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Best Curt Weight Distribution Hitch

There are a variety of weight distribution hitches out there, each item is intended for some applications and sorts of trailer. Try not to permit the various items confound or threaten you in light of the fact that there are a ton of factors that you ought to incorporate when buying a hitch, consider your vehicle and what you are wanting to pull with it.

Here is a list of the Best Curt Weight Distribution Hitch

What to Look For When Selecting Weight Distribution Hitch

  • Class rating and weight of the trailer

Since you know the weight of your trailer and towing limit of your vehicle, it will be simpler to go to a choice on the sort of hitch you require. The trailer hitches are classified differently for the different sorts of trailer and vehicles.

  • How long does it take to introduce the item?

Some items just need 30 to an hour to introduce, while some oblige 1 to 2 hours of your time before you can begin utilizing it. The more costly ones take under 30 minutes to introduce. Contingent upon your financial plan and interest for comfort, you can put more in one that is simpler to introduce.

  • What is the complete of the hitch?

There is an A-coat Pre-complete with a dark powder-coat, carbide dark powder coat, and dark powder coat to give some examples. Contingent upon what you favor, there is a relating cost and solidness that everyone gives. Some trailer and vehicle proprietors are particular with regards to this since it influences the presence of the hitch and to what extent it will last. Obviously, some completions are more expensive than others, everything relies on upon your taste.

The advantages and disadvantages of the item

Each item has its advantages and disadvantages. Contingent upon what you are specifically searching for, there are factors that you can at present consider in return for an item's preference since you require it increasingly and can simply overlook the minor impediment it has. This is predominantly material when you are somewhat tight on the financial plan and can't get all that you need in one item so picking one that will suffice is the best thing you can do.

Top Five Best Curt Weight Distribution Hitch

 1.  Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

It has a 600 - 1,200 pound hitch for distributing weight, controlling influences, and 2-5/16" ball. The influence control ball and hitch are as of now introduced and has been torqued as indicated by what is specified on the ball mount that is movable. There is U-jolts and chain bundle that are as of now on the spring bars and the most extreme GET is 12,000 pounds. The item weighs 97 pounds and the measurements are 33.5 x 97 x 7.4". The guarantee for the parts goes on for a long time from the date that was purchased. It can be asked for from the customer benefit.


  • This vigorous item makes me cheerful and it can beyond any doubt persevere through a great deal.
  • The ball is now pre-torqued so I like that since makes it less demanding to utilize.

 2.  Equal-i-zer 90001000 Equalizer Hitch

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

The tow bars 12k equalizer is a movable hitch 900 00 1000. No hitch ball is incorporated and the item measures a total of 102 pounds. The size is 44 x 102 x 4" and there is a guarantee for the parts. The guarantee given by the maker can be asked from the customer benefit. The thing can't be dispatched globally, which implies that the thing is just accessible in the US territories, Alaska, and Hawaii.


  • This item is solid and tough making me feel safe and it is anything but difficult to utilize regardless of the possibility that the get together takes a little time.
  • ​It can be utilized for more than 8,000 miles with no issues.
  • ​The cost of the thing is exceptionally justified, despite all the trouble for the quality it caf give since it works faultlessly.
  • The thing ships rapidly so I didn't need to sit tight quite a while for it.

 3.  Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars Hitch

Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

If this one is utilized, the influence control and weight distribution wind up noticeably one unit and it is a bit much for included equipment. The execution is exceptional and I cherish it that the handle can be for attaching and expelling bars. It is anything but difficult to introduce and conform in view of the edge sections. It doesn't make any clamor and a considerable measure calmer contrasted with others. The solidified steel is enduring and they convey a great deal of toughness over the long haul. There is as of now a hitch ball introduced and the GTA is up to 12,000 pounds.


  • The item is well made and the directions that accompanied it are exact and helpful.
  • This is another and better approach to distribute weight since I locate the more seasoned ones out of date and uproarious.

 4.  Fastway (94-00-1061) s2 Round Bar 2-Point Sway Hitch with Shank Hitch

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

This one has a limit of 10,000 pounds and as of now has a shank and hitch ball. The weight of the item is 94 pounds and the measurements are 10.5 x 33 x 9". The guarantee given is for the parts and it can be asked for through the customer benefit. Accompanies simple to-take after guidelines that will help you amass the hitch without devouring too much time. The expansive hitch likewise fills in as assurance for the guard in light of the fact that there are startling items that the trailer will experience.


  • It can without much of a stretch be snared or expelled from the towed vehicle.
  • ​It is exceptionally well made.
  • It is less expensive contrasted with different hitches.

 5.  Pro Series 49903 Complete Kit Hitch

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

This is a put stock in brand and a pioneer in the business. To ensure its quality and great notoriety in the market, the maker gives a guarantee to it. This one performs awesome and it will without a doubt upgrade the trailer. You can expect that it delivers quickly and it is not very costly. The weight is 102 pounds and the measurements are 33.5 x 11.2 x 7.5" The guarantee data is given and it is to the parts, work and full maker's guarantee.


  • ​Durable
  • ​Affordable
  • Simple to use


When you are searching for a weight distribution hitch that is as of now total and you can utilize immediately, consider these ones.

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