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Best Hiking Boots for Bunions

Finding good walking boots/shoes once you suffer bunions can be quite challenging, due to the pain of walking with sore feet. Therefore you would need shoes that would keep your feet as comfortable as possible. I once experienced bunions and therefore really struggled to get comfortable and good shoes that would fit me without any kind of pain. 

Here's a list of Best Hiking Boots for Bunions

I hence did a research on effective shoes for bunions and realized that it was very possible to find comfortable boots to ensure that you would still have the freedom to walk around to wherever you wanted. I will review the best hiking boots for bunions in this article.

How to get Comfortable Shoes for Bunions? 

I was able to figure out a number of things that would enable me to be comfortable on shoes when I had bunions. This wasn't as easy as I thought, but after considering a number of options, such as getting wider shoes. Other factors that I would consider are such as arc dimensions, heel width, the shape of the foot as well as the overall size. However, it would be important also not to consider very large shoes which would end up giving you blisters, especially if you leave too much space on sections of the shoes.

Description - Best Hiking Boots for Bunions

You no longer have to suffer in silence from bunions, or experience difficulty, once you get bunions. This is because there are shoes that have specifically been tailored for those who experience bunions. Some of these boots can be listed as follows:

Top 5 Best Hiking Boots for Bunions

1. Merrel Siren Sport Q2 midfoot

Merrel Siren Sport Q2 midfoot

Designed on leather for the outer combo, as well as mesh for warmth and breathability, these shoes boast of comfort in all weather. What is more, your feet will keep dry throughout, to ensure you do not hurt anymore from the unions. They also come in a range of colors from dusty olive, crown blue, slate black, as well as black liberty.

Merrell Siren Sport Q2 Mid Boot Video Review

2. Danner men's Jag lifestyle Boots

Danner Mens Jag lifestyle Boots

These are basically one of the best outdoor boots designed for men with just the needed comfort. They also come with a classic style, which comprises just a simple look, but tough and durable to any weather. You will also get a breathable exterior with these boots, such that the comfort is maintained even in hot weather.

Danner men's Jag lifestyle Boots Video Review

3. Teva Arrow wood Mid Waterproof Boots

Teva Arrow wood Mid Waterproof Boots

The Teva arrowwood refers to soft leather boots with a great design of comfort. Their outer cover may not be as good for tough environments, but they have just enough comfort needed for those with bunions on all weather. They, however, may not last very long on rainy weather. You will get a choice of two colors with these shoes; burgundy and tan.

Teva Arrowood WP Boots Video Review

4. La Sportiva Trango Tower

La Sportiva Trango Tower

The Trango Tower boots from La Sportiva are the perfect boots designed for hiking as well as mountaineering while maintaining comfort. Whether you are hiking in cold or hot weather, these shoes will just give you the needed comfort for your feet. They are also light, hence easy to walk around with wherever you want to go. They also contain shock aboThey come with a range of color options; gray, ocean or even sulfur.

La Sportiva Trango Tower Video Review

5. Aku La Val Boot

Aku La Val Boot

These refer to great boots, designed for both genders, where they give the desired comfort with a waterproof design. The sole is also made of hard rubber, making it very strong and durable for tough circumstances. They are also made of suede material and come with color options of dark brown or black.

Aku La Val Boots Video Review

6. Hi Gear Snowdon Boots

Hi Gear Snowdon Boots

These refer to great waterproof boots, which are also warm and comfortable even for one with bunions. They may not be the best for seasons of hot weather as they lack breathing outlets, but best for cold weather, such as winter. They are also made of leather, and include a moisture lining which removes any kind of moisture from the foot, hence ensuring as much comfort as possible. They come come with a color option of dark brown, with a size range of 4-8 inches. They retail at around £50 in

Hi Gear Snowdown Boots Video Review

7. Regatta Clydebank Mid Boots

Regatta Clydebank Mid boots

The Regatta Clydebank boots are basically boots designed with comfort in mind, where they boast of a comfortable and easy wear, regardless of the weather. They also boast of a waterproof design, even when on heavy rain. You do not also need to worry about getting your feet tired when using these boots as they are also lightweight in nature. This, therefore, makes them the best option for those with sore feet or bunions. They come in an option of suede and mesh, with a size range of 3-8 inches.

Regatta Hiking Boots Video Review

Main Considerations to Make when choosing Boots

There are a number of considerations you need to make when choosing good boots, especially if you have bunions, such that the shoes comfortably fit you. These are as follows:

Easy to stretch/ wide boots: Boots that are wide enough or easy to stretch will ensure that your feet fit just comfortably in them.

Comfortable to wear: Comfort in boots will ensure that you do not get any kind of pain and they fit in well.

Lightweight in nature: A lightweight boot ensures that you easily walk or move around wherever you want, hence avoiding pain while in the boots.


Getting good boots to wear if you have bunions or suffer from sore feet should not be a worry as long as you know what you need. There is a wide range of hiking boots in the market, but very few may actually be appropriate for people with sore feet. However, boots that are lightweight with easy and comfortable fit are the best considerations to make. What is more, the boots also need to be waterproof and essential for all weather. This article reviews the best hiking boots for bunions even on a budget, such that you have just the right wear you need.