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Best Folding Knife under 100

Here are the Best Folding Knife Today under 100 Dollars that will fit your needs and financial plan. Keep in mind, your EDC is not expected to be the master-of-all-exchanges'. There are dependably superior knife for specific errands like cutting tomatoes, cutting tent pegs from a fallen branch. However the greater part of us need a solitary "do-everything" knife that stays with us for the duration of the day and is sufficient for just about anything. It should be tried and true, agreeable to convey and perform well in an assortment of circumstances.

Here is a list of the Best Folding Knife under 100

Top 6 Best Folding Knife under 100

1. Spyderco Sage-1

It conveys 8Cr13MoV steel like the Kershaw Cryo yet has a different look and feel. The cutting edge is leaf-formed and massively sharp right out of the crate as we have a tendency to anticipate from Spyderco's nowadays.

Ergonomics are first rate and it just about feels like an augmentation of your hand as you cut during that time's assignments. We likewise like the four-way stash cut that can be introduced up or down on either side. Presently let's be honest, neither this nor the Cryo will outflank a large portion of the $50+ blades recorded on this site and they won't approach the $100+ blades. Still, if you're searching for an EDC beater' knife with just $30 or so to spend then these are super choices.

Spyderco Sage-1 Video Review

2. Cold Steel Recon-1 folding knife

Cold Steel Recon-1 has a handle made from G-10 which feels almost like sandpaper in your hand. I like this feature because it gives your hands good protection from slipping unto the blade. It also comes with the pocket clip is ambidextrous. You can use a T-6 torque wrench to switch the pocket clip from side to side. With the same wrench you can remove every other screw except for the pivot pin. You can remove the larger screw (pivot pin) with a T-10 torque wrench. The blades are crafted with Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel. This steel holds a good edge and is very easy to sharpen. Every Recon-1 blade is hollow ground. This means that the blade tapers down to a RAZOR sharp edge.

Cold Steel's Ultra Lock mechanism has been tested to hold over 200 pounds. This gives you added peace of mind. Recon-1 blades have a black Teflon finish. This helps to prevent rust and reflections. The Cold Steel Caledonian Edge is a great knife for utility and everyday use.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Video Review

3. Cold Steel Rajah II Knife

Another great folding Kukri by Cold Steel is the Rajah II which has 6" of cutting power so you can deliver deadly cuts with every strike of the blade. The unique locking mechanism on the Rajah provides you with the best possible protection and security during high force combat situations. Carry this kukri as you would any other pocket knife and you'll be ready for any emergency knife circumstance. The blade length on this knife will bring all of your friends pocket knives to shame.

Cold Steel Rajah II Folding Knife Video Review

4. Kershaw Leek Folding Knife

Kershaw Leek Folding Knife

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

  • It is slim and portable. Some of my folding knives are a hassle to carry with me because they are so bulky and obtrusive. The Leek fits comfortably in my pocket and is hardly noticeable at all. The 3 inch blade is legal to carry almost anywhere, but still large and sharp enough to give you some great cutting power.
  • ​As you give the thumb stud a slight push, you will notice that the blade comes flying out of the handle very quickly. The reason why that is Kershaw has implemented their Speed safe assisted opening system, which is smooth as silk.
  • Kershaw gives you a lot of different options when you buy a leek. You can get a blade crafted with Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel or S30V stainless. In addition, you can choose between Sandpaper-like G-10, aluminum or stainless steel for the handle material.
  • ​If you've ever had your pocket knife open in your pocket and stab you in the leg, then you probably don't want it to happen again. The Kershaw Leeks have a really cool locking feature on the handle which prevents the blade from opening unexpectedly.
  • Your fingers have excellent protection from lock failure due to Kershaw's ultra-strong frame lock. My lock has no movement from front to back or side to side and it well-built to stand up to some hard-use. The Kershaw Leek was available with a longer blade (4-5 inches).

Kershaw Leek Folding Knife Video Review

5. Benchmade Griptillian

The Benchmade Griptillian is one of the greatest folders I have had the honor of possessing. Its mechanics, smoothness, and over all comfort make this knife one of the best EDC out there. If you haven't heard of this amazing knife already, here you go.

  • The Modern blade steel is 154CM which holds a solid edge with normal usage, but is also sharp enable when it dulls.
  • ​Its Axis Lock makes for fast opening as well as safe and quick closing after your chore is complete.
  • ​The handle is comfortable as well as "grapy,” It is a knife with some width, which fits very confidently in the hand. It has nested steel liners in the handle for added torsional strength, a lanyard hole, and tip up left and right clip carry option.
  • ​It has high hollow grind that terminates in a small cutting edge as a very steep angle, making this knife very, very sharp.
  • The full-size griptillians have thumb studs to deploy the blade, while the Mini Griptillians have a hole. Benchmade really got their physics right on this knife. The blade is perfectly balanced, making opening fast and reliable.

Benchmade Griptillian Folding Knife Video Review

6. CRKT M-16 EDC

CRKT M-16 EDC Folding Knife

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

All of the M-16 knives are great for a wide variety of uses from an everyday carry (EDC) to a rescue knife. When looking for an EDC knife on a budget look no further than an affordable CRKT M16 folding knife. The M-16 features a Zytel handle that combines durability and amazing gripping power all from a materials that is resistant to solvents. With a wide variety of different blade and handle color options you can get the knife that suits you best. Most of the EDC features the legendary Auto LAWK system so you no longer have to choose between a folding and fixed blade knife.

CRKT M-16 EDC Folding Knife Video Review

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