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Best Hot Weather Hiking Shorts in 2017

Swim or walk in the park does not require any special equipment, and any shorts that you have in your closet are beautiful. On the other hand, when you are halfway to the 14th, you can not have a tied crotch mocking you or finding a hole in your pocket where your pocket GPS receiver used to be. Shorts for hiking must be different, better, stronger than average summer clothes. They should be able to take the mountain, not letting go of you. Do not find out how much suffering there can be wrong pairs of shorts, get the perfect result.

Here is a list of the Best Hot Weather Hiking Shorts in 2017

Shorts created for trails are relatively simple. They have even fewer moving parts than hiking pants, which means that much less can go wrong. Since the main point of wearing shorts is ventilation, you have to look for material that breathes. Nylon Ripstop is the most common and versatile, but some natural fibers can give you a little more comfort or add extra protection. You should choose the ones that suit you well, and have a lot of protective pockets for all your outfit. Therefore, you do not need to think too much, we made the 9 best shorts for men.

Top 4 Best Hot Weather Hiking Shorts in 2017

 1.  Run the Men's Shorts

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

  • Pro: Extremely fresh, where he counts
  • Con: You will be flashing a lot

Speed ​​Freak: Technically made for running, we found that these shorts are perfect for three-year-olds who never know what to expect when they are on the track. The lack of pockets requires that you have a backpack for rides, but when you need maximum ventilation, as well as the largest range of motion, you will not go wrong with Pace. No less good for lacing the sneakers of the marathon, how to quickly go over the trail.

 2.  Mount Khakis Teton

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

  • Pro: Can be worn out for dinner without embarrassment
  • Con: Very simple pockets

Completely Casual: Those who want a set of heavy shorts designed for the most difficult ascents with a little mountaineering on the side, should look elsewhere. Casual tourists who prefer sneakers for walking to hiking boots or like to make easy ascents, then get to the pub for a happy hour, will enjoy the laid-back style, easy look and non-technical character of Teton. As a servant of both mods and tourists, you will find that the body of the twill body is attractive, if not particularly durable.

 3.  Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Cargo Short

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

  • Pro: Belt and Elastic provide waist adjustment
  • Con: pocket seams need reinforced stitching

Live Long, Live Large: Created from real Ripstop nylon, Silver Ridges are made with durability. At a price convenient for any budget, you can expect these shorts to be able to move with you. Partially elastic waist allows them to work at the beginning of the season, when you are still wearing your winter weight, and the end when you are thin as a forester. With a pocket space to save and zip, so that everything is blocked, Silver Ridges will give you a lot of noise for your dollar.

 4.  Patagonia Sacs

Rating: N/A

  • Pro: protects against sun and water
  • Con: Look at how a bathing suit

Wet work: all the shorts on this list are made to fight the humidity and quickly dry out, so you can not get too wrong jumping into the mountain lake, but this is where the bags are eating, sleeping and breathing. The inner mesh liner works like a swimsuit, but does not bind it so tightly that it feels squeezed or uncomfortable when you step on the trail. Consists of nylon Supplex, these spilled water, even if 50+ UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) protects your thighs from sunlight.

Hiking Short Advice on Buying


Hiking is short, usually from a nylon blend, and, frankly, the materials listed on the sheet of specifications often mean very little. You can only learn so much about how the pants work, knowing that it is made of 97% nylon. As a result, our recommendations are quite significant when it comes to materials. Depending on your priorities, we suggest looking for some elastane (spandex) for the best range of traffic. The added material in the material is a real boon on the trail. Pants that are particularly elastic, like the precisely named prAna Stretch Zion (and the female prAna Halle) are also great for climbing and bouldering.

Backpacking at PrAna Stretch Zion in Washington

The common type of tourist short is a light nylon soft shell that combines sufficient protection against windy and humid weather with good overall durability and air permeability. These pants also have an extra "giving away", which we so appreciate. A very light short, like the popular Columbia Silver Ridge, is made of 100% nylon and does not have a lot of stretching, which makes it more suitable for more casual endeavors such as traveling and easier hiking a day. We also have three emissions in this list. Fjallraven Vidda Pro is made of hard material G-1000, which is 35% cotton, these days it is a rarity in the outdoor industry. To increase water resistance, Fjallraven recommends adding an outer shell of beeswax. The second is CREQUE Open Creek, a real short, which is ideal for wet weather and shrubs. The third is Marmot PreCip, a short rain, which is the only waterproof version of this list, but it lacks air permeability for long trips.

AirPerm Award from Arc'teryx Lefroy is our favorite for warm temperatures


Pockets are not for everyone - we often prefer not to overload our hiking pants overweight, but the organization can be a plus for some. Pants for walking usually offer several good storage options in the form of a cargo pocket or two. One of the best in our group is Kuhl Renegade Convertible. These pants have creative storage options with large zippers and pockets in the compartment. Different sizes mean that you have to find a place for almost anything you want. But if you are like us, a simpler design, such as one side pocket that you get with PrAna Stretch Zion or Halle, is a lot.

Organization - a strong suit for Kuhl hiking pants

Articulated knees and caps

Two wonderful design features that you need to look for in your short march search are articulated knees and bushings built into the crotch of the trousers. Articulated knees mimic a person's walking movement, creating a natural bend in the knee area of ​​the trousers. Unlike the traditional, leg-legged trousers, the improved range of motion immediately becomes apparent. Carnation is a patch made of rhomboid fabric that runs along the inner thigh of the trousers, replacing the standard seam. As in the case of an articulated knee design, additional fabric improves the range of motion and overall shape and comfort.

We love articulated knees on our hiking pants

Originally popular with climbers who demanded a good fit for performance at peak levels, these traits well penetrated the world of short trips. There are additional costs associated with greater difficulty in creating pants, therefore, perhaps too short daytime tourists on well-groomed routes with more flat classes or with a budget can go without them. But very tangible benefits can be enjoyed by almost everyone, so we strongly recommend that you stretch your budget and choose pants that include both. This simply contributes to a more comfortable toe.

REI Screeline hooks and articulated knees make them comfortable on the trail

Built-in belts

A set in a fit can often be difficult, so those that fall between sizes (like you do, really) really appreciate a belt with a slight adjustment. Enter the integrated belt. One of our favorites is PrAna Stretch Zion, which has a small profile small regulator made of cloth on the front of the trousers, reminiscent of a shortened belt. The disadvantage of an integrated belt, especially those that wraps around your waist, is an extra volume that can potentially hamper the belt of the backpack belt. The Silver Columbia Range has a full-length waistband, as well as an elastic waist belt that affects us as something more than necessary.


These are very nice for trail hiking. Not too long to constrain you on uphills and not too short to feel skimpy. (In comparison I previously got a pair of the Hot Weather hiking shorts and the high cut sides felt a little too girly -- so I gave them to my daughter.) They have a comfortable liner and don't have side pockets -- which I always feel are too bulky anyway.

These Hot Weather hiking shorts are exactly the length I was looking for. I wear a 34-36 inch waist (depending on manufacturer) and the large size fits great. To give you an idea on the length, I wear boxer-briefs and the boxers are visible on the sides. I don't wear boxer-briefs when running or swimming so it's not an issue, I just noticed it when I tried them on for the first time. The sides also have a short split to keep them from binding. They are nice and light and the price is great. I plan to use them for swimming too. I will likely order at least one more pair soon because I plan on wearing them a lot this summer.

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