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Best GPS Hiking Watch

If you are in the woods much you will find having a watch altimeter function is a very good addition to have. Since the base information that drives the watch is barometric pressure, you also get the side benefit of getting basic weather information as well.

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Before watch altimeter products were available, you had to carry always devices separately. You had one device it would tell you the temperature, another device that would read barometric pressure if you are into that, and yet another device to tell you what direction you're walking in. Combining all these functions into one product in the watch altimeter is a terrific way to cut back on the amount of instrumentation that you take along on a trip like this. While certainly primary instruments like GPS need to be available with a backup, having the watch as insurance is just a terrific safety feature.

Here are 3 Reasons It is Important to Know Your Altitude When You are Hiking:

  1. Knowing where you are - without a doubt, your GPS and any other instrument you bring along are excellent resources to use to understand your position in the woods or on a hiking trail up in the mountains. However, having a watch with altimeter function allows you to add one further piece of information to that mix - how high you are from sea level.
  2. Predicting the weather - because the underlying data behind the altimeter is the barometer, you have the ability to use that barometer to tell things about upcoming weather. You can notice the speed at which things change barometric lead and make a number of predictions about whether the weather is improving or degrading.
  3. Catalog your journey - just having a record of where you've been and how high you been is exciting part of the outdoor life. Being able to record your weekends adventure is great because it allows you look back and see how high you been, how far you walk, or how low a temperature it was when you slept outside. It's just nice to have this information available and all you do is write down the readings you see on your watch altimeter to do that.

With watch altimeter functions it is important to keep things in perspective. You need to take some time though and understand the way your watch works and the accuracy of the information it can give you. Unlike most electronic devices, you really need to take some time and get to know the owner's manual of your watch altimeter functions. Trial and error is not a good thing to do when you're planning to be far away from civilization and the cost of a mistake is rather high.

Active men need an active watch to keep up with their lifestyle. Whether you are a sporting or athletic man or like to go cycling, swimming or hiking at weekends a good sports watch will keep you on the right track, both figuratively and physically.

Watches with compass are necessary devices needed when one is hiking in the wilderness or trying to find a landmark in a unfamiliar town. Many men and women, when imagining a compass, think of a person in the woods trying to locate her way to camp. However a direction finding device can be as useful for those looking for an art museum when they step off the metro train.

Some time pieces have digital compasses which for some people make reading easier. People who are not familiar using a direction finder should read up on how to find a destination using a directional and a map. There are many resources in the library and on the internet on how to correctly use a direction finder.

The direction finder will point to the North Pole or due north, so the direction to the right of the needle is east. The direction to the left of the needle is west and the opposite direction of the needle is due south. But it is not as easy as sticking the directional out to find due north.

Some compasses are susceptible to magnetic interference so that the needle is not pointing to the North Pole but is being attracted by a piece of metal nearby. When shopping for compasses find out how sensitive the needle is to metallic distractions. The better compasses provide very accurate readings.

Some time pieces include an altimeter and a chronograph. Altimeters measure altitude and when used alongside a direction finder can find a location more accurately than a GPS tool. Altimeters are always being improved on so buy the latest model available. These devices are reasonably priced and many stores sell at a discount so it is worth spending time shopping around for the best price.

A chronograph is another name for a stopwatch which can be used to keep track of the time it takes to complete a hike up a mountain pass or used to keep track of the time it takes to boil an egg. There are digital chronographs and analog chronographs available on today's time pieces. Some believe that the digital chronographs are easier to read whereas others prefer the classic appearance of the analog model.

Some time pieces come equipped with a barometer which reads atmospheric pressure which is important in predicting weather patterns. People who are doing weather research need to have a barometer so that they can keep track of weather changes. Barometers, in days of old, were large devices that had to be attached to the wall but now they fit on a small time piece.

Watches with compass, altimeter, chronograph, and barometers, are a necessity for those who like to spend time in the wilderness. People who travel in unfamiliar cities also can benefit from having a direction finding device handy in order to find city landmarks. The altimeter measures altitude, the chronograph acts as a stop watch, and the barometer measures changes in atmospheric pressure. The direction finding device points due north so that a traveler will be able to determine which direction to head in order to find one's way east, west, and south.

There are a multitude of different sports watches available these days and choosing the right one can be difficult. Much depends upon they type of activity you are taking part in and to what level. If you are a serious athlete you may need a sports watch with more features than if you are a weekend hiker.

So, let's take a look at the features you can expect to find on a good sports watch. Firstly, if you are a water sports enthusiast you will want one that is water resistant. Some of the sports watch offer water resistance up to 200 metres, fantastic if you are a diver, enjoys swimming sailing, fishing etc. Shock resistance is also an important feature. Many of these watches are built to high specifications to withstand both daily and extraordinary trauma. If you are likely to be training or hiking in remote areas then consider one that has built in GPS or a compass.

Most sports watches are equipped with a selection of timers, alarms and a stopwatch. These are great for those of you that enjoy track sports or want to time your swimming laps for example. There are some that also come with a heart rate monitor. Some of these will require the use of extra accessories, such as a chest strap or foot or finger pod. For those that want to use their watches in poor lighting or at night many are equipped with luminescent back-lighting night lights for ease of use.

Sports watches range in price. Again, how much you spend will depend upon your requirements. Although you can buy good sports watch on line it is best to have a look at them in high street stores first, to get an idea of what they are like and prices before ordering from an online store. There are also many different styles to choose from.

Sports watches for men aren't something you can really buy online, for the most part, without having a good one on one look at them first. Therefore, it's a good idea to go to some sporting goods stores or high-end department stores to take a look at them' different models first-hand. Test several for price, fit, and features, and write down the names you like based upon those specifications.

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