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Best Food for Emergency Storage

We put together a resource for preppers of all different experience levels ranging from those who are just starting out to those more advanced.

 We have designed this post to give you ideas for different things you should consider storing and why we recommend it. The rest is up to you on how you decide to strategize preperation for disaster.  Here are our suggestions for what we believe to be the best food for emergency storage.

Types of Food to Store

Here are common types of food stored by preppers:

Canned Food – This is the type of food that is stored and preserved in the can. They usually have a longer shelf life than fresh food products although they will still expire after some time.

Dehydrated Vegetables and Food Products – It goes to show that because the moisture is taken out of the food, they will tend to last longer than all the other food products. This means that this can be stored as emergency food for a long period of time.

Grains – This includes various types of rice that can last for a long period of time when not cooked. Of course, when they are cooked, their shelf life becomes shorter so just enough rice should be cooked at a time.

Food for Emergency Storage to Stock Up On

1. Dry Pasta – The thing with dry pasta is that they can easily be cooked in boiling water for a few minutes depending on the type of pasta that you would choose to get. They can also be stored for a long period of time because they have been dried out of moisture.

2. Oatmeal – Since oatmeal would also stay fresh until they are cooked, you can be sure that this will help feed your family if in case the disaster strikes. It also makes people feel full easily which can make food supplies last longer.

3. Sugar – There is a need for sugar during the disaster because energy should be kept up during the whole ordeal. Sugar can also make a lot of the food taste better than usual because of the added sweet taste that it can give.

 4. Salt – Not all food products need to be sweet and there will be moments when you would like a hint of saltiness to the food that you will eat as well. Salt may absorb water and moisture but this does not mean that it is not useful. It can still be used for a long period of time.

5. Oil – It will be hard to cook certain food products without oil since water can only do so much so make sure that you will stock up on oil that will not go bad easily. While olive oil may be a good choice when it comes to health, its shelf life may only be up to two years.

6. Popcorn – Aside from the fact that popcorn can be used as a great snack when cooked, popcorn can also be turned into flour and in turn can have multiple uses so this is one food product that should not be forgotten.

7. Dried Meat/Seafood/Vegetables – Anything that has been dried will last longer than fresh food products so you can expect that you have to stock up on dried food since this will last longer and can help you survive for a long time.

8. Instant Drinks – If you are unable to survive without your coffee, you may want to forget about your usual coffee beans and stock up on instant coffee instead because this will help you out a lot when you need your coffee fix after the disaster has struck. You may also want to stock up on instant hot chocolate and dried fruit juice.

9. Crackers – While this is not usually one of the food products known for the nutrition that they have, they are one of the normal snacks that people eat so this can make people feel a bit calmer about the current situation.

10. Honey – While you may already have sugar as a sweetener, you can   make use of honey as a natural home remedy. It can be used for a variety of things and will prove to be very useful in the long run.

With all of these things in mind, stocking up on emergency food products will be easier to do. Make sure that you will build up your pantry before disaster strikes.