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Best Grundig Radios

Imagine if there was a blackout today. No internet, no communication. That moment of silence and void should make us rethink the value of a radio. The internet has become a heart of very many things. And the more cherished it is the more vulnerable we are if anything would compromise the communication.

Here is a list of the Best Grundig Radios

* We've also listed the Best Shortwave Radio Reviews.

Yes, it has come with a myriad of advantages and some of the disadvantages on the other hand. The internet has sapped away what seemed to be the world’s greatest means to stay in touch.The major broadcasters such as the BBC, VOA have since moved to the internet. The drastic shift from a radio broadcasting to the internet is so palpable. But this does not mean that the radio has totally lost its touch in the communication. If anything, it has and still seeps into the market. Radio is still cherished and used by many in diverse households. Different manufactures have really modernized the analogue radio models to a digital features, however other profound features of the radio have remained untouched. For instance: the knobs, volume controls, and the use of battery.

This has retained the sentimental appeal radio holds to many people. The statistics state that the listeners find radio believable as compared to the internet. The radio still rocks the market. What are some of the best Grundig radios around?

1 - Eton Grundig Satellit seven hundred and fifty Ultimate

There is nothing as being able to pick the signals from half of the world away. The smartphones are not reliable with no-signal locations. Most of the stations have The Eton Grundig will ensure that you still stay in tune with the world irrespective of your location. It has a three hundred and sixty degrees rotating AM antenna that ensures the optimal signal reception. The Eton Grundig has the ability to set the FM tuning range with 9 or 10 AM tuning.

It can access the AM, FM and the aircraft long waves at one hundred and seventeen to one hundred and thirty seven MHZ, and one thousand seven hundred and eleven to thirty thousand KHZ at shortwave bands. It receives a single side band (SSB) that most of the radios do not have. This radio is portable and you do not have to worry about the temperatures as it regulates the temperature. You can key in frequency in the tune storage for, AM, FM and the shortwave bands.

This Grundig can store up to one thousand stations, and has two hundred memory locations. What is more, it comes with a dual alarm clock function for you to set different alarm times. This is definitely the radio to count on if you seek reliability. Should you leave for the countryside, this is the radio to take with you.

The illustrated below are some of the features of the Eton Grundig:

  • Black in color. The only in online stores.
  • A medium Portable size.


It has outstanding features hard to miss:

  • Telescopic antenna
  • ​Excellent reception
  • ​Provides an excellent weak signal
  • ​The reliable alarm control
  • Great display and backlight


This depends on where you are located to feel these disadvantages:

  • Weak audio
  • Selective audible signal. Mostly picks the FM signal frequency

Eton Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate Video Review

The Customer Reviews

There is varying praise for the Eton Grundig Satellit. I found the Eton Mini generally to be an extremely well-conceived, designed, and executed little radio. I have had the radio now for one week and it continues to perform well, with the same quality, solid feel (buttons and all) as when I received it.

2 - Eton Field AM or FM with RDS

Radios are built differently. Some have a greater outstanding features than those one of others. It will all depend with how Eton field mean you do not have that much expectations from your radio except a great reception and the experience. The Eton has been given much of the comparisons on to the C Crane Radio. It has been ruled as a reliable, a great and efficient radio with a limited frequency.

The Eton Field comes with a dial-in-dial course for the digital tuning. It is medium in size and too easy to carry around. With the memory, it comes with a memory f 50 memory stations. This Eton model allows for the external AM or FM & SW antenna connections. You do not have to worry about the power supply. It usually comes with a power supply of 6V, a DC adapter and the 4D batteries. Its 50 memory stations should not be underestimated for the minimal frequency. The Eton Field gives a profound and an outstanding FM frequency. It is only fault if it has no many features, but that is because it was not designed to.

The illustrated below are the features of Eton Field:

  • A black color, only color available.
  • ​It is too easy to turn knobs.
  • Has an external antenna connection.


The Eton has some of the reputable advantages:

  • A great antenna connection at the back of the radio to enhance reception
  • ​Has a great sound quality
  • ​It is less interference
  • ​It also has a great and consistent FM frequency
  • A great and fair pricing


  • The antenna cannot work directly without the adapter
  • ​Does not have SSB side band
  • ​It shows time briefly
  • The Eton Field has a loud beep when turned off

The Customer Reviews

The Eton Field Radio is infinitely better than the C Crane Radio. The C Crane radio I purchased a few years ago started having problems after only 3 or 4 months of use. The C Crane radio looks and feels cheap. The Eton Grundig Field Radio looks and feels like a quality piece of electronics. The precision turning knob feels great. The AM/FM function and sound quality of the speaker are also excellent. The Shortwave functions flawlessly with the Sangean SW passive antenna. The handle on top is also great for portability. I would not hesitate in recommending the Eton Grundig radio to anybody. You get a lot for the price point.

3 - Grundig S-Four hundred and fifty DLX Deluxe AM or FM ShortwaveRadio

This model provides continuous frequency range for the AW, MW, FM and SW frequencies. It provides a high sensitivity on frequencies. This Grundig has a strong anti-interference quality in that it has a low background noise and a lower disposition. It has a Micro Controller Unit and large outstanding LCD backlight display. This shortwave radio has a memory of 50 station each with 10 presets for each band. Each radio comes with an individual MW five hundred socket for external antenna and ground to improve MW sensitivity.

Grundig works great on normal household electricity as well as battery. However, there are some locations that will need the use of both electricity and battery. People living in the Bahamas for instance will have to rely on both battery power and electricity to achieve greater frequency with little interference. Otherwise the radio offers excellent sound and reception, with stronger shortwave experienced mostly at night.

The illustrated below are the features of Grundig S450DLX Deluxe:

  • Has got an earphone jack antenna.
  • It is easily Portable.


  • Has an excellent sound
  • ​Audio plugin for stereo mode
  • Long battery life


  • Experiences shortwaves at night
  • ​Does not receive aircraft frequencies: limited to AM or FM & SW frequencies
  • Noisy stereo and shortwave

Grundig S450DLX Deluxe Shortwave Radio Video Review

The Customer Reviews

Out of the box, this radio was fantastic! Then I put batteries in it. AM was okay, but noisy when my C Radio and C Radio-SW weren't. I also couldn't get a lot of farther away stations with it.

4 - Grundig G8 Traveler 11

This model is one that comes with a digitized AM or FM shortwave. Furthermore, it has an FM, MW, SW & LW auto-manualtuning, what is more a profoundly outstanding auto tuning storage. Its digital tuning is enhance with an extended tuning read out. This radio also comes with a snooze or light keylock function. It has a section for earphones input and a DC jack with 6V dimensions. The radio will offer you continuous coverage from, three thousand one hundred and fifty to twenty one thousand nine hundred and fifty KHZ.

These features vary, check the manual to confirm you have your choice radio.

The illustrated below are the features of Grundig G8 Traveler 11:

  • Easy to use.
  • Great manual tuning.


  • Two hundred memories for shortwave
  • ​Clear FM outstanding sensitivity
  • ​Excellent backlight and display
  • ​Poor reception
  • ​Auto tune sleep mode. This depends on your location
  • ​Has got no jack for connecting antennas
  • ​Does not pick up emergency weather stations
  • ​No portable charger
  • ​It is much heat sensitive
  • Over-sensitive shortwave

Grundig G8 Traveler 11 Shortwave Radio Video Review

5 - Grundig Mini GM four hundred

Most models have come in as medium sized but portable, except you need to place them on a stand to obtain frequency. The Grundig mini can fit in your hand and pocket. It is the deal easy to carry radio. This is another radio with digitized frequency. However the radio only offers AM/FM stereo and shortwave band. The Grundig mini is portable and can be used with headphones. The headphones and earphones enhance your FM frequency. It is only limited to FM frequency. The radio is too easy to be used, in fact a great substitute for your smartphone if all you want to do is listen to radio.

The Grundig Mini has been criticized for having a lose volume control that adjusts while in the pocket. How true this is not defined, but of course should be a step to consider while purchasing the radio. Check with your manufacturer or retailer on the functionality of the volume controls. It could be a manufacture hitch. Just be observant on where you purchase your radio.

The radio mimics a walk man when it comes to portability.

The Grundig mini has the profound illustrated below features:

  • Analogue tuner with digital display.
  • ​Clock and alarm function.
  • Digital display that shows frequency, time and alarm activation.


Because of its size and features, it rocks with advantages:

  • Great volume and speaker
  • ​Can be used without earphones
  • ​Comes with ear bugs and can be used with headphones
  • ​Consistent FM frequency
  • Allows for external plugin such as headphones, this enhances the FM frequency alone


  • Lose volume control
  • ​Poor battery life: this can be improved by opting for Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • ​Unreliable alarm outside FM frequency
  • No sleep timer

The Customer Reviews

Product has superior sound quality. I thought it might've been my headphones, because I'd just bought them too - but no, after trying the new headphones on my laptop, then back at the Grundig radio. I heard superior audio quality coming from the Grundig radio, there is high quality bass along with (not overly crisp) sound quality from the FM radio stations I get around here. It comes with a hole that you can loop a lanyard through. The hold switch only holds it from turning off, not from changing the station or volume.


Unfortunately, there is no warranties, weatherproof abilities in the radio. But the radio has made outstanding advancements in the digital age. We can only hope for more advancements. Enough to not lose the sentimental appeal radio holds to many. The elderly greatly rely on the radio for instance. So not all have embraced the digital migration shift.

As you have seen, radio still rocks. You still can rely and count on radio. At least if not all time use, have a radio for emergency. To pick up frequencies in places your PC or smartphone can't. In the event you are travelling, or camping, this is the ideal thing to carry with you.

The portable chargers and medium sizes make it easy to carry around. Furthermore, the prices are varying and fair. You will not feel much loss losing your radio compared to a smartphone or PC. This does not mean radio should not be valued. But really, is there anything easy to replace as the radio? The digitized radio give you the upper hand in receiving stronger frequencies. Realize that what your want your radio to offer relies solely on the features and the price you are willing to incur. The Grundig make is both reliable and efficient, except with varying diverse features.You can stay in tune with the world better, with a handy radio by your side.

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