Best Fighter Pilot Moto Video Ever!

As a former pilot myself I have seen a lot of moto aviation videos. Some good and some not so. This one is at the top of its class. I found this little gem hiding in plain sight. If you are not a pilot, you will want to be one after watching this video. If you are a pilot, get ready for the best ride you’ve had on the ground in a long time. To truly enjoy this video I recommend you strap in, put your headsets on, turn the volume up and go to full screen mode. This video is full 1080p and worth watching every second. 

This video was made for the 2014 Navy Hornet Ball which is a ball held by F-18 Hornet pilots annually.

At first you will think, “Oh well”. Then you’ll start to notice that you are rocking in your chair to the beat of the music wondering if anyone notices you. You will then start to realize two things. These guys are moving at over 250 miles per hour but can go as fast as Mach 1.8 (1,370.2 mph). Then there is that fact that none of this video is a retake, meaning they didn’t use any of the video more than once.

About five minutes into it, you think its ending. It’s not. It’s only getting better. The scenes in this video are so cinematic and real that you think you are really there and more than that, you want to be there. But be warned, Naval Aviator Strike (fighter) pilots go through over a year of flight training before they are even assigned to a squadron. I guess there really is a difference between a pilot and a Naval Aviator.

Other resources

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