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What Are The Best Hunting Boots On The Market

If I were to choose a sport amongst many others for relaxation purpose, I will definitely go with hunting and that's because I have the passion for it. It could also be a source of income for others. It's one thing to be motivated to hunt but it's another to be successful at it - and having the right gear and apparel, most especially the right boots, is one stress-free way to achieve that.

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Here is the list of the Best Hunting Boots on the Market

Why you should have the right set of boots?

Personally, I wouldn't want to go hunting and get myself worked up by thinking about how sore, wet or cold my feet are. I could have blisters, corns and cramps, yes, those are very normal but hey, they could affect your hunting experience hugely. Having the right kind of boots on can take adequate care of those. And mind you, it is very impractical to take off your boots while hunting, that would mean making oneself susceptible to injuries, so the earlier you've got the right set of boots, the better.

What to look out for?

Getting the best boots for hunting can be a tough decision sometimes but I will help you make the best choice after reading this article.


The first thing to consider when getting a hunting boot is size. Every part of the body grows with time and the feet are not an exception. Don't go shopping for boots just because your friend recommended one. You and not your friend will wear them therefore proper fitting shoes is very important especially when it comes to distance trekking and hunting environment. You need to bear in mind that sizes for footwears differ. Your size 10 sneakers might not be a size 10 when it comes to boots. You should look at the manufacturer's shoe size list and know the one that fits best. Preferably, walk in to a boots store and try them on yourself.


A boot too narrow or too wide when first tested shouldn't be purchased. Absolute comfort is necessary as the slightest imperfection that is overlooked can turn out too be a terrible source of pain. Get a boot that matches your legs and would not cause any form of soreness when worn.


Do not also forget to consider the terrain you wish to hunt. Very cold terrains require boots with high insulation, water logged terrains require water resistant boots and so on. Rocky terrains and long distance walks don't require boots with heavy soles. For such terrains, a pair of boots with just enough protection and light soles is preferable.

Advantages of Having the Right Boots

1. Proper footwear can protect one from injuries and even animal attacks.

2. They protect your feet from the elements because many are made to survive harsh conditions like extreme cold or snow and others are made to be waterproof.

Top 5 Hunting Boots on the Market

 1.  Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot:

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Features: Waterproof functions, StableFlex construction, ArmaTec toe protection, light weight rubber sole

Description/Pros: The high quality, light weight shoe features a rubber sole that improves stability and ground grip. It does not use natural leather but provides solid protection. They are waterproof and keep the feet dry and warm in all terrain. They also allow your feet breathe as they allow some air in. They are of great aesthetic value. It's a combination of durability, comfort and style. It further boasts of StableFlex construction and ArmaTec toe protection. It is multipurpose as it can also be used for hiking and mountain climbing.

Cons: In spite of all the benefits mentioned, customers who have used it often complain of difficulty wearing and removing the shoes. It cost is also on the high side and therefore advisable for those with a lower budget to opt for cheaper boots.

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot Video Review

 2.  Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot:

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

Features: Waterproof, moderate insulation, lightweight

Description/ Pros: The Baffin Men's Hunter boots were specially and specifically designed for areas with lots of water and moist. It is perfect for low, moderate or high hunting activities. The sole alone is made up of several advanced thermo-set polymers that are combined together to achieve the right balance of warmth, protection, low weight and grip. The boots come with a long shaft of about 13 inches. It includes a drawstring closure that completely insulates the foot from water while the sole prevents the foot from slipping when stepping on slippery ground. In as much as it does not offer maximum protection as loved by hunters, it offers adequate protection for it's cost.

Cons: It's leather cannot boast of maximum protection when compared to the Irish Men's Setter boots.

Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot Video Review

 3.  Irish Setter Men's 838 Wingshooter WP Upland Hunting boot:

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Features: UltraDry Water proofing technology, steel support shank to withstand vibrations, moderate insulation.

Description/ Pros: The superior leather Wingshooter hunting boots has slowly taken a rise in the consumer market. This is not surprising at all as it offers a classic combination of style and strength. It's UltraDry Waterproofing technology is such that has layers of waterproof materials to keep your feet absolutely dry on a hunt. It also has a moisture-wicking nylon lining to absorb whatever moisture that might be produced from your feet. Fitted with a steel support shank, it is capable of withstanding vibrations, help to maintain stability and protect your feet from harm. In summary, it is an ankle-high hunting boot with leather upper featuring speed-lacing system and contrast moc-toe stitching. It's cost is also on the high side.

Cons: It's a bit heavy, expensive in cost.

Irish Setter Men's 838 Wingshooter WP Upland Hunting boot Video Review

 4.  Bogs Men's Eagle Cap Lace Up Waterproof Hiker boots:

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

Features: Lightweight, durable leather, water resistant function

Description/ pros: The Bogs Hiker boots sports an imported and durable leather material. The light weight makes it perfect for longer hunting hours and helps you maintain a fast pace. The 4mm Neo Tech with fresh air material helps to keep the feet at optimum temperature. It is very water resistant and helps you blend in the wild. It is generally loved because of its one inch platform which makes it moderade in size. It's cost is just perfect for almost any type of budget.

Cons: Unfortunately, it's sleek design generally makes it small for those with large feet and it's shoe string eyelet breaks easily.

Bogs Men's Eagle Cap Lace Up Waterproof Hiker boots Video Review

 5.  LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot:

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

Features: Leather material, adjustable gusset, fold down option

Description/ Pros: Lacrosse has been known to produce on of the most versatile hunting boots with durability in mind and this is absolutely no exception. It's high quality imported leather material is one that has been tested and trusted to stand the test of time. It's comfort is one to behold as it comes equipped with an adjustable gusset on rear of each boot that allows for users with varying calf sizes to be able to comfortably wear the boots. It is also lined with neopropene material that ensures your feet and legs stay cool throughout the duration it is worn. The tops of the boot can also be folded down to an extent when you please. It has emerged top choice on several occasions due to the amount of freedom it gives users to choose perfectly what works for them with the product.

Cons: The boots are not designed to be worn in the colder part of winter as it does not have sufficient insulation for that purpose.

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot Video Review


In summary, choosing the best boots after now should not be much of a problem. Never forget to keep comfort, durability and terrain in mind when picking one. Just so you know, the best boots are made from natural leather. Replacing natural leather with synthetic material cannot offer the same experience and level of protection.