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Best GPS Running Watch Heart Rate Monitor

Today, watches are composed with more capacities. Want to know your position, record your pace on runs as long as 100k, and map your courses later on smartphone applications, a GPS running watch is a definitive training instructor. These watches are convenient devices that permit you to access detailed particulars about your wellness and training sessions. Are you training for a 10k, marathon, or other running occasion? These running watches are intended to help you track your runs, pick up bits of knowledge, and train more brilliant. With such a variety of models available, it can be a bit of scaring finding the right GPS running watch. Below is guide on the ideal gps running watch heart rate monitor.

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Here is a list of the Best GPS Running Watch Heart Rate Monitor

Requirements and things you should look for in the right GPS Running Watch Heart Rate Monitor:

  • Application: The application used to show performance information is an imperative consideration. Better watches and going with applications will allow you to break down your running into fragments. You can then not only compare your own bests crosswise over distance, but also against specific parts of your run.
  • Sensors: More advanced running watches will likewise incorporate different sensors, for example, altimeters. These figure your height so you can all the more precisely log those staggering slope sprints you've been chipping away at to enhance your speeding up and explosiveness. Hence go for one with sensors.
  • Heart rate Monitor: In place of a wrist-based optical heart rate monitor (HRM), or once in a while to supplement one, most running watches will work with a different chest based HRM. These are much more exact than their optical partners and can all the more precisely take ceaseless readings. This implies those High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions are tracked all the more precisely, both in terms of pace through GPS and also in tax assessment on your cardiovascular system.
  • Size: Running watches are never going to be as inconspicuous as an essential action tracker; however you likely still need something that looks great on your wrist. If you have little wrists, some running watches can look hilariously large. Check your wrist size before buying one so as to make the right choice.
  • Battery Life: Battery life, as well, will be critical. Having to always charge a running watch is a faff and can mean you don't bring it along on your next run if the battery is continually passing on. You have to remember that GPS tracking is additionally extremely burdening on the battery. It means you're not going to see the six-month-in addition to battery life you see from some action trackers. So go for one with high battery life and one whose battery is not integrated with the watch.
  • Other than Running: Past running, a great deal of watches will likewise incorporate throughout the day action and rest tracking, as well. This can ensure you watch out for your rest and recovery. An adequate night's rest can mean the difference with regards to setting new individual bests. So go for one with added features other than those you use mostly during running.

Below are Top 5 Best Recommendations:

1. Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS Running Watch

There are loads of different running watches from Garmin, yet this one emerges for its configuration, genuinely sensible cost, and components that are more substance than flash. This watch will assist you monitor your rate, distance, heart rate, pace and calorie burn. Also it monitors rise, and even tracks day by day action and rest.

This gadget is good with ANT+, which gives your GPS beacons a chance to adjust and share information. It's likewise water-impervious to 50 meters, which is pleasant for athletes who often run in wet atmospheres, or those who are preparing for a marathon.

Garmin Forerunner 230 Video Review


  • Solid battery life
  • ​Smart notifications, including sound alerts for laps
  • Colorful, simple to-read display


  • Fairly costly
  • Less educated runners may discover various modes confounding and difficult to explore

2. Fitbit Surge "Super watch"

Fitbit Surge "Superwatch"

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

The Fitbit Surge is the most costly Fitbit show as of now accessible, and the main Fitbit to have GPS on board. GPS is fervently by runners since it permits you to pinpoint your area, giving more exact wellness information. However, since GPS depends on satellite signals, it may not work consummately for those running indoors, during tempests, or in ranges where trees or structures cause signal obstruction. In addition to GPS, the Surge additionally monitors your heart rate, tells the time, tracks rest, and gives you call and content notifications. It will likewise offer split times and rise data.

Since this wearable has a HR monitor incorporated with the band, this might be a decent alternative for the individuals who detest running watches that pair with uncomfortable chest strap HR monitors. Runners will likewise welcome this current wearable's capacity to track numerous games, and also "Run Cues," which consequently track run progress progressively with pop-up notification on the display. Be that as it may, once more, cost might be an obstruction for a few runners.

Fitbit Surge Superwatch Video Review


  • GPS
  • ​Accessible in 3 sizes to guarantee best fit
  • ​Touchscreen display
  • Works with more than 150 leading smartphones


  • Expensive
  • ​Large band and screen may not be comfortable for those with littler wrists
  • ​Some clients may incline toward wearables with a replaceable battery
  • Some clients discover battery exhausts quickly when utilizing GPS

3. TomTom Runner Cardio

TomTom Runner Cardio

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0

TomTom running watches can be a decent contrasting option to Garmin watches, which can be more costly. This running watch gives you a chance to pick a specific heart rate zone you wish to prepare in preceding beginning your run. During the run, you will get alarms to help you stay in the right zone. A full screen realistic displays to you what rate of your run you spent in every heart rate zone.

One of the coolest elements here is the capacity to race yourself, and attempt to beat your past exhibitions. The interface likewise gives you a chance to pick between an assortment of running measurements to show, and you can without much of a stretch switch between different measurements amid the run. This wearable can be utilized inside on a treadmill, or outside. It's waterproof to 50 meters, yet has marginally less noteworthy battery life than alternate things we're highlighted so far on this rundown. A couple of clients have shown that there are issues with the HR monitor, so remember than before you pull the trigger.


  • Large, simple to-read display
  • ​Graphical Training Partner helps you train all the more viably
  • ​Designed to gain GPS position rapidly
  • On-wrist HR monitoring


  • Other gadgets have longer battery life
  • ​Only offers vibration alarms, not sound alerts
  • Some clients detest structure component, especially those with dainty wrists

4. Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2

Rating: 3.2 / 5.0

For the individuals who need a truly different structure component, maybe a slim band-style tracker would be more agreeable. Perfect for the individuals who incline toward thin lines, the new Microsoft Band 2 is stuffed with components that individuals adjust their wellness objectives with their expert lives. The Band's nonstop heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate, calorie blaze, and rest quality. Despite the fact that it is a Microsoft item, it will work with Windows Phones, Android gadgets and the iPhone.

The Band 2 has eleven sensors, including GPS, an UV monitor, and a gauge. In addition to assisting with fitness, the band gives email, content, timetable, and call alerts. However, a few clients have encountered issues because of faulty units, so keep that before you focus on purchasing one of these trackers. That being said, Microsoft offers a guarantee for this gadget, so this ought to give you some significant serenity.

Microsoft Band 2 Video Review


  • Available in various sizes, with a thin shape component
  • ​Guided Workouts composed by experts
  • ​Set reminders with your voice using Cortana
  • Slightly less costly than Fitbit Surge or Garmin Forerunner group


  • May lack run-specific components desired by a few
  • ​VO2 Max just accessible subsequent to finishing a few high power works out
  • ​Integrated battery
  • Some clients report getting defective units, with issues with HR monitor or battery life being top protestations

5. Basis Peak Fitness Tracker

Basis Peak Fitness Tracker

Rating: 3.1 / 5.0

Imagine a scenario where running isn't whatever you do. You may find that a broader wellness tracker is a superior fit for your activity following needs. If you likewise jump at the chance to take long strolls or bicycle rides for your well-being, the Basis Peak might be the minimal effort wellness tracker you require. Far less expensive than a portion of the other running watches and wellness watches on our rundown. The absence of fancy odds and ends on this watch likewise makes it perfect for the individuals who favor a running watch with an extremely straightforward interface.

The Peak integrates with both Apple Health and Google Fit, and is water sufficiently safe to be utilized while swimming. If you like this structure variable and list of capabilities, yet need a wearable with a more tough body, you could likewise consider the Peak Titanium version.

Basis Peak Fitness Tracker Video Review


  • Built in HR monitor
  • ​Intuitive touchscreen display
  • ​Robust objective setting and motivational devices in application set customary activity objectives
  • Breathable, brilliant SportVent straps make it simple to stay cool and customize your look


  • Not perfect for runners who need to track height
  • ​No support for Windows Phone
  • ​Somewhat short battery life contrasted with different wellness wearables available today
  • Needs to be worn to some degree firmly for precise readings, can be uncomfortable to wear overnight


An implicit GPS recipient is an absolute necessity for any genuine running watch. A GPS sensor chip is the thing that isolates the committed running watches from the normal wellness trackers, and having one is a tremendous step forward for running devotees.

Whether you're out and about or on the trails, an on-board GPS gives the most exact area and distance data. Where fundamental accelerometers and spinners need to gauge your distance secured, a GPS-empowered running watch will all the more precisely have the capacity to demonstrate all the ground you've covered.

This is all without the need to hinder you with a mobile phone to piggyback on its GPS signal. When you're running it pays to travel light, so not worrying about some place to store your mobile phone is a genuine help. The above guide will make you make an informed decision and make the right purchase for you.

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