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Best EDC Knives Reviews

An EDC knife is a must-have for use in the outdoors. I use it for tons of things such as opening envelopes, boxes, unscrewing screws, cutting zip ties, and and as a self-protection weapon. EDC knives come in different shapes, hues, qualities and materials.

Here is a list of the Best EDC Knives

This opening system has been one of the organization's best advancements. The helped opening system can be utilized by both left-hand and right-hand clients. A straightforward push on the thumb stud or draw off the flipper discharges the blade.

Some of the Best EDC Knives are:

 1.  Kershaw Knife

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

It has a sharp blade. This knife is made out of Sandvik 14C28N steel. The steel is one of the best and gives a significant fantastic execution with regards to the edge of the steel. It can likewise keep up an abnormal state of hardness and stay away from imperviousness to consumption.

It has a stainless steel handle with a globule impacted wrap up. The materials used to make the handle guarantee that the handle is tight and robust. This is great as it'll have the capacity to deal with through exercises. The main issue is that it ends up noticeably elusive when being used.

Kershaw Knife Video Review


The blade is sharp ideal out of the box. The knife looks great overall. It has a clasp to keep it secure in the pocket. It has helped me in opening functions admirably.


This knife may require some oil to keep the activity quicker. The handle isn't nonslip.

 2.  Ontario Knife

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

The blade is made of AUS-8 steel.

The knife has been made given usefulness. The Aus-8 steel blade guarantees that the client gets a blade that is sharp and hefty. The blade can be used for some unpleasant work without the stress of the tip breaking.

The Knife has a 4-way position clasp and cord is opening The knife additionally gives convey choices to the client. I could use the 4-way take clasp to store it in my pocket the way I like, or I could utilize the cord opening. The decision is mine. It has double thumb studs The thumb studs joined with the ergonomic handles are intended to give me more control of the knife. Moreover, they additionally take into account simple one hand opening and are likewise a health highlight to some degree.

Ontario Knife Video Review


The blade is substantial and stout.It has an enough sharp edge. It's smooth and simple to flip open. It has a 4-way stash cut.


It's somewhat vast and overwhelming when contrasted with other EDC's in the market. The blade doesn't keep its edge for long.

 3.  Crkt Knife

Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

It has an IKBS metal roller turn framework and a larger than usual rotate. These two segments work flawlessly together to make it simpler for you to open the knife at whatever point required. It's light weight and has a position of safety pocket cut.

The position of safety pocket clasp and its weight empower you to convey the knife wherever you abandon feeling the effect/weight of the knife in your pocket. It uses a sloping edge blade.

The blade on the hootenanny is sharp and extraordinary for exercises, for example, chasing and angling. I can use it for assignments like cutting, cleaning and cutting without any issues by any means.

Crkt Knife Video Review


The knife has a great design. It's anything but difficult to deploy.The blade is sharp from the industrial facility.


The blade gets dull quick as its made of a milder edge. The sending won't be tried and true for the first couple of tries.

 4.  Benchmade Mini Griptilian

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Benchmade easily holds unmistakable quality in the knife group as one of the best makers around today. Also, that is much appreciated, to a limited extent, to their Griptilian group of knives. Between the prevalence of their blades, their simple-to-grasp handles, and Benchmade's mark Axis locking framework, I can't turn out badly with any of them.

This one, the Mini Griptilian, is effortlessly the most pocket-accommodating. It has a shut length of just 3.87 inches – however, the 2.91-inch 154CM steel blade won't disillusion, regardless of whether I'm an urbanite or outdoorsman. The lightweight glass-filled nylon handle is certain to remain intense through whatever I can toss at it. On account of the substantial thumbhole, the blade can be conveyed effectively right-or left-gave.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian Video Review

 5.  Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

Spyderco knives emerge not only for the individual leaf' style blade shape or their mark Spyder gap for thumb organization. However for their predictable capacity to make probably the most exceptional pocket envelopes accessible available. Maybe the best of the greater part of their offerings, in any case, is their Paramilitary 2 – a refreshed consequence of their procedure of Constant Quality Improvement.

Including a more ergonomic G-10 handle and a 4-way take cut, this change of their single Paramilitary pocket collapsing knife highlights an unmistakable back-mounted liner bolt – on the other hand, a pressure bolt – which includes expanded security and health when being used. This knife comes outfitted with a brilliant CPM S30V steel 3 7/16 inch blade and an overall length of 8 9/32 inches. If you are searching for a remarkable regular convey knife that will never let you down, this is it.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Video Review

 6.  Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Chris Reeve, this is seemingly the most broadly yearned for an arrangement of collapsing knives accessible to the ordinarily convey group. To begin with made in 1987, the Sebenza has advanced after some time – being changed all over – until the Sebenza 21 was discharged in its 21st year of presence. Today, this knife arrangement is as yet the bar by which all different knives are judged.

This form, the Small Sebenza, highlights an empty ground CPM S35VN stainless steel 2.94-inch blade, which folds into a 6AL4V titanium handle with the "First Integral Lock" outline bolt and has a general length of 6.875 inches. Also, with or without the removable pocket cut, this knife is extremely conveyed cordial. And every one of the elements of this knife is all the more amazing when I consider that it tips the scales at just 3 ounces.

Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21 Video Review

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