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Best Folding Knife for Skinning Deer

An outdoors or hunting day is not finished without a skinning knife. Not a solitary professional hunter would go for hunting without the skinning knife in the wilderness. A best skinning knife is should with the goal that you can skin your wild hunt. We have gone along a rundown of skinning knives, likewise deer skinning knives, so that your next hunt would be a fun and you've great time skinning your deer or whatever other creature. Thus, here we have recorded a table of knife having all kind of skinning knives with changing cost. Try not to anticipate that every one of the knives will be flawless, but they are sufficient to complete the work.

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Here is a list of the Best Folding Knife for Skinning Deer

Choosing the Best Deer Skinning Knife

  • Folding Skinning Knife: Folding skinning knife features a folding blade mechanism which you can convey with you anyplace, because of its little size. Folding Knife is a decent decision if you need to use your knife for numerous reasons, but it won't not be a decent decision if you need to use it for bad-to-the-bone stuff.
  • Folding Blade Knife: Folding blade knives are not DEC knit vest, because they simply don't fit in your pocket and regardless of the possibility that they do, then it may make a cut on your body. However, these knives are useful for bad-to-the-bone work, because these knives can hold up under significantly more weight than folding knives.
  • Gut Hook Blade: Gut hook is extraordinary release to the folding blade knives. This feature is uniquely included for the skinning reason. It opens the creature's stomach region rapidly without cutting through the organs. Gut Hook improves the work less demanding and if you need to skin a deer or some other creature.

Top Five Best Deer Skinning Knife Folding Blade

 1.  Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Skinning Knife

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Outdoor is edge is a razor sharp blade knife made for hunting and skinning. It's a folding skinning knife with push-button replacement blade framework, accompanies 5 additional blades, as should be obvious in the photo. This knife accompanies the blade length of 3.5 inches, and overall length of knife is 8 inches which is pretty dope - not enormous and not short. It's a light weight knife, weights around 180 grams.

The blade is comprised of 420HC stainless steel which will protect it from rusting. The blade is sharp out of the container, you can skin a wild hoard into equal parts the time. This is a delicate blade knife so it may get dull, but like we said, the knife accompanies 5 additional blades so you can switch it up or essentially sharp it. Those additional blades features gut hook at the top of the blade which slices open the tummy to haul out the stuff inside the creature.

Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Skinning Knife Video Review

 2.  Columbia River Ken Onion Skinner

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

In the wake of experiencing a great deal of experiments this knife turn into a fantastic decision for a skinning knife. It works useful for skinning, gutting, deboning, the fine detail cuts favored by taxidermists, and even kitchen and camp works.

The handle of knife is double infused shaped which practically makes it an outlandish handle. The profound finger coil on the handle makes the knife quite simple to grip, and holds great grip even in the extraordinary wet conditions.

Columbia River Ken Onion Skinner Video Review

It's a folding blade handle knife, so it's to a great degree useful for skinning, and it won't soften out even up outrageous weight. This is totally a decent decision for a skinning knife if your financial plan is under 50$.

  • Pros: Good plan knife with the decent handle and razor sharp blade. It's certainly a deer skinning knife.
  • Cons: Poor quality stainless steel (Your blade will show up a couple blood spots subsequent to skinning).

 3.  Buck Knives 0691BKG Buck Zipper with Guthook

Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

The Buck Skinning Knife 0691BKG is a 6.7 inches straight-back Bowie knife constructed of 420HC which is extraordinarily intended for the skinning. This knife is proficient for different outdoor exercises. The blade is really sharp to skin. Also, it accompanies a gut hook blade and along these lines skinning turns out to be really simpler with this blade. More than that, the blade is sufficiently sharp to perform substantial errands.

The knife accompanies a solid handle constructed combined with a finished elastic handle with metal monitor, so you'll get a steady knife that additionally has a solid grip feature. The finished elastic handle provides the additional grip, and holds a decent grip even in wet conditions. The blade quality is great and made to keep going for quite a while.

  • Pros: Made of Quality Steel. Gut hook Blade for skinning. Sturdy and Strong Knife.
  • Cons: Sheath could have been somewhat better.

 4.  Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Knife

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Buck knife is one of the top knife brands, and buck has been making all kind of knives since long. Buck Skinner 103 is a folding blade knife, and accompanies the calfskin sheath. It's a thick and decent shaped blade. The knife is so sharp out of the container that could even cut the pioneer sheath if you don't haul it out precisely. It's a medium weight knife, 6 oz. and benefits pretty occupation.

This knife accompanies one of the traditional looking handle, consist of Cocobolo Dymondwood handle with metal monitor. Its pre-fixed wooden handle. The blade makes great grip since it's made of wooden material. The handle material comes convenient in part logs and different other outdoor exercises. The knife is steady and you don't have to stress over those blood spots, but you can use an oil subsequent to skinning the deer, hoard or whatever other creature.

Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Knife Video Review

The blade is razor sharp. It's the best skinning knife under 70$.

  • Pros: Razor Sharp thick blade, Quality steel (edge remains super sharp).
  • Cons: Blade could be somewhat better.

 5.  Benchmade HUNT 15001-2 Saddle Mountain Skinning Knife

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Discussing knives and Benchmade doesn't make to the rundown, it's inconceivable. Benchmade 1900’s blade is intended for simple skinning amusement. The tip is tight, while the bended stomach helps gets past thick layers. It is made in the USA. Blade and Other Dimensions: The knife accompanies the S30V Blade which is great for consumption resistance and edge maintenance. The general length of knife is 8.73 inches.

The blade is to a great degree sharp. You can do skinning effectively furthermore do a few tasks like cutting ropes with no bother. It's unquestionably a top class blade made of value steel which won't let your knife as the day progressed. The knife has stunning skinning blade shape. It's a thick blade, and its stick sloping edge makes the skinning fun. You will have some great time with this knife, without a doubt. Furthermore, not overlook that it accompanies a calfskin sheath.

Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinning Knife Video Review

This knife accompanies the Dymondwood handle for a tight grip and durable excellence (so that shade of handle don't blur away). You can expect a decent grip notwithstanding when you're wearing gloves. This is a top profile blade with wonderful steel so it doesn't require visit touch ups after the skinning work. The solidness of knife is strong. It will satisfy your desires for the best skinning knife. Also, it's made is USA, so you can't point a finger on its quality.

  • Pros: Razor Sharp blade with a pleasant handle.
  • Cons: Looks somewhat old school skinning knife.


Nature of the skinning knife differs as indicated by the cost. Increasingly the cash you spend the better skinning knife you'll get. Nonetheless, we have recorded top 6 skinning knives made by mainstream knife brands, and every one of these knives feature extremely imperative parts of a decent skinning knife.

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