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Best Folding Knife Brands

Folding knives are very important in our daily life. These are generally referred as pocket or jack knives. Whether you're going for camping, hiking, or just for security, a folding knife becomes your choice. Buying a folding knife is a tough decision. Before stopping at any knife, it becomes important to consider several factors like what the blade material is used, what's the handle material, does it have finger grooves which ensure better control, and the locking mechanisms.

Here is a list of the Best Folding Knife Brands

Purchasing a folding knife from an unknown is something like risking your life in the hands of a stranger. Therefore, it's highly important to go for a trusted and well-established brand which gives you quality & style, and never lets you down. In this article, we have talked about the best folding knife brands which you can trust, and these companies have proved themselves year after year.

Top 5 Best Folding Knife Brands

Buck Knives

The Buck Knives founded in San Diego, California, USA. It's one of the oldest & most trusted folding knife manufacturers. For over a century, Buck Knives are known for their high standard and classic designs. If you love to go in the wild areas, then Buck Knives provide everything you need.

High-Quality Blades

Buck Knives uses 420HC, 154CM, and S30V for creating blades, these materials make the blades rust resistant, gives hardness and dramatically higher edge retention. Its performance will not decrease whether you use it in a moist environment, or in high/ cold temperatures. It works in any weather conditions.

Locking Mechanisms

In a folding knife, a lock mechanism is an essential part which needs to be of highest quality. It should not close while using. To prevent these things, Buck Knives discovered various locking mechanisms which include Lockback Linder Lock, Frame Lock, SLS, Assisted-Opening, and Button Lock.

Other Important Features

You can rely on these knives because they are made from 5160 Steel, 420HC Steel, 154CM Steel, and S30V Steel, which are one of the best materials available for making knife blades. The Company uses Rubber, Micarta, and textured handles which provide a superior grip, even in wet conditions. While its wood and composite handles give a perfect fit, grip, and durability.

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Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives founded in 1974, headquarter in Oregon, USA. Kershaw is a well-known manufacturer of folding knives, pocket knives, and sporting knives. It's one of the best brands on which you can trust.

SpeedSafe Assisted Opening

Kershaw has collaborated with many custom knife makers, including popular "Ken Onion". In many Kershaw Knives, you can see Ken Onion's Award-Winning SpeedSafe Opening Mechanism. By introducing SpeedSafe Mechanism, now Kershaw Knives are safer & easy to open.

Composite Blade Technology

Kershaw uses Composite Blade Technology by which their blades stay sharp and strong. In the Kershaw Composite Blade, you'll see the brazed joint, a thin copper line between the two steel blades which not only increases its strength but also offers an amazing design which you can't get anywhere else.

Other Important Features

The Company's Locking System is one of the best in the industry, so you don't have to worry about folding blades will close during use. All the Kershaw knife handles give a perfect grip. You can even interchange a number of blades in a single handle with Kershaw's Blade Trader System.

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Benchmade Knives

Benchmade came into existence in 1988, California, USA. Currently, their headquarters are in Oregon, USA, because of the State's relatively relaxed knife laws. For over 20 years, Benchmade has been manufacturing world-class products for their customers. This Company takes reliability and performance to the next level.

Strong & Durable Blades

Benchmade knives are used by special operation forces to backcountry hunters, so they need to be of best in class. To create strong & durable blades, Benchmade uses high-quality materials including 154CM, CPM 20V, M390, N680, DAMASTEEL, and DAMASCUS.

Trusted Opening & Closing Mechanisms

In a folding knife, its opening & closing mechanism should be perfect. If we talk about the mechanism, then nothing is better than Benchmade. Whether you use them in wild areas, or in everyday life, you'll be impressed by their opening & closing mechanisms. The Company uses AXIS, AXIS Assist, NAK-LOCK, NITROUS, AXIS Dual-Action Automatic, which are best in the industry.

Other Important Features

The Benchmade knives are made by modern laser cutters which give them perfection to the highest level. For making handles of their folding knives, they use durable materials like G10, Carbon Fiber, Dymondwood, Givory, Santoprene, Aluminium, and Titanium. After having all these things, Benchmade's folding knives got strength & design, and are ready to be used for years.

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Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance is a brand of Kai USA Ltd and first appeared in 2006. Initial products were combat knives, but after that, they gain expertise in manufacturing a variety of knives for general use. These knives are for those people who want a well-built and tough knife.

Red Beast

ZT knives are manufactured of premium materials such as S35VN, CTS-204P, or S30V for blade steel. Therefore, their blades can be used to cut almost anything. Due to their supreme quality, people call ZT knives as "Red Beast".

Easy Opening

To make sure their knives open as fast they can, Zero Tolerance uses Assisted Opening and KVT Ball-Bearing Opening mechanisms. With these mechanisms, you can open your knife easily, even with your one hand.

Other Important Features

ZT's premium blade locking system ensures their knife will not close while using. ZT uses Tungsten DLC for blade coating which enhances performance and made to last. Most of the ZT knife handles are CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machined, it gives a programmed texture on handles which provides a perfect grip.

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SOG Knives

The SOG Knives came into existence in 1986. The Company has a full line of knives and other necessary tools. SOG Knives gained respect in the world by providing high-quality and innovative designs.

SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T)

SOG Assisted Technology works by balancing high-tension coil springs, resulting, the blade opens instantly once it's engaged, seemingly on its own. You'll find this feature very helpful when you need to open your knife quickly.

Tough & Strong

Generally, SOG uses VG-10, high-end Japanese steel, for making blades which are known for their toughness. SOG's Cryogenic Heat Treatment increases the blade's toughness and heightened wear resistance. With these things, your knife will become tough & strong which can handle every situation.

Other Important Features

If your SOG knife gets dirty, you can clean it easily. It gives optimum performance for long-term. Blade's double tooth saw design gives truly cutting edge. A lifetime warranty ensures you get no problem. With these qualities you can say, No man should go into the wild without an SOG Folding Knife.

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