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Best Elk Hunting Backpack

Serious hunters can bear witness that hunting season does not begin on the opening day, but starts months prior to the season. Hunting season starts with preparation, where hunter dear up and get everything ready for hunting. I like elk hunting and one of the main things that I usually have to prepare before hunting season begins is the elk hunting backpack. In this article I review the top 5 elk hunting backpack that I have used and proof to be the most effective back for elk hunting.

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Here is a list of the Best Elk Hunting Backpack

Top Five Best Elk Hunting Backpack

1. Slumberjack Rail Hauler 2500 Frame:

This is one of the top 5 elk hunting backpack that I can personally recommend for you. I acquired it for multi-day elk hunting purpose when I learned that its versatility is unrivaled. It is a scouting and impromptu backpack for someone with a possible spinal injury.

When it comes to elk hunting, you don’t need not carry rifle and bows one your hands throughout. You needed a pack to would carry them, and that is exactly what Slumberjack Rail Hauler was designed for. It features a giant trophy carries system with aluminum support. The pack comes with some optional straps with fastex buckles that make it each to attach your bivy gear outside the built in straps. This ensures that the back accommodate all the quartered pieces of the game will be hauling.

I have learned that this backpack is perfectly designed for tough hunting and I recommend to anyone preparing to go for elk hunting. It can make a perfect chair, and you just need to loosen the hip-belt and lean back. It is design to provide a comfort backrest in any terrain. This is a useful feature especially if you will be sitting for hours glassing for game or hunting turkeys.

2. Tenzing TZ 3000 Hunting Backpack:

This is one of the best elk hunting backpacks and I have been using it for quite some time. They claim that they it allows great adjustment on all straps and include a harness system that allows distribution of loads throughout, which I later learn that it really has. I use the pack to hike in steep and rugged terrain with an altitude of close to 3000 ft and at the end of the day, I don’t realize that I was carrying very heavy load.

The pack is very comfortable to carry and can accommodate all the essential that I need during the hunting. I can accommodate 3 liters of water, stove, food, tent, sleeping system and rain gear. It features quality stitching and workmanship as well as nice zippers and straps that are of great use. It is designed to sit comfortably in the back and most cases I use it to backrest while glazing for the game, without the need to take the pack off.

The pack features a great harness ventilation and extremely comfortable padding, with no pressure point of hot spots. The only thing I wish it could be improved with this pack is to have a few attachment in the front compartment to ensure that there is secure hooking up range finder, keys or other items that can easy get misplaced while the field.

3. Eberlestock M5 Team ELK Pack:

If you are looking for an outstanding elk hunting backpack that you can use as a day pack, this pack is a perfect one. I like pretty much everything about it as a day pack. It is well designed for hiking as it waist belt is fairly sturdy and well-padded and includes enough amount of decent straps with lots of extra lengths that goes around larger loads.

The pack resembles a military pack, and you can use it as a military backpack but with a few more features that make it the best elk hunting backpack. You can load all you hunting gear in it. It is designed to have body-following contours and comes with a bottom shelf design.

It handles all the elk quarters fairly well as it has a front quarter, rear quarter and backstrap for a full-sized quarter on the back. The back can accommodate as much as 62 pounds at once. I can pack all my meat here including up to two mule deer when I have some. I have personally use this pack several times and highly recommend it for all elk hunter.

4. Badlands 2200 Backpack:

Badlands 2200 Backpack

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

I shopped this pack in Amazon Online Store when I was preparing to for elk hunting. The pack allows quick adjustments, and it is a long back that can accommodate all the essential things that you need during hiking and hunting. It is extremely comfortable and can handle the weight very well. With this pack, I can easy load my items and ready to walk within minutes.

Badlands 2200 Backpack can be the best elk hunting backpack so far. It is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer who has been in the market for quite some time. The modern pack features the same design with the 2012 model but was redesigned to offer better functionalities. The pack includes spotting scope pocket as well as a front entry suspension. It is among a few packs that feature built in meat shelf. The back does not only make day versatile but offer much more and comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. Sitka Gear Men’s Sitka Bivy 30 Backpack:

I knew that I would be struggling with a heavy load, and I needed a back that would allow me to distribute loads in the pack and offers a lot of comforts. I needed something light but functional in such a way that it allow me to match my style of the stalk and shoot hunting. I did not intend to use this pack for hauling meat, but since I was going for three-day mule deer hunting, I just needed a pack that can accommodate around 35 pounds of hunting gear and I learn that this pack is just fine.

For those looking for a great elk hunting backpack, this is a great partner. The designer of this pack had a goal of coming up with an elk hunting backpack that will make hunting a lot easier. You can hunt for hours while going light. It is available on Amazon in affordable price and limited warranty, which reveals how quality the pack is.

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