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Best Burris Scopes

How To Select The Best Burris Scope For Hunting?

A Rimfire Rifle is one of the most popular hunting weapons wordlwide. People invest in it because the bullets are more economical than centrefire rounds. Recently, I bought a new Burris Scope to compliment my hunting rifle and my years of experience came in handy.

Here is a list of the Best Burris Scopes

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I go out on hunting trips with friends. They all appreciate my understanding in the domain and one of them suggested me to share my knowledge and experiences for others. Here is a complete guide on choosing best Burris scope or any other popular brand.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Burris Scope

Hunting is an art, some of us have a natural instinct to hit the bull’s eye every single time even with a deer scope. For others, a sophisticated Burris Scope gives them that edge and increases their accuracy.

Here are some features of Burris Scopes that one should always look into before selecting a Burris Scope.

Adjustable Objective Lenses:

A scope equipped with adjustable objective lens gives a clear parallax free image of the target. For those of you who are new to hunting, it is a major issue when setting your aim. So, always buy a scope with adjustable objective lenses for better image.

Solid Tube Scope:

Hunting is not done inside your living room, to hunt you go to rough terrains, unforeseen regions and are subjected to challenging situations where your gear will withstand damages, extreme weather etc. For such conditions a passionate hunter must always be ready with a Solid Tube Scope which is capable of handling such situations.

Durable Material:

Recoil and rugged handling are a major challenge for Burris scopes. You should always make sure that the scope you choose is made of durable material. Also make sure that the supports and fixing elements of the scope are durable enough to hold the scope with the rifle in case of a shock or a fall.

BDC Reticle:

Every bullet drops in height as it moves forward after a certain distance. In order to ensure accuracy even at long range targets, there are scopes equipped with BDC or Bullet Drop Compensator. Always buy a scope equipped with BDC for highly accurate targeting.

Nitrogen Filled Scope:

A nitrogen filled airtight scope gives you an advantage when hunting in extreme conditions. A nitrogen filled scope is fog proof, water proof and shock proof which increases your accuracy in extreme conditions.

Easy To Mount:

Never buy a scope which needs tools to mount it one the rifle. The scope should be very easy to attach and detach to make it easy to handle. When hunting you might need to remove the scope, adjust it or even replace it. For such situations, an easy to remove scope comes in very handy.

Specific Calibre:

Some of the best Burris scopes come with a calibre specification. This specification indicates that the scope is designed to be used with rifles of a certain calibre. I personally recommend scopes that are specially designed for your rifle calibre. If you do, you will see an increase in aim and ease of use.

Features Offered By High End Scopes

One of my friends was so obsessed with my new scope because of its high price, he actually forced me to research on the advantages a costly scope gives over an economical scope. When you buy a high end scope, you get a huge edge over the competition or a better hit rate because of your enhanced capabilities. Here are some of the features of a high end scope that make you a pro hunter.


Hunting involves climbing hilltops, crossing rivers and walking for hours. It is a challenging task and the weight you carry reduces your range. The more weight you carry the more tired you get. Although, the weight of the scope is not a very big factor but a lightweight scope helps. Even when handing the rifle, the weight of the scope plays a vital role. The rifle becomes light weight and easy to manoeuvre with a light scope.


A costly scope is made with state of art material like toughened carbon fibre body or any other high strength material. These high end scopes lasts for years without replacement because of their durability.

Reflective Coating:

You might have felt that sunlight is a major obstacle in hunting. When you face towards the sun, your scope gives you a very poor visibility because the sunlight acts as a shiny barrier. In order to have accurate targeting even in bright daylight, you should buy a scope with a high quality reflecting coating on its lenses which prevents the sunlight from entering the scope.

Wide View:

Wide view lenses are costlier than narrow lenses, however they are totally worth the investment. Wide lenses give you a wider look on your target, so that your target never leaves your sight. In a narrow scope, you will have to look with the other eye or without the scope to find the target if it makes a sudden movement and elopes from the scope. This issue is not there in wide view scopes.

Special Features That Make Burris The Best Brand Of Hunting Scopes

Hi-Lume Multicoating Lenses:

High Lume Multicoating lenses enable Burris scopes to give a better visibility of the target even in the low light and extremely high light conditions. The brand revolutionised the hunting scope market by offering unmatched visibility in every condition.

Double Internal Lens Springs:

It makes the lens very easy to handle in all kinds of conditions even when the scope suffers great shocks, falls and great recoils, the lenses remain intact and stable in all cases.

One Piece Durable Body:

One piece durable body with Nitrogen filled tube makes the scope very durable. There are no chances of breaking the lens into pieces even in extreme falls.

Burris Forever Warranty:

If you think your hunting experiences are really wild, always buy a Burris scope. Burris offers lifetime warranty on every model of hunting scope which covers all kinds of issues that arise in the scope.

What to look for when buying a Burris Scope?

Each Burris model is designed for a certain purpose, keeping in mind the user and their requirements. When I switched the scope from basic 7x Burris lens to a more sophisticated 24x lens, I knew the difference. Here are four things you need to understand before selecting a scope.

Type of Target:

The choice of scope depends on the type of target we have, if we are having a fast moving deer as our target, a high zoom sophisticated lens will make us loose the target. However, if you go for a bird hunting which needs targeting from long ranges, you will need the scope.

Range of Hunting:

The range over which you will hunt your targets is the major factor to be considered when selecting the scope. For short range hunting a short zoom lens is more effective and easy to handle while for a long range hunting extended zoom of the scope becomes very helpful.

Handling Experience:

The more sophisticated scope you choose, the more you will have to learn about handling. You can start with a basic scope and later switch to a sophisticated scope when you get to used to handling the basic operations of the scope.


Some people hunt while in motion while others hunt laying stable on ground. It depends on the choice of target and conditions. I move a lot when hunting, so I personally prefer less sophisticated easy to use scopes which can be handled while on foot.

Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle

>>>View Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle here<<<

One of the best Burris scopes, this scope is a sheer beauty for hunting enthusiast. Specially designed for .22 Calibre rifles, the scope offers a highly accurate BCD Reticle for .22 Calibre rounds. The BCD reticle gives you a greater accuracy at extended range.

The scope is made of high quality high precision ground glass with a multi layered coating which makes it glare resistant. The scope is low light capable and offers a wide view for accurate targeting in low light conditions. The rugged reticle makes it easy to take snap shots at extended range.The scope is equipped with finger adjustable low profile turrets for accurate targeting and easy to open flip up lens caps. The internal assemblies are equally great with dual spring mechanism to ensure durability and longevity in the harshest conditions.


  • 1" main tube for clear view
  • ​Finger adjustable, low-profile adjustment turrets for quick adjustments
  • Double internal Springs for durability


  • Fixed .22 Calibre usage, the scope cannot be used with any other calibre rifle
  • Limited Zoom capabilities make it inaccurate at long ranges.

Burris Scout Riflescope 2.75x20mm

>>>View Burris Scout Riflescope 2.75x20mm here<<<

If you are looking for a highly durable scope, this model from Vortex offers unmatched performance in terms of durability. The scope is made of military or aircraft grade aluminium which makes it very durable and perfect for rugged conditions. If you are buying another scope because you broke the last one, this is just the scope you should look for.The fully multi-layered coating on the lenses increase the light transmission giving it a superior performance in low light conditions. The high quality anti-reflective coating makes the scope highly effective in the bright daylight conditions. Thus, the scope is perfect to use in both bright and dull light situations.

The one inch tube diameter offers a wide view which is consistent with the industry standards. The one piece tube offers a better durability and makes it suitable for use in rugged conditions.The one piece tube comes with other advantages like waterproofing, strength, high visual performance thus giving an improved accuracy.


  • Fatigue resistant aircraft grade aluminium make it highly durable.
  • Capped turrets make it very resistant towards damage.


  • Not easy to install for the first time, as it will need Allen keys to fit the scope on the rifle.
  • Poor Zoom capabilities reduce the hunting range.

Burris MSR Riflescope

>>>View Burris MSR Riflescope here<<<

When it comes to professional grade rimfire scopes Burris MSR is one of the best Burris scopes available in the market. The reliable, field tested design along with cutting edge refinements after testing in real situations make this scope my favourite scope among various available options in this price band.

The instant measured tactical holdover snapshots enable you to take quick shots at long ranges with great accuracy.The index matched lenses with multi-layered coating make the scope highly effective in low light and bright daylight conditions.

The anti-glare coating enhances the visibility in all weather conditions. The steel on steel positive click adjustments make this scope one of the best Burris scopes.


  • Highly durable single piece body
  • ​14x zoom for extended range
  • Great visibility in all light conditions


  • A little costly than the competitors
  • Calibrated only for .223 Calibre ammo.

Burris Fullfield II™ Riflescope 3-9x40mm

>>>View Burris Fullfield II™ Riflescope 3-9x40mm here<<<

The Burris Fullfield is a great range of Burris scopes designed for passionate hunters. The scope is a high quality product from one of the best brands and is known for its durability and accuracy.

The scope is designed for usage in both close range and long range targeting’s. The reticle adjuster makes it a perfect scope for long range targeting. The target range starts from mere 10 meters that makes it a perfect scope for close range targeting.

The Hi-Lume® multicoating lenses make them perfect for all weather conditions. Whether there is fog or bright daylight, the scope gives you crisp view of your target in all situations.The scope is waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof making it a perfect gear for use in rugged conditions.


  • Quick focus eyepiece makes it easy to target moving objects.
  • Hi-Lume® multicoating lenses enhance the visibility in all light conditions.


  • Calibrated only for .22 calibre ammunition.
  • The scope comes with a great price tag.

Burris C4 Plus™ Riflescope 3-9x40mm

>>>View Burris C4 Plus™ Riflescope 3-9x40mm here<<<

When you are looking for a scope that offers great accuracy over all kind of ranges, C4 Plus is the perfect scope for you. The scope is designed to help you take perfect targets in all weather conditions with multi-layered coating on the lenses. It is undoubtedly the best Burris scope for hunters.

The nitrogen purged single piece scope offers unmatched protection and accuracy against dust, moisture, water, fog and every other visual hindrance. The single piece highly durable metal scope is one of the high end scopes offered by Burris and comes with a huge price tag. However, my friend's who own it, feel that the model is totally worth it and has made a huge impact on their hunting experiences. It offers better visibility, accuracy and ease of use.


  • C4 Wind MOA reticle for easy wind compensation.
  • ​Customized elevation turret according to your ammunition.
  • Free custom elevation knob using promo code for great customization.


  • Not easy to handle as there are a great number of adjustments to be made.
  • The scope comes with a great price tag.


All five scopes are equally good and one cannot compare them, while one scope has an upper hand in certain avenues, the other has some other advantages. I personally prefer Burris scopes because of their clean design and easy handling. I have used some the best Burris scopes and am a big fan of the brand.

However, when I compare the performance and specifications of the scope with other models, they do not look much different. You can pick one of the above given scopes that meets your requirements. I own the two Burris models and my friends own the other brands. There is a big difference between these scopes as, they are all high quality scopes from one of the best manufacturers.

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