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Best Camping Chair

When most people think of camping, they only imagine tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, binoculars or maps. Very few think of a camping chair. At a glance a camping chair may seem like unnecessary equipment, but in reality it can really improve your whole camping experience, especially if you will be outdoors for a long time. Camping chairs allow you carry comfort and convenience with you to the campground. And luckily, today there are many well designed camping seats that are easy to carry and set-up.

Here is a list of the Best Camping Chair

What Makes A Good Camping Chair?


The level of comfort provided by a camping chair will depend on its design. There are three basic types of camping chairs – minimal, regular and luxurious. My evaluation of comfort is based on the support the chair gives and its overall ergonomic design, especially for features like the back support and arm rest. I found the minimal camping chairs to be the least comfortable, especially if you intend to stay long camping. These types of seats are usually stools or folding seats. And although not very comfortable, they at least elevate you from the ground, especially when the ground is wet or cold.

The regular camp chairs offer medium comfort. They mostly feature aluminum legs, arm rests and a back. They could have a carrying bag as well. I consider them the best camping chairs as they can be used for almost any kind of camping trip and sitting on them feels like most chairs used at home. For maximum stability, support and deluxe comfort, then luxurious camp chairs are the best choice. They include features like leg rests, reclining abilities and cup holders to give you ultimate comfort even when outdoors.


You do not want to buy a chair that will give you trouble moving it and getting it from one point to another. How portable you chair is will determine how often you use it. Factors affecting portability include overall weight and size. I find the minimal camping chairs the best option when you really want to cut down on weight. You can easily find a folding seat or stool weighing less than 2 pounds. The beauty of minimal chairs is that they are also easy to store and take up little space.

Regular and luxurious camp seats usually weigh 5 pounds or more. Usually, their comfort is given more priority than portability as it is difficult to find a balance between the two. Nonetheless, I advise you to pick a model with considerable weight and size that you wouldn’t mind tagging along to your camping trip. If you are finding it difficult to compromise on comfort with weight, you may have to reduce your overall baggage by leaving some stuff behind as you go for your trip.

Ease of Set Up

Most chairs will need basic knowledge to assemble. Most minimal models only require pulling apart to opposite frames to open. Others need just a single push of a button to assemble or disassemble. For the regular and luxurious model, you may need a little more effort to put the parts together. And since when you are camping you may not have access to basic tools, I recommend that you choose a camping chair that does not need a toll to assemble. It shouldn’t be too technical as you do not spend hours of your time trying to fix a chair. Be sure to try assembling and disassembling the chair while still in the store, before you make a decision of buying it.


If you value your money like I do, you want a chair that is long-lasting. The quality of a camping chair will depend on the construction and choice of materials. The materials used should be strong and able to serve the intended purpose without failing prematurely. Additionally, all parts should be well made. If any parts needed to be fitted together, they should be of the right size. Most chairs are made using aluminum for its strength and a fabric. I prefer the fabric to be water resistant and dust proof as then I can use it anywhere and under any kind of weather.

Inclusion of Convenience Features

Convenience features such as cup holders, recliners and arm rests only escalate the comfort of your chair to luxurious. They may not be necessary but they still improve the whole experience and in addition to the above features, make a great camping chair.

Review of the Top 5 Best Camping Chairs

1 - ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

This is undisputedly, the best camping chair recommended by many experts. Its fabric is slightly padded for long comfortable sitting and has a roomy sitting area. The chair can hold up to 800 pounds as its frame is incredibly strong and stable. Setting it up is easy and it includes two cup holders, 2 side pockets and additional tiny pocket behind the headrest. It is however quite heavy weight around 13 pounds.

2 - Eureka Curvy High-Back Chair

The Eureka Curvy offers exceptional comfort and good head support, although its armrests are not ergonomically designed. It is made from a breathable fabric, is easy to assemble and also has an attractive design. It weighs 12 pounds and is noticeable bulky. However, the construction of the chair is excellent, with all seams reinforced for extra durability. It also has a spacious storage pouch that hangs beneath it. I find this one of the most durable camping chairs.

3 - Big Agnes Helinox Chair One

Big Agnes Helinox Chair One

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Helinox’s poles are made from the same TH72M aluminum-based alloy that can hold up to 320 pounds, incorporated with a strong fabric seat with breathable side and back mesh design. The chair also features shock-cord technology and self-locating poles that automatically pop into place. The Agnes Helinox Chair One weighs less than two and when collapsed in a bag, it’s just about the size of a shoe.

4 - Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

When it comes to affordability and value for your money, the Kijaro Dual Lock chair impressed me. It is quite cheap and performs exceptionally well. The folding chair is super comfortable and very easy to set up. It is made from a strong taut mesh fabric that provides good support for your back and ventilation. In addition the chair is very sturdy and has extra features like cup holders, storage pockets and a carrying strap.

5 - Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

The Sport-Brella is the best camping chair if you are looking for luxury. The chair features a unique 3-way swivel umbrella with 360 degrees rotation with metallic undercoating for UPF 50+ effective sun protection. Other highlights include the quick adjust hinges, 4 insulated pockets, 3 reclining positions, bottle opener, cup holder and extra compartments for any other stuff you may have.

Other Suggestions