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Best Hitch Cargo Box

Regardless of what the assembling organizations guarantee I have confidence in the items which deliver to the aspirations of the clients and are financially savvy as well. After doing all the diligent work and comparisons of different cargo carriers available in the market; I have drilled down probably the most prevalent carriers out there or available on the eCommerce portals. Here are my top 5 best hitch cargo box and features that makes them to be the best:

Here is a list of the Best Hitch Cargo Box

Top 5 Best Hitch Cargo Box

 1.  Curt 18153 Basket Style

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Curt is a reliable brand which has given a few cargo carriers in the market. This item is a highly tough carrier, made with substantial gage tubular steel construction.

So what makes it number one?

It has 2" x 2" shank alternatives available.

1 and ¼ inch by 1 and ¼ inch option with a connector sleeve are additionally available.

This crate style carrier has a weight capacity of 500lbs which is entirely great.

It gives a 60 inch by a 24-inch stage which is very extensive to load cargo, bicycles, kayaks, and so on.

The brand guarantees that can convey overwhelming cargos as well as maintains the safety of your resources as this can be confirm by 6-inch side rails to check the cargo from sliding off the carrier.

It is anything but difficult to setup and with the assistance of few devices you can do it effortlessly.

The ascent in the shank keeps the wicker container at a stature reasonable to stack the cargo and furthermore shields from scratches when driving out of a precarious parking part. It stands out further from the beneficiary and gives you a chance to stack the storage compartment of your vehicle effortlessly.

Curt 18153 Basket Style Hitch Video Review


  • ​6 inch high sides keep the sliding down of cargos while you are driving
  • ​500lbs of weight capacity ensures you can convey different sorts of luggage
  • Included solidness with an overwhelming duty tubular steel construction


  • Absence of fixing lets water to get inside the tubes and cause rusting from inside

 2.  Expert Series 63153 Rambler Hitch

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

Any sort of cargo regardless of whether it is an apparatus or a bicycle can be stacked up and strapped down for this carrier is intended to be a substantial duty carrier with a weight capacity of 500lbs.

What makes it better is;

With a stage of 60-inch x 24 inches, it gives enough space to stack your merchandise.

It has a keen, tough work floor which is anything but difficult to clean.

The ascent shank configuration lifts carrier and in this manner builds ground clearance.

It comes covered with a solid powder to oppose rusting and scratches.

The overwhelming gage metal body and appropriate welding make it exceptionally durable and strong.

An upward twist in the stinger gives the cargo carrier a decent ground clearance.

The rack adjusts to vehicle great, so there is no extra drag. Subsequently, it doesn't decrease the gas mileage. The gathering is extremely basic you just need to join 4 little and 3 expansive jolts that is it.

Expert Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Video Review


  • 500lbs capacity is great and hearty
  • ​5.5-inch side rails keep the cargo in place
  • ​Simple to clean shrewd, tough work floor
  • ​A decent ground clearance with rising shank plan
  • Two piece construction with sturdy powder coat to check rusting


  • ​No hitch stick included, you should get it
  • The saddle is too short

 3.  Curt 18152 Basket Style

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

This is an incredible item if you are anticipating expanding space for cargo.

Outstanding features;

Curt 18152 has a well-assembled casing to give a ton of quality to convey substantial cargos.

It comes in three pieces, however, collecting this carrier is very simple.

The side rails are 6 inches high and don't let the assets to fall out and about while driving. Its shank is versatile from 1 – ¼ inch to 2inches with a connector sleeve.

Over the time a few carriers tend to tilt, which is not an issue with this one.

Like other Curt carriers, it additionally has a defensive carbide covering to check rusting.


  • 5/8 inch hitch stick included
  • ​6 inch high sides avert tumbling off of cargo
  • Overwhelming duty outline, all steel tubular construction


  • The gage is lightweight

 4.  Curt 18110 Trailer Hitch

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

For everyone of the overall population who are pressing for an end of the week outdoors trip. Curt plate cargo could be an extremely valuable and savvy embellishment. It is hitch mounted to add a convenient space to your vehicle.

This carrier has:

2 crawls by 2-inch shank alternative available;

1 and ¼ inch by 1

¼ inch choice with a connector sleeve are additionally available.

This plate style carrier has a weight capacity of 300lbs and gives a decent stockpiling range. This cargo carrier is lightweight, however, a solid one. The bends 2-inch alteration increments increment the height and ground clearance significantly.

Curt 18110 Trailer Hitch Video Review


  • One ¼ inch settled shank
  • ​2-inch alteration increments
  • ​Two pieces unit amasses rapidly
  • ​Hitch stick included
  • 300lbs weight capacity


  • Despite the fact that asserted to be capable of conveying 300lbs weight yet a few issues have been accounted for

 5.  Coordinate Aftermarket Folding Hitch Rack

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0

This is an exceptional collapsing cargo carrier which gives additional pulling capacity to your vehicle.

Its good feature are;

You can pull many different sorts of cargo in like manner luggage, rigging, and cooler, and so on.

Its edge is built of tubular steel and covered with a climate safe epoxy powder to counteract rusting of the edge.

This is a genuine overwhelming duty carrier with most extreme weight capacity of 500lbs with a metal mesh to bolster the different sorts of cargo.


  • The most extreme weight capacity is 500lbs
  • ​60in x 24in stage to keep the cargo securely
  • ​6in side rails to keep cargo from falling
  • ​Epoxy powder covered steel casing to keep rust away
  • Convenient foldable cargo carrier


  • ​Ground clearance could be an issue
  • Directions in the manual are difficult to peruse


A lot of costly cargo carriers are available in the market and to deal with your perplexity "What to purchase or not to purchase?" I did a nitty gritty investigation of all carriers without thinking about their costs. Every one of the items went under the examination whether costly or non-costly. They were altogether analyzed for their strength, weight capacity, and ground clearance. To entirety up, I would recommend Curt 18153 Basket Style Cargo Carrier as the best purchase for it is more sturdy as it has a casing made up of overwhelming gage tubular steel construction, has a decent weight capacity of 500lbs and the ascent in the shank gives a decent ground clearance as well. The 6in high side rails offer better security for your cargo. So this item stands well at all levels whether it is solidness, safety, weight conveying capacity and ground clearance, and so on.

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