear them. A plus point is their looks. I really like how they are designed. I always thought that shoes with better design are not reliable or long lasting and the shoes that are reliable are not good to look at, but these shoes changed my mind.

This is a reliable and attractive looking pair of shoes. I brought this one after getting planter fasciitis from my regular shoes. It was recommended to me by the specialist and it worked for me.


  • The out sole has a traction capability
  • ​The cushioning system makes it very comfortable and reliable to wear
  • It provides balance stability while running.


  • It felt a little bit tighter on my feet. Although it was soft and comfortable but it was a little too well fitted.

Overall, my experience with this shoe was great. I did not feel the need to complain about planter fasciitis as long as I had these.

 4.  Brooks Ghost 9

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

These shoes were very light on the feet and had excellent traction. The price is normal and it is not too costly. The arch support was fantastic for a runner like me. These shoes have a crash pad of full length so I was able to wear them on my long run adventures as well.

The toe box is spacious so I did not feel uncomfortable wearing them. These shoes lasted longest of all. The upper mesh was flexible and breathable that allowed for smooth gait. The impact absorbing capacity of the cushions is just amazing.

Brooks Ghost 9 Video Review


  • These shoes are durable
  • ​Light weight and spacious
  • Provides great cushioning and support


  • The heel at the toe is little bit higher
  • Color combination could have been better

These shoes are one of the best shoes that make sure you don’t get planter fasciitis. Why is that? The shoes are versatile in their use, sturdy and reliable; a perfect combination for the runners who are looking for a reliable pair of shoes.

 5.  Brooks Ravenna 8

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

The sleek and stylish design of this shoe is what got my attention for the first time. I was on hunt for a pretty looking shoe with the ability to prevent planter fasciitis. I checked this one and buying it was the sanest decision I ever made.

This shoe has a soft and reliable cushioning. It is lightweight and the shape of this shoe makes it easy to run. The shoe provides really good support without being heavy on the feet. The material is flexible and breathable. The grip is quite superior and does not let your feet slip no matter how much you walk or run in them.

Brooks Ravenna 8 Video Review


  • The thermoplastic shank provides Rigidity to the torso of the feet.
  • ​Soft elemental fabric gives a great feel
  • Protects feet against jerks and imbalance


  • The Skin started wearing earlier than the other Brooks shoes

Brooks Ravenna 8 is the right option for those suffering from planter fasciitis, since it offers stability, extra cushioning and comfort needed by the users while running or jogging.


So, there you have it now. A comprehensive guide about Brooks running shoes for planter Fasciitis. Of course, they get upgraded frequently but that does not mean that the older ones are no longer usable or better. The upgraded version has just a tweak here and a little more toe space there, but if you have an older version of the same design that is perfectly fine unless you are told the opposite.

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