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Best Fixed Blade EDC Knife under 100

While out on an outdoor trip or generally in the wild, it is best to have a knife alongside you. You never know when you could require it. A regularly convey knife is the best choice. There is five best-fixed blade EDC knife under 100 that you ought to consider.

Here is a list of the Best Fixed Blade EDC Knife under 100

Top 5 Best Fixed Blade EDC Knife under 100

 1.  Tops Knives Tom Brown Scout Fixed Blade Knife

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

With regards to survival EDC fixed blades, Tops Knives are industry pioneers. They are extreme, worked for the outside and now intended for regular utilize as well. Their joint effort with Tom Brown has brought about some of the most well-known fixed blade blades. The Scout is their offering for the EDC client searching for a reduced estimated survivor that packs a punch in execution.

The Review

Initially intended to be a chasing knife, the tracker scout is an adaptable fixed blade that can be a lifesaver in more than one circumstance. Made from 1095 carbon steel with an epoxy covering that stops rust, the scout is light-weight but amazingly extreme.

The sloping edge blade is a minor 3, " and the general length is an agreeable 7-1/4″ that enables it to slip into your pocket and go undetected.

The solid handle development gives it the quality you want in the outside when you are batoning or cleaning. To guarantee that you get the ideal grasp, it includes the Micarta scored handle which enables you to feel the heaviness of the blade as you hold it.

The Tom Brown Scout arrives in an all-dark Kydex belt sheath. But there are a plenty of post-retail calfskin sheaths accessible, for individuals who can't think past cowhide.

Utility: There is next to no that you can't do with the Tom Brown Scout. The solid handle and the carbon steel are an intense mix. If you are utilizing it to begin a fire, utilize the tip on the blade side, however.

Best Features:

  • Compact estimated EDC fixed blade
  • ​Drop point blade with a solid handle outline
  • ​Micarta handle for a flawless hold with no hotspots
  • Kydex belt sheath

EDC Rating: The best! For fixed blade aficionados searching for an EDC that is prudent, sharp and solid, the Tom Brown Scout is the best decision.

 2.  Tops Knives Baja 3.0

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Some of my best EDC blades originated from Tops. Furthermore, in spite of attempting my best, I absolutely can't put the Spyderco, which is very mainstream among knife buffs, before this one. This is the Baja 3.0, which holds all the mark components of a TOPS fixed blade, but offers some additional as a more extensive blade than ordinary.

The Review

The Baja 3.0 is a dwarf estimated fixed blade that is just 6 1/4″ long but brags of a 3″ blade. That is a large portion of the length of the knife. With a more extended blade than ordinary, it cuts through the vast majority of the things with a surgical exactness. This is a quality that outdoorsy individuals will love. Take it outdoors, or for cooking your catch in the wild, the Baja 3.0 is exactly what you require.

It includes a 1095 high carbon steel blade that has a distal decrease from the handle to the tip of the blade. This gives you better control and expertise in errands that request artfulness, such as cutting. The molded handles with the level and notched scales fit splendidly into the hand.

Tops Knives Baja 3.0 Video Review

The jimping on the spine is uncanny of Tops but gives you the extra support for undertakings that request the sponsorship with your thumb.

The Tops Baja 3.0 accompanies a cowhide sheath which can use both hands, can be conveyed vertically and also on a level plane and holds the knife safely. An embed has been added to the base of the sheath to keep the knife from slicing through. Considering that the Baja 3.0 comes laser sharp out of the container that is a slick little expansion.

Utility: The minimized size, expansive blade, and the ideal geometry make the Baja 3.0 a perfect useful knife. From regular errands like cutting strings, bundling, and opening boxes to the more particular ones like dressing amusement and cooking, it performs immaculately making it an awesome EDC fixed blade.

The Best Features:

  • ​6 ¼ " fixed blade with a 3" front line and 1/8" thickness
  • ​1095 high carbon steel blade
  • ​Micarta chunk handles
  • Good quality calfskin sheath
  • Laser sharp

EDC Rating: The best! The Baja 3.0 is a total bundle that comes prepared-to-use out of the container. It can without much of a stretch turn into your go-to EDC fixed blade for ordinary utilize.

 3.  Spyderco Street Beat Micarta Plain Edge Knife, Black

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Spyderco is a notable name among knife buffs, and the Street Beat is one of their most consummately built blades that has been composed by Fred Perrin, an ex-commando who also appreciates an extraordinary fan following in the realm of strategic blades. The Street Beat is consistent with Spyderco's cut driven plans and has enough elements to make it an adaptable EDC fixed blade.

The Review

The Spyderco Street Beat includes a full-level ground, the Japanese-made VG-10 blade that is 5/32″ thick. It has a marginally augmented but uniform jimping on the spine that gives you a firm hold while utilizing your thumb. While the in-your-face knife buffs will frown, I have personally never encountered any issues with the VG-10 blades not holding their edges. The uniform edge gives it a smooth appearance that is regularly ailing in numerous EDC blades.

The smaller than the normal Bowie cut point will inspire you amid pushing with the improved control it offers. The inward/curved Micarta scaled handles are to a great degree agreeable to hold, and most clients will be astonished at the span of the blade left on the front. For the reduced size, the Street Beat packs in a great deal of blade.

Spyderco Street Beat Micarta Plain Edge Knife Video Review

The profound finger choil brings out blended sentiments from knife clients. Personally, I feel that it fills its need as a hand protects. I question the adequacy that it gets to the dealing with or control, however.

The solid handle development makes it a solid regular convey. But the thin pointed tip may not be the best of decisions for prying.

The Boltaron sheath with the G-clasp is somewhat of frustration for a perfectly outlined fixed blade knife.

Utility: From outdoors to cooking, the Spyderco road beat will fill the need with elan. I wouldn't utilize it for extreme prying employments. But many people have utilized it for comparable tasks with no issue.

The Best Components:

  • ​Compact measured, beautifully composed knife
  • ​Full-level ground Japanese-made VG-10 blade that 3-1/2″ long and 5/32″ thick
  • ​Fits flawlessly on your belt and can be utilized as an attentive EDC fixed blade
  • Micarta scaled molded handles
  • ​Deep finger choil
  • Full tang development

EDC Rating: Good. This wouldn't run down too well with a lot of other individuals. But I feel that the Baja 3.0 scores marginally superior to the Spyderco Street Beat as a fixed blade EDC. Having said that, the Street Beat is a sublimely outlined level blade with a large number of noteworthy elements. It is minimal, has an awesome hold and slices through generally things. You would be unable to settle on a decision among the main three.

 4.  KA-BAR Jarosz Choppa Knife, Black/Brown

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

It is not each day that you get the opportunity to catch wind of another blade propelled by Kabar. At the point when the Globetrotter was reported, it made a great deal of foresight among knife devotees. Planned by Jesse Jarosz, the youthful Nebraskan knife producer who's now cut a name for himself in almost no time, the Globetrotter is intended to be the quintessential EDC. It is little, capable and sharp.

The Review

Made from 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel, which is utilized as a part of a ton of Kabar blades, the Globetrotter measures 7.5625″ by and large and has a 3.5" bleeding edge. The steel holds its edge for quite a while and is simple to hone as well. The slanted edge blade has a level blade crush and is 0.17″ in thickness.

It is consistent with the name, "Globetrotter" since it is intended for adaptable utilize. Something that you can toss into your travel rigging and convey with you to deal with a heap of odd assignments that may come up.

The handle is produced using Ultramid polymer and fits softly and easily into the hand. There are no sections on it. But it is a truly better than average fit.

KA-BAR Jarosz Choppa Knife Video Review

It accompanies a nylon sheath that is MOLLE good and has a Velcro strap connection on the switch. A plastic embed in the sheath keeps the knife from slicing through, and there is a waste gap on the sheath that enables the water to deplete if you ever utilize it in the rain.

The Kabar Globetrotter is made in the USA.

Utility: Jesse Jarosz has posted a video on his YouTube channel where he utilizes the Globetrotter in the forested areas as a bramble making and outdoors knife, and you can see that it is an extremely solid and flexible knife. It can cut, skin, cut and pry. The blade is impeccable estimated. It is not very little or too enormous that makes it appear to be unflinching.

The Best Features:

  • Compact measured EDC fixed blade
  • ​5" slanted edge bleeding edge
  • ​Molded polymer handle that gives a decent hold
  • ​Nylon sheath with plastic embed to ensure the blade
  • Great esteem for cash

EDC Rating: Good! This is an esteem for-cash buy. It is estimated under$100 and is fundamentally the same as a specially designed knife from Jesse which is evaluated at $170. So, the Kabar Globetrotter can be an incredible decision for anybody searching for an adaptable EDC fixed blade without burning up all available resources.

 5.  Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife with Walnut Handle

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

My rundown of the best EDC fixed blades could never be finished without a Buck. These folks know how to make a decent chasing knife, have been around perpetually and they offer an 'eternity guarantee' on their blades, which is amazing. The Ranger Skinner is one of those blades that I convey for field chases. Never leave my home without it.

The Review

As you remove it from the case and hold it, you can feel this is a solidly developed knife. Exceptionally 'Buck like.' You don't expect anything lesser from Buck, and they don't baffle one piece. The Ranger Skinner has a 420 high carbon steel slanted edge blade that is 3 1/8 creeps long.

It has a gut that is ordinarily found in Skinner blades and fits in splendidly in hand. The handle is coal black jewel wood, which is a mix of wood and plastic. It has a walnut complete and looks exceptionally smooth. There is no jimping on the knife, but there is a finger choil that gives you a decent hold for your push cuts.

The blade is dangerously sharp. You can remove it from the container and shave with it. It's that great. Include the solid handle development, and you have an exceptionally solid field knife that you will love to convey.

Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife Video Review

It accompanies a dark cowhide sheath that has a waist band. The sheath has a plastic embed that secures the blade, and you can hear a clicking sound as the blade fits cozily into the sheath.

Utility: The Buck Ranger Skinner is the ideal minimal chasing knife that is perfect for cleaning, sprucing up amusement and field dressing. But that is not to take away its utility in an urban setup. It can be utilized for practically anything including prying extensive open boxes.

Best Features:

  • Small measured EDC fixed blade with the Buck logo
  • ​420 high carbon steel slanted edge blade that is 3 1/8 creeps long
  • ​Proven steel utilized as a part of a few buck models
  • ​Ebony Jewel wood handle
  • ​A groove that bends over as a hand watch
  • Black cowhide sheath with a waist band

EDC Rating: Good. If you have utilized a Buck knife before then, you'd know straight away that you are putting resources into a quality item that has an incredible notoriety. This is an extremely reduced and durable fixed blade knife that can be utilized for various errands. To finish it off, it is estimated under $60. Extraordinary purchase!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fixed Blade EDC

Purchasing any EDC involves personal inclination over whatever else. I can see tirade for a considerable length of time about the characteristic qualities that settle on a knife the best decision for you. Unless you fancy it, the odds are that you won't get it.

As opposed to settling on a purchasing choice in light of the state of the knife or the extent of the blade, there are two vital things that you should consider before purchasing a fixed blade EDC.

The Steel: The steel is the absolute most vital element that can influence the execution of the knife. There are a wide range of sorts of steel that is utilized as a part of making EDC blades. The difference in the structure of the steel and the changing level of added substances influence the hardness, capacity to hold its edges and imperviousness to wear and tear. It is difficult to cover all the different sorts of steel in this article.

Some of the normal assortments that you should know about are:

  • Tool Steel: These are normally utilized as a part of mechanical apparatuses and are portrayed by their sturdiness, scraped spot resistance, and hardness. Some of the normally utilized assortments of steel in this classification are D2, O-1 and CPM 3V.
  • Carbon Steel: Tough, sturdy and lightweight, carbon steel blades are favored by the genuine open-air lover. They are more costly than stainless steel however and can hold a sharp edge for any longer. But, they are inclined to erosion because of the low chromium rate.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is carbon steel with no less than 13% chromium. These are effortlessly the most mainstream assortment of steel utilized for making EDC blades.

It is reasonable for say that none of these steels are superior to the next. Much of the time, it is a tradeoff between some components. While some are harder and harder, but more inclined to erosion, others are more impervious to wear and tear but can twist or break effortlessly.

The Tang: The Tang is the second most essential variable, and it is the means by which the handle is connected to the blade.

  • A solid handle is the most favored sort of tang, and the blade augments the distance till the edge of the handle long and width. The handle is included for a superior hold and improving reasons. A solid handle EDC settle blade is a merciless knife that can take a beating.
  • ​A half tang blade which may also be known as a rodent's tail gets smaller as it nears the finish of the handle. It might be welded or strung toward the end. A half tang fixed blade knife is not as strong as a solid handle one and will probably break or slip particularly amid hard utilize.
  • No tang or, empty handle blades are the weakest and there is nothing inside the handle. The blade is welded to the handle and these blades are the weakest among all EDC fixed blades.


Those are the best fixed blade edc knife under 100 in the market now. They have a demonstrated execution and you can't turn out badly with these. I trust you appreciated perusing this rundown and it helps you get a knife that does the employment.

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