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Best Fixed Blade Knife in 2017

The fixed blade knife is excellent. It's light, elegant/functional, and locks nicely in its sheath without rattling with a positive feeling in place. While it is securely held in place, the knife is easily removed from the sheath with a firm tug or by pushing against the sheath with the thumb in a controlled manner. It is razor sharp out of the package.

Here is a list of the Best Fixed Blade Knife in 2017

Honestly, I have a heavier knife to prepare the tree, and although I'm sure of the design of this knife, my larger knife is more designed to patch small pieces into smaller pieces (I also have a Silky Pocket Boy drill) that's fixed Blade The knife is designed for cooking. That's why I went with a Stainless and plastic shell.

My fixed blade knife is coated in oil and is currently sheathed in leather. I do not intend to contaminate food with oil, get that knife constantly wet with washing, or get my porous leather sheath moldy or full of materials I can not easily clean out of it. The Plastic sheath is much easier to clean, I have no worries about constantly washing the fixed blade knife, and for cleaning fish, skinning and field dressing wild game, chopping veggies, I think it's an ideal companion knife.

I can still get the Bushcrafter model as a rear knife, because I will patinate and essentially abuse my other knife (and mostly to match my camel, but the color of a fixed knife blade complements the orange package, and my package also has a blue color -I am the dork).

A fixed knife blade weighs almost nothing! I do not notice the knife when I ride mountain bikes. When it's time to set up a camp and forages for fire materials and cowards (dead birch is everywhere here), my knife is right on my hydration!

Purchasing Considerations

Kind of Steel

The kind of steel matters enormously in how well a knife will work. Some fabricates subcontract the creation of their items and escape with utilizing 400 arrangement steel. Blades made of this lightweight steel hone effortlessly, but they don't hold the edge and can without much of a stretch snap when you are utilizing them. We chose that any blades (regardless of how cool they looked) produced using 400 arrangement steel was a no go.

Single Edge

Twofold edged blades get a ton of consideration but as per those aware of everything they are not the best decision. You will utilize it as an apparatus, and a twofold edge blade will make those nearer tasks harder to deal with. You need the blade to have a midsection on it, and you need it to be a solitary edge for best adaptable utilize. We concluded that we would discount the twofold edge blade from our pursuit.

Solid handle Construction

If you need to have the capacity to pry, hack and slice you need it to last at that point, there is no exemption to the solid handle run the show. A solid handle gives the blade its energy. We just considered items with a solid handle development.

Solace is Key

We also taken a gander at blades that had extraordinary handles. A very much adjusted handle makes it considerably simpler to utilize. The best of the best will be a knife that has a decent solid handle that makes light work or the greater part of your undertakings.

Top 5 Best Fixed Blade Knife in 2017

 1.  Ka-Bar USMC Combat Knife

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

The USMC Combat Knife from Ka-Bar has a long history of use by both military personnel and civilians for self-defense and survival. The knife goes back to World War II, where it became a standard problem for United States marines as a hand-to-hand fighting knife, quite versatile for utility use. It boasts a comfortable, beautiful leather handle and a blade of straight-edge steel that keeps a sharp edge constantly.

Ka-Bar USMC Combat Knife Video Review

 2.  SOG Seal Pup Elite

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Seal Pup Elite is the latest addition to the SOG line to the SEAL line, designed specifically as a high-performance blade for use by US special forces during tactical operations. Therefore, if it is good enough for the best soldiers of our country, it is definitely worth it for you so that you can go to the mountains for the next trip.

A thicker stainless steel steel blade with a black TiNi casing with a black body withstands hard cuts that matter, but at the same time remain sharper than most of its competitors. Rapeseed added to the blade spine allows strategically to place thumbs during smaller and more complex cutting tasks such as feed and notches, while the fiberglass injection mold completes the noticeable features of the knife.

SOG Seal Pup Elite Video Review

 3.  Cold Steel Recon Scout

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Take a walk in most of any fire house, especially in the neighborhood where this author lives, and at least one of the firemen working there will have a Cold Steel Knife in his pocket or with their fire extinguishing. Cold steel knives were for a while and not without reason. They perform.

This fixed knife from Recon Scout has a solid Kray-Ex handle and a 7.5-inch high-carbon blade that has been heat-treated and hardened to simulate the strength and sharp hold of the Japanese sword. You will definitely find your way out of the brush with this knife or, at the very least, try to make some damage.

Cold Steel Recon Scout Video Review

 4.  Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Of all the knives on this list, Gerber's Fixed Blade Deluxe Knife is the most suitable for self-defense applications. Despite the fact that any knife can easily repel an attacker, the Ghostrike kit has been specially designed for covert transport thanks to a concomitant low-profile modular system of shells that allows you to wear your nose imperceptibly on your belt, ankle or anywhere else you can hide it.

The blade of the point cutting edge has a size of just over 3 inches, is made of steel 420HC and has a rubber handle with an inscription with a diamond texture that provides a reliable fixation when it's time to use it. As always, before you wear a knife, check the local and state laws.

Gerber Ghostrike Fixed Blade Deluxe Video Review

 5.  CRKT Ultima

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

There are several reasons why Knight Knife from CRKT did it on this list, the first of which is a full-size blade, is necessary for any serious fixed knife that you intend to use daily or in a survival situation. The second reason is to use a blade with a full touch at the joint of the handle to turn on a heavy-duty rod. The third reason is that the overhead nylon knife handle, which not only looks stiff, but also provides reliable grip even in the dirtiest, wetest and coldest conditions, thanks to which you can find yourself in the unique design of segmented triangles.

CRKT Ultima Video Review


This knife is skinned and quartered with a whitetail this year with zero problems. Digging a hip ball out of the socket is enough to roll the edge a bit. This knife way outguns its price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Best thing for hunting use, is when you've dressed your deer, you can put your knife back into the plastic sheath knowing that it's plastic and easily washes out. I don't like leather or nylon sheaths on knives I'm going to dress game with for that reason. I always feel like I need to get as much deer off the knife as possible in those cases. With this, deer was dressed, dropped the knife into its sheath, and I washed it all up when I got home. Better than any expensive knives for said task.

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