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Best Extreme Hot Weather Gloves Review 2017

Hands are among the most important tools your body has as they are also the best weapon you will ever have. Tactical gloves are meant for various purposes as they come in a variety of materials and styles that are built for maximum protection and comfort. During the warm summer seasons, having the right tactical glove will make all the difference in performance, especially if you work outdoors. With the latest advances in technology, tactical gloves are able to provide the best control and grip you can get – no matter what the situation may be.

Here is a list of the Best Extreme Hot Weather Gloves

With a ton of research and hundreds of reviews, we’ve got the best extreme hot weather gloves that will leave you feeling cool all summer long. But first, we must determine which of the distinguished characteristics are recommended.

Here are four categories to evaluate the best extreme hot weather glove:

Finger Dexterity

The ability to move and extend the fingers inside the gloves and be able to grab smaller objects

Fire Resistance

The flame retardant quality of the glove will save a person from severe injury.

Special Features and Technologies

As every manufacturer has developed their own special line of technologies, each is used to enhance the quality of the gloves – to help stand against over glove companies.


In most cases, the higher the price, the better quality the glove is. You can certainly match your budget with high quality gloves with great material as it will help easy any discomfort along with benefiting your long term use.

Common Questions about Warm Weather Gloves

I work in high temperatures all day long, what glove should I use?

As most companies have a large selection of warm weather gloves, breathability and impact protection is the key. Take note of where and how you will be using your gloves and determine what features and material the gloves would need.

Is there a material that won’t make my hands sweat?

While there is no material that will be able to keep your hands from sweating, moat gloves are made with a breathable material technology that will allow sweat to escape. Most gloves are made with synthetic leather or nylon and combined with a mesh that is most often place on the back side of the glove.

What are the most common hot weather hazards?

The warm summer heat can bring new challenges and dangers into the work field as many common hazards involve accidental tool slips, due to sweaty hands, overheating due to lack of rest and hydration, lack of compliance, and distraction from discomfort.

Will breathable gloves smell if I sweat in them?

As no glove is able to smell fresh forever, your gloves will be able to maintain a normal scent with proper care. Always be sure to read the specific care instructions and remember that heat and sweat will always go hand in hand, no matter what gear you wear.

The Best 5 Extreme Hot Weather Gloves

1. 5.11 Tactical Station Grip

5.11 Tactical Station Grip

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

The glove is multi-functional as it lets you keep control of your dexterity and mobility. The back panel is made of a stretchable knit material that allows you freedom with every moment your hands make. The palm and fingers of the gloves are used to provide protection without affecting your movement. The gloves also offer padded knuckles that give extra protection.

>>>View 5.11 Tactical Station Grip Gloves here<<<

These gloves are not very well insulated, meaning they are not ideal for extreme weather conditions. The 5.11 offers superior grip though it does leave room for potentially limited finger space. Another great feature is the attached ID tag to make it more personalized as well as the stretch cuff Velcro closures that allow proper fit. The Grip glove is fast-drying and extremely washable making it the best value for the price.

2. Mechanix Wear MG 55 010

Mechanix Wear MG 55 010

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

The brand has a strong reputation of designing top quality gloves to suit a large range of needs as the 55 010 provides a breathable palm that allows durability and suppleness, while offering a strong grip for gun usage. The fingertips are dual-layered which offers more protection as well as reducing wear and tear. As many gloves are not meant for hot weather conditions, these layered fingertips offer superior protection.

>>>View Mechanix Wear MG 55 010 Gloves here<<<

The glove is available in a variety of colours and sizes as the lightweight gloves barely weight 2.9 oz. The ultra-thin closure promises a comfortable fit with adjustments, making it one of the best hot weather gloves.

3. Muyankissu Military ½ fingerless Tactical

Not every hot weather glove user wants full-coverage gloves as these are definitely the right choice for those who prefer more grips on their fingers. The ½ finger military gloves can serve as a great option for more finger control or simple backup gloves to include to your gear. The design of the gloves is made with high-quality leather that was treated to provide comfort as well as reliability and durability. Generally it is not well insulated and not the best choice for holding hot casings.

>>>View Muyankissu Military ½ fingerless Tactical Gloves here<<<

Overall, if you’re looking for comfort and durability while offering grip without ruining your ability to manoeuvre or use the trigger.

4. Hatch Specialists All-weather

These specific gloves are the top used by military and law enforcement as the all-weather gloves were designed with synthetic leather palms and durable neoprene to ensure durable, comfortable gloves that are great for everyday use. With the Toughtek materials, the palm and fingertips are non-slip while the index finger is not, making it specifically designed for gun usage. The Velcro closure of the glove allows proper ability to fit your hands properly during all types of weather conditions.

>>>View Hatch Specialists All-weather HG003 Gloves here<<<

#1 What We Recommend: Under Armour Summer Blackout Tactical Gloves

The Summer Blackout Tactical glove was intended for law enforcement and military use in hot climates though the gloves make a great pair of OCR gloves.

>>>View Under Armour Summer Blackout Tactical Gloves here<<<


When you’re working all day out in the sun, the perforated palms and mesh backs will allow heat to escape leave your hands feeling cooler and prevent them from overheating.


Under Armour holds a strong reputation for excellent quality as this tactical glove will surely be able to take a beating. It is important to understand that like most gloves on the market, it doesn’t do well with heat from friction as Under Armour even states that the glove might melt from heat friction such as rope repelling.


The Summer Blackout tactical gloves are built with neoprene, mesh, and synthetic leather along with a Velcro wrist closure to secure the hand. As this glove is purposely meant for summer weather, it offers strong protection against sudden bangs and hits as well as serves as a barrier for handling extremely hot objects. The pair has an attachment loop opposite the wrist closure that is used to hang the gloves up for proper dry and storage.


As gloves often have an issue with fit, the Under Armour gloves were seemingly fitted as there were no noticeable hotspots or gaps bunching the material of the glove. Most of the non-contact surface of the glove is constructed of mesh to provide a generous amount of vents to help keep your hands cool and moisture-free, especially during the hottest weather. These gloves are specifically used for hot weather as they will barely serve as a barrio during the cooler months as the gloves do not provide any proper insulation.


The gloves provide a sufficient amount of protection, especially as the synthetic leather protected against a heated material that could not be touched with bare hands. However, there is not enough protection on the back of the gloves when compared to a hard glove as the main focus of the glove is breathability, the mesh material offers little protection to scratches and sudden bangs. The protection of the gloves stops at the wrist with no additional forearm protection as an extended cuff.

Style and Design

The colour is light in colour as it is similar to the light tan shade which easily picks up grease and dirty as gives the palms a grey tone when worn out. The glove has a tight fit without the uncomfortable snugness as the Velcro enclosure ensures a secure fit around the wrist. As expected, the gloves carry the UA under Armour Logo on the back as they are stylized silicon-grip lines all through the palms to serve as an additional traction. Just be sure to go a size up as these gloves come small in size.


With the thinness of the synthetic leather, the fitted form of the gloves offers a subtle stretch. With minimal stitching in contact areas, the gloves allow reliable manoeuvring and weapon manipulation.


With enough research and experience with the Under Armour Tactical Summer Blackout Gloves, for the price of $30, you will definitely get your money’s worth when it comes to a comfortable, fitted glove that will give you the freedom to perform the motor skills that are needed to accomplish. Just be sure to go a size up as a glove’s ideal fit vary from brand to brand.

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