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Best GPS Watch for Cycling

Sports has gradually seen an overall improvement from the very basic systems used during events to very complex. The era of technological advancement has made the chances of having even greater sporting experience available for the sportsmen and women alike. In cycling, you may need to have a time track of how long you’ve been cycling. This is the reason why the sports has become of a more enjoyable manner to a point of getting focused on your activity without worrying of where you are.

Here is a list of the Best GPS Watch for Cycling

The devices that are commonly used are so many with so many differences and designs. Some watches are so excellent in their work that they even surpass the expectation one would have on them. The main different areas include features, accuracy, durability, portability and ease of usage.

Selecting the right GPS watch for you

This watch can be used as an actual watch for those who lack the time buy one. This is quite the difference with the previous designs. It comes with a lower profile with the buttons following the curve of its face.

The pressing buttons also gives you a softer feeling each time you push something you hardly get from the rest. If talking about the best watch design, then this is the watch you’ve been waiting for.

It has a color display with a higher resolution of display better than any other. Its menu system comes highly improved way above the others.

Features of the watch needs to be unique and seem to reply to your sports specifications. The watch is touch based, bigger buttons for easier usage. It has an average dimension of 0.5 inches in length, 1.9 inches wide and 2.2 inches of its height. It weighs just 2.08 ounce which makes it have a light feeling on the wrist. It comes with multiple features for running dynamics, VO2 maximum estimation, live tracking and also smart notification for other activities.

Design of the watch and how comfortable it makes you feel. Over the years, one of the main setbacks that faced GPS watch has been its big size. Though nothing has so much changed, this watch has a normal size for your wrist. It's therefore not unpalatable to put it onto the wrist. Garmin's Forerunner 920X is relatively slimmer and grasps the wrist well.

The watch is also cranks up your training. The 920XT is so compatible with other sensors like speed, cadence and the heart rate sensor.

Training with a heart rate and a power meter, the 920XT derives your VO2 max estimate when cycling to help you monitor any changes in your fitness. Its color gauge will show you rank and compares to other athletes of your age group. Once you’re done with cycling you can upload it to Garmin Connect for later viewing.

This provides an advanced training abilities for your cycling activities. It can also show power metrics especially when paired with an ANT+™ power meters and the line of single- Vector and double-sensing pedal options.

The watch lets you track your all day training.

Forerunner 920XT comes already packed with a fleet of very high training combinations to make a sleek watch which is a wet suit-friendly. It is also has about 15 percent lighter as compared to its previous designs, Forerunner 910XT. It boasts of a high color-resolution display that is flexible with hinged bands as well as watch modes to let you wear it all day. Its activity tracking abilities will measure your steps, how long you sleep and calories burned all day. This way, you are able to view how your day was.

Swim and dive into water still wearing it.

Whether you’re in a training mood at the pool or just enjoying time in the water, Forerunner 920XT will let all these memories count. It will capture your detailed swim progress including the distance, pace, count of strokes, rate and overall score. Its drill-logging characteristics lets you easily log your swim drills and kick sets. Its 2 rest timers keeps pushing off the wall at the right time. You can also use time alerts to assist you in holding your pace. Distance alerts lets you aware of when the set is over. It also comes with calories and stroke rate alerts.


  • It’s Light and big with a good size of screen and very comfortable
  • ​Has a great battery life, up to 10 hours of using GPS and all bike sensors
  • ​Functions great and has other new features for workouts with a good screen color
  • Has smart notifications that saves a lot of phone charge


  • Lacks a way of removing the key lock function which is disturbing sometimes
  • ​Lacks shortcut for reaching recovery advisory
  • During an exercise such as cycling, the step counter keeps on increasing the watch movement which later reflects as a very wrong data

Garmins Forerunner 920X Watch Video Review


Some of the commonly available make of a good watch for a cyclist include; Bryton Cardio 30, Bryton Rider 20+, Suunto X10, Motorola MotoActv, Polar RCX5, Garmin Forerunner 910XT, and Garmin Forerunner 110 which is the most preferred.

They vary depending on their prices and special capabilities within them. If you are the cyclist or sportsman who needs to just get to see what their records looks like, then Garmin Forerunner 110 is the best for you. It surpasses the rest when it comes to testing the best watch that has all the qualities to make a cyclist feel complete.

For those who are more in a dancing or fitness category, then you just need to use the Polar RCX5 or take Garmin Forerunner 910XT. The two are so far the best in this category since they have a great training functionality and equipped with the best accuracy you deserve. This means that you will have the records of all your riding exercise on your wrist.


In conclusion, the RCX5 gives you a better grasp on your wrist while the 910XT lets you feel great after your exercise by connecting to the internet to catch up what you missed. Something to put to concern though is how you get to reach the recovery to either see what you might have mistakenly removed. All in all, this watch offers the real experience of having both a watch and a smart device together.

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