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Best Folding Hunting Knife under 50

When planning a hunting or camping trip, one of the main items needed is a folding hunting knife. A folding knife has a blade that folds into the handle. This protects the blade and decreases the chance of a person cutting or stabbing themselves when carrying the knife. It is also beneficial to have a folding knife as the size is decreased, therefore fitting more conveniently into smaller spaces.

Here is a list of the Best Folding Hunting Knife under 50

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Our Top 10 Best Folding Knives

I took a gander at every blade independently and looked at the sharp edges, handles, and even the ergonomics of each to contain the best 10 I could discover for under $50. In the long run this rundown may change, however for the present this is the thing that I thought of.

1. Spyderco Tenacious

I pick the Spyderco Tenacious as my top spending plan folding knife, Why?

Its a straightforward answer truly, in light of the fact that it is. The Tenacious is to a great degree moderate, has pleasant G-10 handles and the cutting edge material is more than satisfactory being 8Cr13MoV.

Out of the container obviously the Tenacious is extremely sharp, the edge is somewhat delicate so you may discover you have to hone it somewhat more regularly. Be that as it may, the 8Cr13MoV touches up simple.

The G-10 scales feel pleasant, they have great surface to anticipate slips and can withstand substantial use. In the event that you might want extra data on the Spyderco Tenacious I would urge you to look at my full audit.

Despite the fact that this blade is made in China, for under $40, the Tenacious is tops on my rundown of spending plan folding knives.

2. Kershaw Cryo

Kershaw Cryo Folding Knife

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

The Kershaw Cryo is number 2 on my rundown for a couple reasons, above all else this envelope is extremely moderate. You can get the first Cyro off Amazon for around $35. Trust me, for what you get in this blade that is a hell of an arrangement.

The sharp edge and handle are 8Cr13MoV, with Titanium carbo-nitrade covering, I'm not going to get into the art of it here. Be that as it may, I can let you know 8Cr13MoV material is a top of the line stainless steel, so for the basic reason this blade is made totally out of it gives me no motivation to uncertainty its quality, or toughness.

Alternatively, on the off chance that you would rather have an alternate handle material, for example, G-10, the Cryo is likewise avilable in this design to. I for one think G-10 is one of the best handle materials out there, so on the off chance that you let me know I can get a Kershaw Cryo, with G-10 handles, for just $30, I'm everywhere on that.

Outfitted with Speedsafe and flipper opening frameworks, the Cryo shouldn't be ignored in the event that you are searching for a folding knife for as little as possible. For just $30, the Cryo is certainly a main 10 best collapsing blade accessible.

3. Cool Steel Recon 1

When I first saw the Cold Steel Recon 1 something about it simply fit my eye, I truly loved the looks of this blade. Its a strategic style blade and I just truly like everything about the way it looks and feels.

The AUS-8 steel sharp edge is truly strong and more than proficient to handle intense occupations. Then again course if comes dangerously sharp from the processing plant, however its additionally simple to touch up if need be. AUS-8 is a brilliant worth valued steel.

The G-10 handles are extremely very much textured and give great footing when utilizing this blade. The ergonomics of the handle were well thoroughly considered, the finger notches are a pleasant touch and give an agreeable hold.

The Tri-Ad bolt is exceptionally solid, its somewhat hardened at first utilize however extricates up as the blade softens up. The clasp is little, yet solid and gives the blade a chance to convey further than anticipated. The main genuine dissension I have with this blade is the surface is somewhat harsh, and could bring about some wear to your jeans. I'd prescribe a slight sanding under the clasp to save the wear and tear on your pants.

Generally speaking however, at the cost, at just shy of $50 on Amazon, you completely can't beat the Recon 1 as far as worth.

4. Kershaw Leek

Kershaw Leek Folding Knife

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

No financial plan blade rundown would be finished without the consideration of the Kershaw Leek. This blade has many components I for one like, and a couple I don't. Yet, for a $40 dollar cut its not going to be great.

The Leek has a Sandvik 14C28N Steel cutting edge, which is a top evaluation blade steel. It's edge maintenance is better than average and its simple to re-hone when required.

The handle is globule impacted stainless steel, and can get somewhat tricky in wet conditions. Nothing a little hold tape can't illuminate. Some individuals would say they shouldn't need to alter a blade to make it work, however like I say, we are talking spending plan blades here, so none will be a definitive EDC.

What I truly like about this blade is the Speedsafe arrangement with your forefinger, its lighting quick. In the event that you haven't attempted a Kershaw with the Speedsafe I would very suggest you do as such.

The Leek is likewise outfitted with thumbstuds and the organization is additionally fast, I lean toward the pointer, yet both are similarly great.

By and large the Leek is extremely well assembled, its sharp, thin and light. For an EDC, it the ideal size, you can't generally see it in your pocket. It's the ideal blend of size, weight and length.

The best motivation to love the Kershaw Leek… Made right here in the USA.

5. Spyderco Ambitious

The Spyderco Ambitious is the very meaning of a buget folding knife. Indeed, even publicized in that capacity by Spyderco themselves in their line of quality evaluated collapsing cutting edges.

In the event that you like a little EDC folding knife, the Ambitious is great. Only somewhat more than 5 inches opened with a conservative 2.25 inch edge, it will fit pleasantly in your pocket and you won't be weighed down.

Much like the Tenacious, the Ambitious has G-10 scales and games the 8Cr13MoV steel edge with liner lock. On the off chance that you can tell from different blades recorded here I for one like the vibe of the G-10 and the cutting edge steel is more than able for these financial plan blades.

For reference the Spyderco Ambitious is an inch shorter that the Delica 4, however somewhat fatter. Likewise with the greater part of Spyderco's offerings, the ergonomics are awesome and the blade fits extraordinary in the hand.

The Ambitious would be an impeccable EDC blade to convey in urban communities that limit sharp edge lengths, ie Boston or Chicago.

Generally the Ambitious is an extraordinary little folding knife, and with a sticker price right around $30 is a flawless blade for the financial backing cognizant. On the off chance that you can get over the way that is made in China, this little blade from Spyderco is a victor.

6. Kershaw Brawler

Next up on the rundown, the Kershaw Brawler. What I truly like about this blade if the speedsafe capacity with flipper, makes for super quick one hand edge sending.

What else do I like about the Brawler you may solicit, the sticker price from course. You can get this blade from Amazon for around $30, not to awful for what you arrive.

The cutting edge steel is 8Cr13MoV with a dark oxide covering, it searches really cool without a doubt, however the dark covering can and will scratch. I wouldn't let that trouble you a lot of however, it's a $30 blade all things considered.

The 8Cr13MoV is anything but difficult to hone and can hold a pleasant edge for a long time, if you're searching for several months in the middle of honing with substantial use, then perhaps this one isn't the blade for you, yet an once per month touch up is entirely respectable for typical use.

The thumb studs, or cutting edge quits relying upon who you solicit, jut on both sides from the sharp edge. For me they are not so much useful for opening, I discover they are to near the handle and ungainly to utilize. The flipper is substantially more convenient for me.

The glass filled nylon handle is decent and solid, with a pleasant texturing to forestall slips and mishaps when wet. It's matte dark completion is pretty scratch resistent and ought to hold up to generally employments.

Another pleasant component to this blade is the pocket cut, the handle is bored for quad convey, tip-up or tip-down and left or right gave. So anyway you want to EDC, the Brawler is made to satisfy.

For the person hoping to spare a couple bucks, I'd say the Kershaw Brawler would make an immaculate spending plan folding knife.

7. Sog Flash II

Number 7 on my rundown is the Sog Flash II collapsing blade, a decent consideration to my main 10 list. Infact, both renditions of the Flash 2, the plain edge and halfway serrated edge can both be purchased for under $50 each.

So for me the notoriety of the SOG brand and the satisfactory materials utilized on this folding knife settle on it a main 10 decision.

The Flash 2 has a 3.5″ AUS-8 Japanesse steel cutting edge. SOG blades are quite understood for utilizing the AUS-8 steel as a part of a considerable measure of their blades. If I somehow happened to put in on size of 1-10 for taking and edge, I would give it a 10 without a doubt. With respect to holding that edge, it be a 6 presumably. The simplicity of honing compensates for the shorter maintenance in the event that you ask me.

The handle is developed from glass strengthened nylon (GRN) and is really solid, additionally with a pleasant texturing to counteract slips. The clasp is mounted on the very end of the handle and conveys low in your pocket.

Moreover when the edge is shut, the well being lock keeps the cutting edge from being opened by any means. This would be useful in a house with little children on the off chance that you accidentaly abandon it sitting on the end table or something to that effect.

The Flash 2 is a greater blade, so on the off chance that you favor a littler EDC blade, the first Flash 1 would be a decent alternative. It's cutting edge is an inch shorter at 2.5 creeps and weights just 1.30 ounces, and is likewise less expensive at around $35 on Amazon.

For under $50, I think the SOG Flash 2 is would make a decent supplement to any persons pocket.

8. CRKT M16-14ZSF

To begin off with, the M16 is a major blade, not one I would suggest for EDC. So if that is your motivation for understanding this article you might need to skirt this one.

All things considered, the CRKT M16 is an exceptionally decent collapsing blade. It looks great and is extremely agreeable to hold and utilize.

The cutting edge is produced using AUS-8 steel, which I've discussed beforehand and can truly perform well. It’s milder steel so the edge maintenance isn't incredible, yet it's not terrible either. Additionally it can be touched up effortlessly so this for me isn't a major issue.

Opening this blade is basic, it has the double flippers so a snappy swipe with your forefinger and the sharp edge is conveyed rapidly.

The handle is produced using glass-filled nylon with a desert camo shading, its looks truly cool. Lamentably however there isn't much texturing on the handle by any stretch of the imagination, yet the double flipper framework truly makes this a none issue, its practically difficult to slip into the sharp edge with the flippers there.

The M16 comes outfitted with the AutoLAWKS framework, which keeps the liner lock from discharging with the blade opened. You need to separate the lock to discharge the liner and close the sharp edge. It can be troublesome for 1 hand shutting, however as you get accustomed to it gets to be less demanding.

As I said, it is a major blade, 9.25 inches open length and 6.3 ounces enormous. Not something I would need to convey in my pocket, yet for a rigging sack and chasing pack it would make a decent expansion.

The CRKT M16 on Amazon will go for just shy of $50, and has numerous extraordinary surveys from many individuals. For under $50 and the immense elements this blade brings to the table I'd say give this one a shot.

9. Ontario Rat 1

Ontario Rat 1 Folding Knife

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

It's uncommon that you discover a blade of this quality offering for as low at $25, contrasted and other more costly collapsing blades the Rat 1 will stand it's ground without inquiry.

For an EDC, the Rat 1 is spot on the cusp of being to enormous at 8.5 creeps in length, however being just 5 ounces it could without much of a stretch be conveyed all things considered.

The fit and complete of this blade is wonderful, there is zero sharp edge play and its only a general strong blade.

The plain edge sharp edge is developed from AUS-8 steel and has a decent glossy silk completion to it. It's super sharp out of the container, easily re-honed and its edge maintenance is extremely respectable.

While its not a helped opening cutting edge, it is conveyed with thumbstuds and is quick and smooth, no protestations here on that front.

The dark nylon handle is not as grippy as say a g-10 handle, however is bounty grippy enough to counteract slips. Ergonomically the Rat 1 handle is extremely agreeable. No sharp edges to delve into you hand, it just feels better than average in your grasp.

The pocket clasp is bored for your decision of tip up, tip down, left or right hand convey.

For under $30, you will be unable to locate a superior collapsing blade. This blade is amazing for the cash, is it Made in the USA, no. This may keep some individuals from purchasing one, however this would be their misfortune, since this is one sweet sharp edge.

10. Buck Knives 279BKS Folding Alpha Hunter

To wrap up my main 10, I picked the Alpha Hunter from Buck Knives. Couple reasons I picked this collapsing blade, for one it's a Buck Knife, so their eternity guarantee applies. It's Made in the USA, at whatever time I can bolster American made items I attempt to do it.

In any case, since it is made in the USA doesn't mean I naturally add it to my rundown, the Alpha Hunter is a strong collapsing blade all alone merits. It's overwhelming obligation development justifies itself with real evidence.

The 420HC glossy silk finshed cutting edge is 3.5 creeps in length with a slanted edge. The 420HC is Buck's standard edge material, it has great wear and consumption resistance while staying simple to hone.

The handle has a stainless steel outline with dark rubber treated scales, they are exceptionally sturdy and offer a protected vibe. No pocket cut alternative here however, its planned to be sheath conveyed.

The all steel development just makes this blade a bit on the overwhelming side for pocket convey at any rate, coming in at a powerful 8 ounces (1/2 pounder) it would be a noticable expansion to your pocket.

Another issue I found with attempting to stash convey this blade, the rubber treated scales make it difficult to get the blade all through your pocket. What's more, pocket build up preferences the elastic fissure.

The included Nylon sheath is the way I convey and store the Alpha, its a backbone in my chasing pack and has field dressed numerous diversion creatures for me.

The redesigned adaptation of the Alpha Hunter incorporates Rosewood handle scales and S30V cutting edge steel, however as you can envision it additionally keeps running about $30 more for those components.

The Alpha Hunter practically could be somewhat higher on the rundown, its an emphatically developed blade and feels extraordinary in my grasp. However the higher sticker price and the certainty its not my EDC blade I couldn't legitimize moving it up. You can get this form of the Buck Knife Alpha Hunter from Amazon for right around the $50 territory.

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