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Best Depth Finders

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Here is a list of the Best Depth Finders

Top Five Best Depth Finders

Kokanee Killer Lure with EChip

The top-notch product at a fair price! The Pro-Troll lures are the best I’ve ever used and believe me I have a good experience in the fishing field. They are strong, relatively cheap and last longer than most lures available nowadays. I have used the Kokanee Killer Lures for kokanee, king salmon, and trout and they are nothing but excellent. The holographic pattern and eyes make it a nearly perfect lure. For the fish as kokanee, trout, and king salmon these lures are definitely a must have. I can call them the best depth finders.

As I am not a newbie, it was pretty easy for me to understand how it should run in the water. But it can take some time to adjust them for those who have just started fishing. These lures require some tuning to get them trailing right. Once they are tuned properly, they work excellent. I have already added the third hook to mine as it significantly increases hook up. Overall I am satisfied with the Kokanee Killer Lure and planning on buying more in the future. I easily give 5 out of 5 stars to this product. They work well and definitely worth purchasing. Highly recommended!

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

The best depth finders! This Ugly Stik Spinning Rod is exactly what I was looking for. This setup is perfect for bass catching and turns fishing into a pure pleasure! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have no complaints. What I loved the most about the rod is its weight. It’s much lighter than my previous spinning rod which is definitely an advantage! Even after a few hours of fishing, it feels like you are holding nothing! But it is very strong in the same time. All in all, I am totally satisfied with this product. Whether you are out for a big or small fish, it’s capable of catching both! This stick casts great.

With this rod, I can certainly outcast most of the pals I go fishing with. These rods have a lovely powerful action. But it still has sensitivity to detect slight bites. I have several other rods. But this one has become my favorite. I can see myself using it for years to come. Probably they are not too cheap, but definitely worth every dollar spent. I highly recommend this rod to everyone. They're the only rods I use for a numerous reasons! I guarantee you will be pleased just like me

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod Video Review

Humminbird 409850-1 Helix 7 SI GPS/Fishfinder with Side Imaging Sonar

I am totally satisfied with the Humminbird Fishfinder. I received this device as a birthday present from my wife. Still need to sort some things out but it is pretty easy in usage. This is a great little device that is just perfect for any type of boats. It has a light weight and it’s really easy to use it, in fact, I am going to install mine permanently in my kayak. The best thing about Humminbird is that this brand is the warranty of quality.

When dealing with any fishing product, you have to make sure this is something trustworthy and durable. Humminbird is an absolutely great combination of two. It provides an irresistibly clear picture, in fact. It has become my navigation guide and underwater eyes for the past month. GPS is very good. With the help of this device, I always see what's going on. In my opinion, it is among the best depth finders. Easily attaches to any boat, not hard to follow the instructions, great LCD readings etc. Humminbird Fishfinder makes every single fishing trip fantastic & more fun. My recommendations and great fishing!

Humminbird Helix 7 SI GPS/Fishfinder Video Review

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

I have used Berkley fishing line for as many years as I can remember. It all started with mono and then it changed into Platypus Platinum. So the next logical step up was Trilene. I have never caught on with the newer braided lines, just doesn't feel right nor tie right in my eyes. This Trilene is a good blend of strength, diameter, quality, price and confidence. I bought some spools and have filled some of my reels with it and the difference is hugely noticeable. There is by far less memory than the original fireline and it is smooth! Ties great Slim Beauty and Double Uni knots which I use primarily and no knots have given way as yet.

I certainly like the Trilene in comparison with the old types, however, won’t be changing all my spools unnecessarily but when needed. Certainly not a high-end line by any gauge or by the 'elitist' fishing groupies, which are using strand lines and want super limp line like their wrists. I just add it to my best depth finders. It wins thumbs up for loading on my spinning reels.

Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel

I have used Abu Garcia reel on many occasions and I could tell it is great all around reel. I used it on a day trip deep dropping for bass and caught fish without a single problem. On my last trip, we went high speed trolling for a wahoo with 80 ounces lead at 14 knots and caught a 71 pound one. It’s a great reel! It brings fish up to within a few feet of the boat. Then you can either reel it in by hand or keep it coming with the electric power. The lever lets you adjust the speed of the retrieve so if fish is pulling real hard you can either slow down or pour it on whatever you decide. After Wahoo fishing, we stitched out the rig and went deep dropping for yellow eye snapper in 750 ft and had a blast.

I would recommend this reel to anyone who likes fishing for the big ones. Abu Garcia is among the best depth finders. In fact, we have just bought another one and now have two of them. Smooth drag and retrieve. As for the speed, it is not the fastest reel I have used but by far not the slowest. The power is awesome and you have all the control you need. It is easy to use and you get the auto stop that keeps you from breaking off your rigs or damaging the tip of your rod by running it up to fast. Hope this helps anyone who is searching for a good reel. Buy this baby if you want to add yards to the cast.

Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel Video Review

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