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Best Folding Knife Lubricant

Oiling any moving parts or joints of a knife periodically ensure longevity. Avoid letting any blade get wet as this will cause corrosion. According to my research below are the best folding knife lubricants that will help keep your knife safe.

Here is a list of the Best Folding Knife Lubricant

Below are the Best Folding Knife Lubricants that will help keep your knife safe.

1. Benchmade BlueLube Lubricant 1.25 oz Bottle with Nozzle - 983900

Introducing a newly formulated technology to help keep those knives tuned for smooth function. Start off with BlueLube cleaner to flush and prep the moving parts for a fresh application of BlueLube. BlueLube not just lubricates up, it forestalls rust and consumption, as well. Both recipes work in pair to upgrade general knife capacity and keep things moving like a well-oiled machine (without the buildup).

2. FrogLube Extreme Liquid (1.5 oz.) Frog15248

FrogLube Extreme Liquid

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

FrogLube Extreme Liquid is designed to work in every climate from -40F to +125F. This allows users to transition between sub-zero environments to high temperatures without having to change their bio-based lubricant. It remains pourable in freezing temperatures and will stay intact in extreme heat. Includes one 1.5 fl oz. bottle.

3. Metal Glo Professional Polishing Paste (UC2723)

Metal Glo is a professional quality polishing paste for knives and other metal surfaces. It cleans polishes and protects, while removing tarnish and oxidization. Metal Glo will beautifully polish stainless and carbon fiber blades, as well as brass, silver, gold, chrome, copper, nickel, pewter, porcelain, fiberglass, plexiglass, hard plastics and painted surfaces. No knife collection is complete without Metal Glo Polishing Paste.

4. Boker Oil Pen 2.0 Knife Lubricant/Protectant (0.40 oz.) 09BO750

Using the precision applicator of the Boker Oil Pen 2.0 you can properly maintain your knives and ensure long-term enjoyment. The oil is odorless, colorless, and silicone-free. It's also physiologically safe in accordance with USDA and FDA for use around food, not that you'd want to test that out.

5. Nathan's Honing Oil for Benchstones and Sharpening Systems (4 oz.)

Nathan's Honing Oil 

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Nathan's Honing Oil is an all-natural sharpening lubricant that helps keep stone pores from becoming clogged. Use during and after sharpening blades to lubricate natural or man-made benchstones and sharpening hones. This product has been specially formulated by the world leader in sharpening systems. 4 fluid ounces.

6. FrogLube CLP Paste Tub Container (8 oz.)

FrogLube Premium is a bio-based cleaner, lubricant, and protectant. It is the first truly Green firearms product of its kind. It out performs its traditional petroleum-based counterparts. Extensively field tested in various types of fire-arms, this 'food-grade' product is non-toxic, safe to handle, and can be deposed of without hazard.

7. Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease 12cc Syringe (91050)

A synthetic blend of grease in an easy to use syringe. HI-SLIP GREASE contains the finest micro-bonding lubricants available. Tested and used by NAVY SEALs, to protect expensive, hi-tech firearms and equipment in all temperatures and all environments; from the deserts of Kuwait to the Bering Strait, it reduces friction and protects from -65F to 650F. A light application prevents galling and corrosion of all metals including titanium, stainless steel and aluminum even under high load and extreme conditions.

How it works

HI-SLIP GREASE works by sticking right where it is applied. Sentry Solutions formulated this product with just the amount of tackiness to resist any migration and resist water wash off. Using the handy syringe you can apply precisely the amount needed and know that it will not spread to other areas of your firearms or equipment. When used in combination with Sentry Solutions dry film products (like SMOOTH-KOTE and BP2000 Powder) you are able to tune your firearms for the highest performance and reliability.

Directions for use

Clean surfaces well. Apply a small amount of HI-SLIP GREASE (about the size of a pen tip) with the syringe Applica∨ exactly where you want it. Wipe off any abundance. Pull back on syringe plunger to coax oil out of spout and supplant top. At the point when applying to bigger surfaces, for example, slide rails or strings on stifle tubes, utilize a swab or like spread a meager film on the territories to be ensured. Continuously wipe off any overabundance to avoid mess and contamination of surrounding areas.

8. Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide - 1/2 oz. Precision Applicator

Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

Provides rust protection and lubrication that bonds to metal so it lasts a long time. 1/2oz. / 14ml.

TUF-GLIDE - A quick-drying partner for TUF-CLOTH, TUF-GLIDE is a powerful dry-film rust inhibitor and lubricant that outperforms oils, silicones and similar products. The coating bonds to metals so it will not wash or wipe off. Use TUF-GLIDE to protect the hard-to-reach areas of all your equipment and gear.

A dry film rust inhibitor and lubricant, replacing oils and silicones. Designed to be used with TUF-CLOTH and MARINE TUF-CLOTH.

Sentry uses state-of-the-art dry film technology to make TUF-GLIDE a superior, long-lasting product for both rust protection and lubrication. Sentry developed a proprietary formula of dry film rust inhibitors and lubricants which have a natural affinity for metals. Pure mineral spirits is the carrier, so TUF-GLIDE is fast drying and easy to apply. Designed to be used with TUF-CLOTH and MARINE TUF-CLOTH, it makes difficult to access areas of firearms and equipment easier to protect. TUF-GLIDE should be used on all types of metal finishes, and woods for protection and lubrication. It makes oil and silicone products obsolete.

How it works

TUF-GLIDE enters hard to get to zones and uproots water. It gives cleaning, rust security and grease. Immaculate mineral spirits conveys the dynamic fixings and gives cleaning activity. It dissipates, and Sentry's exclusive fixings bond to the surface; this holding guarantees enduring adequacy. TUF-GLIDES' waterproof insurance won't wash off and won't thicken in the driving rain (even down to - 40F/ - 40C). It won't draw in soil like oil-based items, nor is it a dangerous film like silicone. It is incredible to use on wood and is alright for generally plastics.

9. FrogLube Super Degreaser 4 fl. oz. Bottle

FrogLube Super Degreaser

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

FrogLube Super Degreaser is a super duty cleaner and degreaser used for removing hardcore fouling deposits, excessive grease and oil residues, and for removal of storage preservatives. It works against all forms of petroleum and hydrocarbons, and petroleum distillates. It also cleans heavy metal, copper, lead, stainless, chrome, nickel boron and other metallic finishes. It has been specifically formulated to allow for varying the cleaning strength by adding water in accordance with a dilution schedule. The Super Degreaser can also be used in ultra-sonic cleaners. The formula, like all FrogLube formulas, is 'biobased' and made from natural plant-based, food-grade ingredients.

The professional grade product line-up has been created for discriminating firearms professionals, elite operation units, competitors, trainers, armorers, gunsmiths, manufacturers and high end builders who demand the absolute highest performance from gun care products.

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